abcOralCare, Shaha 5 toothbrush, New Generation US Patented, Non Nylon, Tapered, Soft and Ultra fine bristles –– Deep penetration pack of 5 : A truly compact head, soft bristle toothbrushfinally!!!

I bought these brushes for the first time a few years ago, and they really blew me away. They’re so effective, i actually had to be careful not to irritate my gums at first. ) even from the first use, i could tell that they were incredibly effective at cleaning my teeth, and within a week or two my gums were obviously a lighter pink (in a healthy way). Not only are these easier to brush with when you have a small mouth as i do, but the toothbrushes held up for a lot longer than any other major market brands that i have tried. I have finally used my last of the prior pack, and now it is time for me to buy some more. I am very grateful to have discovered these toothbrushes, and i highly highly recommend them for anyone else who is looking for a superior clean with a manual brush.

Love these korean made toothbrushes. My dentist reminds me during each visit that i brush too hard and am wearing my gums down. Dentist suggests that i use a smaller head and the softest bristles available. After much research i found these abcoralcare toothbrushes and they are super.They last much longer than other claimed to be soft bristle toothbrushes and the best part is the ends of the bristles are tapered a bit which i believe cleans your gum lines and teeth better. Spend a little more on these toothbrushes, and your gums will thank you for it.

This is the third package of these toothbrushes we have purchased. Having exacerbated/caused some gum recession by brushing too hard years ago, i now make it a point to purchase very soft bristles for the entire family. Labelled as ‘sensitive soft’, these bristles are very comfortable on the gums and, based on our biannual dental checkups, appear to be doing a very good job both in cleaning our teeth and preventing gum recession. It should be noted that the heads are very small – one could consider the heads, though not the handles, to be child-sized. As a result, it takes a bit longer to brush than with normal/adult-size toothbrushes. That being said, the smaller head allows for more precision, something i find helpful when you don’t have perfectly straight or even teeth and need to reach those deep corners/pockets. Note: we have always received the full package of five with each order – one of each yellow, blue, pink, green, and purple handle. Ordered from abcoralcare and fulfilled by amazon.

Bought it for my toddler and we both like it. It’s definitely smaller compared to regular adult size toothbrush (pic 1), held very nicely through 3 month of usage by a toddler (pic 2 the pink one is used and the blue one is brand new). The part that comes in contact with the mouth has no color, clear handle and bristles. These toothbrushes made in korea.

The tapered bristles really do make a difference. I’m still extremely skeptical about the benefits of the ‘pearl coating’ on the black-bristle variety, which is why i got the shaha 5 white-bristle variety, but after one try i immediately recommended these to friends. Soft and strong, small head, which is exactly what i need to deal with my early-stage periodontitis. The bristles are _thin_ at their points, so if you push too hard or at the wrong angles, a bristle might slip uncomfortably far under the gum line and cause a tiny bit of pain. Of course, being able to sneak under the gum line to remove food particles is part of the purpose. My point is that you still need to remember to brush gently with these, even though they’re softer than most soft-bristle brushes. I was _very_ happy with my purchase.

I had oral surgery and needed a very small soft toothbrush to get around the teeth next to the extractions. For years i could not find just a straight handled brush without all the fat rubber designs on the handle. I like to keep mine behind the mirror on the skinny metal toothbrush clip. And all those fat handled ones do not fit well. But since these are so small for a child, once my gums heal i will probably look for the same brush with a slightly larger head. But if you are looking for soft.

abcOralCare, Shaha 5 toothbrush, New Generation US Patented, Non Nylon, Tapered, Soft and Ultra fine bristles –– Deep penetration pack of 5

  • For children and adults. If you want to buy a bigger toothbrush, please buy our abc8W or abc8B
  • Bristles are extremely gentle for teeth and gums but strong and fine enough to penetrate deep within narrow crevices of the periodontal pocket between teeth and gums to remove plaque, the major contributor of gum disease.
  • The tip of bristle is 0.01 – 0.03 mm fine compared to 0.2mm tip of traditional bristles – 100% Tapered Ultra Fine Bristles.
  • Compact Head – 2 times the size of an average adult tooth, the head cleans even the hard-to-reach areas.
  • FDA Registration Number 3003896842, BPA Free.

Throughout my 46 years of life, i have never liked toothbrushes with soft bristles. But that is what dentists always recommend, because firm bristles are known to erode and strip enamel. But this was one piece of advice i just could not follow. Soft-bristled brushes never, i repeat never, gave me that cleen-teeth feeling. Whenever i tried brushes labeled ‘soft’, i would brush and brush, and i could never get all the plaque and residue off my teeth completely. No matter how long or how many times i brushed. When you shop for a toothbrush in a store,about 80% of the selection are ‘soft’ (ostensibly because all dentists recommend soft for everybody, as far as i know), then about 18% are ‘medium’, and maybe 2% are ‘firm’. ‘firm’ bristled toothbrushes are just not ‘in’ for the aforementioned reason. Not popular, not cool, not fashionable. But there are those people on the fringe who must have them.

I got these for my toddler but they are really too big for a 3 year old. We still use them but it’s not a compact toothbrush for small children like i expected. They remind me of dollar store brushes, which i only use for cleaning (great for sink drains & tile grout, as well as tight spaces like around the faucets and in corners. ) if you want cheap cleaning brushes, i’d get a 5 pack for a dollar at the dolar tree, but for a toddler toothbrush, i’d keep looking.

I’ve only used this toothbrush for 2 days but so far it is exactly what i was looking for. I bought this toothbrush for myself (i’m an adult woman) for the following reasons. I wanted a soft toothbrush, and i wanted a toothbrush with a small sized head to give me more control and the ability to reach hard places. I have slightly smaller than average mouth, but i personally find almost all regular drug-store tooth brushes to be way too big. This product satisfied all my expectations. – i was worried that the head would be too small because many of the reviews described buying this for a child. This is definitely not a child sized tooth brush. It is an adult sized toothbrush with a head that is the perfect size for anyone without a large mouth. The toothbrush that i would get from my dentist was a similar size (and recommended specifically because the head size was small and the bristles were soft)- the bristles are soft but clean very well. I immediately noticed the subtle difference between this brush and a conventional soft toothbrush.

The best toothbrush i have ever owned at the age of 57. No matter what kind of mouth or teeth you have, i heard a long time ago that a small, soft toothbrush head is the best thing for the health your gums and teeth. The handle is perfectly designed. Whoever designed this toothbrush should be a millionaire by now. With my new order, i’ll have a total of 25 of them. My last two brushes, a children’s style and size, wore out after 10 years of use. That’s right, i used the same toothbrushes for over 10 years. I couldn’t find the small (perfect) children’s brush anywhere.

I’ve had multiple electric toothbrushes but for me, personally, nothing compares to a manual as long as you have these. I still have 4 of my wisdom teeth, which are problematic sometimes to brush, but in combination with a waterpik, which you’d need anyway with an automatic toothbrush, they’ve been wonderful. The brushhead is small-compared to regular us toothbrushes (that i use to clean my shoes))) but the bristles get into those tight to reach crevices to get the debris out. And i tend not to overbrush with these toothbrushes, and each one of them lasting me for ~2 months. ***pictures are of a regular colgate toothbrush stacked up against this korean toothbrush.

The first time i brushed using these toothbrushes, it felt amazing. I could really tell they were getting deep into the gumline where my regular toothbrushes couldn’t reach. However, after brushing with it daily for about a week, it didn’t feel like it was doing anything at all. The surface of my teeth was covered with plaque and i could feel how grimy they were building up. I think they do indeed reach deeper, but they just don’t have the strength to really clean off anything that builds up. Maybe i didn’t brush often enough, but i went back to my regular toothbrush and could feel the surface of my teeth clean again. But never anything like how deep this can go. I’ll definitely buy more, but i won’t use them exclusively – probably for brushing after meals and not for brushing at night – since i have invisalign i brush my teeth a lot, and it takes a good day or 2 for plaque to really build up – so by using these i can help avoid flossing after every meal during the day and then use my regular toothbrush at night when i do a deep floss.

I read all of the wonderful reviews for these toothbrushes and asked the reviewers if any of them had used these with toddlers. Although no one did, some said they would probably work just fine. My daughter just turned 2 and has all of her teeth (minus the very last four molars that should be coming in soon). She absolutely looooves her new toothbrushes. They are perfect for her small mouth. I used to buy the mam training toothbrush, but that could set you back $6-$10 each. I like to change the toothbrushes often, especially if she happens to be sick. These are definitely bigger than the small head of the mam toothbrush is, but they are not too big by any means. The bristles are absolutely soft and do not irritate her gentle gums whatsoever.

My daughter and i both use this type of brush. It is not too large for a child’s mouth (even a toddler) and it is not too small for an adult. It has fine and flexible bristles that get in all of the crevices around the teeth and gums, it is very soft and not hard on the gums at all. Most of the toddler toothbrushes sold in the store have very hard bristles, they feel strong enough to scour away at dirty grout between tiles. It is no wonder so many toddlers do not want their teeth brushed. If your child resists having their teeth brushed try this toothbrush. We started using it on my daughter at 20 months, her teeth are beautiful and white. She enjoys brushing her teeth.

Best toothbrushes i’ve ever used. Perfect for myself and children. Don’t mistake soft for not cleaning as well. I noticed the first few times that i brushed with these that i could feel the baking soda being pushed by the slender bristles in between my teeth. It was a unusual and unexpected sensation. But i was pleased to experience how well these brushes clean in between the teeth, while being gentle on gums. Everyone needs to be using these. I want to stock up on a bunch more.

A color for every member of the family, a comfortable handle, and bristles that are tapered in a way that makes them soft and delicate. My sensory-sensitive children like these brushes a lot. One child got strep throat so we ran her toothbrush through the dishwasher every night. The heat of the dishwasher caused the handle to distort a bit. Brush still works fine, but these don’t do well in the dishwasher.

These are working out pretty great. I bought this pack to use on my dog (yes, i brush her teeth. And these are working out nicely. The compact head works well for her smaller mouth. I would probably choose something a little different for a child, but i’m a dental hygienist and i’m particular about toothbrushes. However, if you want something as an easy backup for humans or for a regular pet oral hygiene, these are pretty great, especially for the price.

abcOralCare, Shaha 5 toothbrush, New Generation US Patented, Non Nylon, Tapered, Soft and Ultra fine bristles –– Deep penetration pack of 5 :

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