Alba Botanica Tropical Fruit Spray Lotion Kids SPF 40 Sunscreen : Great sunscreen for kids

I hate sunscreen in general–for it’s texture and smell. But, being the palest family on earth makes it a daily necessity. I was pleasantly surprised to actually like the smell of this product. It’s a light fruity fragrance. It has a smooth texture like lotion and glided on my skin without being too thick or greasy and no white marks. I could hardly believe i was putting on sunscreen and not regular body lotion. My kids had no issue with it either. They let me put this stuff on their little faces without complaint since it goes on so smoothly. Most importantly, this product did it’s job and we were sunburn free.

It’s been a while since i’ve bought a sunscreen that spreads. I usually get the fact stick or the spray. This works well for packing in a bag. I use it on my and my son’s face. I will say though it gets in my eyes and they water of the rest of the day. It’s a very light scent and it doesn’t make my face too greasy so i can wear it even when i go to work.

I love this sunscreen for my kids. I swear every summer, it’s a fight with them to get them to put on their sunscreen. And the type of sunscreen i use on them is very important to me. With all the bad chemicals out there in a lot of sunscreens, it’s a challenge to find one that i approve of.My kids would prefer to use the aerosol spray sunscreen but i won’t let them due to the issue with inhalation of the chemicals. This product is a great compromise. We tried the alba bontanica mineral sunscreen for kids prior to this but it was super thick and white and very difficult to rub in. This convenient squirt bottle makes it easy to spray on them and quickly rub in. I have yet to see this bottle in stores but am glad i can find it on amazon and hope i will be able to continue purchasing through here for many more years.

I’ve used this brand before and liked it but couldn’t find it locally. This tube was a huge disappointment as the cream had separated into a white substance and an oily mess. It runs out of the tube and the consistency is too wet for application. If it weren’t an inexpensive item i would send it back. I suspect it was stored someplace too warm and the fault is there and not the product itself. I won’t order it from amazon again.

So i always forget to switch out sunscreen after it’s suggested use by. So i added this to my subscribe and save to help with that. So when i get my new one i know it’s nearly time to get rid of old one. The smell is a little weird but definitely isn’t the stinky sunscreen smell. My oldest child had sensitive skin and about half his face got a bit irritated with it. The smaller kid was just fine.

I liked the aerosol sprays, but couldn’t count on my kids not breathing it in. This is the next easiest thing. It’s very runny, which makes it faster and easier to spray. Spray in your hand and then rub it on the child–if you spray directly on, it’ll just drip off and be wasted. After rubbing in, skin is a little oily-looking, but not excessively so and there’s no whiteness. I like having a small bottle like this with a locking cap because it’s easy to keep one in my purse all summer for quick reapplications.

Alba Botanica Tropical Fruit Spray Lotion Kids SPF 40 Sunscreen, 4 oz.

  • One 4 oz. bottle of Alba Botanica Tropical Fruit Spray Lotion Kids SPF 40 Sunscreen
  • Lightweight sunscreen made with botanical ingredients
  • Provides broad spectrum protection, is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and is coral reef friendly
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • No oxybenzone, octinoxate or gluten

This isn’t just a great sunscreen for kids, it also works great for adults too. I’ve used this on my face under my makeup for years and it doesn’t make me break out. I’ve tested many facial sunscreens and none of them go on as smoothly as this one. A lot of them aren’t moist enough to spread out on the skin, but this one is very moist and i don’t need to use a lot of it for coverage. Facial sunscreens can be pricey, but this kids sunscreen is under $10 and is a great value. It has a subtle, delicate scent and that’s another plus for me. When it’s on my face, i don’t notice it. I avoid overpowering scents in all my facial products.

This ‘spray’ is not a traditional spray sunscreen. You cannot ‘spray and go’ with this. If i would have realized that, i would not have purchased it, primarily because it’s the exact same thing as the other sunscreens i bought. It squirts into your hand/skin, and you have the spread it out to rub it in. The consistency is more liquid than my standard cream sunscreens, but not too runny. It’s a small bottle too, and for the same thing as my regular lotion-consistency sunscreens, i might as well stick with them. I wanted something that i could easily spray on my two-year old that was a more natural sunscreen, and this does not fulfill that requirement.

I have to admit, i didn’t have high hopes for this when i got it. I was looking for a reef safe/biodegradable sunscreen for my daughter that doesn’t sting, goes on easily, and that (most importantly) works. This sunscreen is perfect for kids.It sprays easily (a liquid-y lotion), spreads easily, doesn’t smell, doesn’t sting eyes or irritate skin, and it works. I will recommend this item and will continue to buy this sunscreen for as long as i can.

I have very light children that burn easily and we’ve had no problems with this not protecting them. It’s also nice on sensitive skin and has a pleasant smell. The handle holds up to rough/quick squeezing and it’s not too greasy on your hands. I also like that it rubs completely in and doesn’t leave you skin glowing white, as many natural sunscreens tend to do. We order many bottles each summer.

We used this sunscreen on our toddlers all summer without a single sunburn. We love how easy it is to apply (spray in your hand and then rub in). We usually do scent free products but this one has a nice light fragrance. The previous summer we used badger baby but that was harder to apply. We highly recommend this alba sunscreen.

We have always used the regular (non-spray) version of this and when i saw this version i wanted to try it. First, it just sprays a glop of thinned sunscreen on your skin. You have to rub it in just like the regular stuff. Second, sometimes the nozzle must be clogged because it will not only spray on your skin, but everywhere around you, too. I typically hold the nozzle about four inches from the skin so that all of the spray lands on the skin and not on the floor. So while the spray is ‘fun’ (my kids love it) it’s not any more helpful than using the regular stuff. It seems to work just as well as the regular stuff, which i appreciated with a daughter with easy to burn skin. We have always used this brand sunscreen on her and it works great.

Chose this for baby’s first sunscreen and used it so much i ran out. Purchased another option that left him sticky and with a breakout. Switched back to alba and it cleared it right up. It’s got a light refreshing scent and is sizable yet doesn’t take up too much space in a diaper bag. Held up to an entire day at the lake with recommended applications and baby left with no trace of a sunburn.

It covers well and we never burn with this stuff. I have very sensitive and pale skin and i’ve never burned when using this and following the recommended wear time. We’ve worn this in and out of pools and the ocean and it works great. Some face sunscreens will burn when they start to run and get in your eyes but i’ve never had this happen with alba.

Alba Botanica Tropical Fruit Spray Lotion Kids SPF 40 Sunscreen, 4 oz. :

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