Amara Beauty Retinol Cream, NO irritations, burning, stinging, itching nor redness, just brighter skin with the appearance of smaller pores

I ordered this cream after reading the great reviews. I am in my early 40’s and need a cream for my neck because i am starting to notice a loss of elasticity there. I waited to review this until i could use it for a few weeks and i am very happy with it. I have dry skin and use it on my neck and forehead only. After applying, i put my night time moisturizer over it. It is lightweight and has very little smell. My skin doesn’t feel dry when using this cream like it has with other retinol creams in the past. I only use it at night because i’ve read that it can make you sensitive to the sun and i am outside a lot. I included a size comparison pic and also a pic of the cream. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good firming cream.

I’m 28 so i decided i better start with the wrinkle cream. I had some faint lines around my eyes and of course the ‘laugh’ lines on my forehead. I’ve been using this for a week and the lines around my eyes are pretty much gone and the ones on my forehead have decreased so much. I have some dark spots too, that have started disappearing as well. I didn’t wanna spend 20 bucks on this but i’m so glad i did and i have a feeling the bottle will last a few months.

Bad smell, i have to cover it up with vanilla-scented shea butter lotion. But works wonders for my hydration. Wonderscan’t stand my dry, itchy skin, if i don’t use it. This cream is very effective, but won’t repurchase because of the stenchy odor. Aroma is however, subjective. I have noted that others can’t even detect an aroma, which i find astonishing. One of my daughters thought it had a pleasant aroma. Go figure?i will buy a different, odorless product i have used in the past. But if you have no sense of smell, you may adore this product’s ability to keep your skin feeling dewy, and looking smoothi also use a vitamin c serum, and i always pre-cleanse my face with a pineapple enzyme face wash.

I knew this when people started commenting on my skin, which does not usually elicit compliments as i move into my 60’s. It’s effective, nice to use, inexpensive and apparently cruelty free. It’s definitely more effective than the treatments i’ve used costing 8 times as much. Even my ‘dried river bed’ chest looks better. I recommend using the vitamin c serum with the 2. 5 retinol at night and the moisturizer for day. Lovely scent in the moisturizer.

Love all the amara stuff i’ve tried. Cleanser, eye gel, serum, anti age cream and retinol cream for nightime. The retinol did make me break out a little bit for about 2 weeks but now no more breakouts and skins feels great ( i did use benzoyl in the am for spot treat away from the pm retinol). The breakouts were where i typically get them (chin area) so i do not think it was a reaction to the ingredients but more cleansing as the retinol brought them to the surface faster cause i’m not getting anymore.

I used another brand before this one that i loved but then when i went to buy it again, it was totally different. So it was promptly returned. I have dry skin so i don’t like watery moisturizer. I don’t understand the point. However, it soaks right in so there is no greasiness left after a minute or so. Please amara don’t change your formula.

I tried it on half of my face to see if there really was a difference. After one container, i found that side didn’t have the lines at my eyes the other side had and some of the wrinkles weren’t as deep as the control side. Now i use it on my whole face.

Key specs for Retinol Cream for Face 2.5% with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamins E & B5, 1.7 fl. oz.:

  • 2.5% retinol with moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter for superior results with less irritation
  • Retinol is clinically proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation in as little as 12 weeks
  • Unclogs pores to clear up and prevent breakouts; Stimulates collagen to fade acne scars
  • Premium quality ingredients; No parabens, dyes or fragrances; Cruelty-Free
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked, and no returns necessary

Comments from buyers

, Worth more than a $1000 Fraxel
, NO irritations, burning, stinging, itching nor redness, just brighter skin with the appearance of smaller pores.

The company, amara organics, sent a very nice email after my purchase giving me some insight and tips to their product which i did listen to and believe it made a difference. I have skin on the sensitive side and have had no problem with this product, which is the first time for me and a retinol. I did what they suggested and used the product every third day for a week and a half and then increased to every other day, where i am currently. I experienced minor peeling around my nose but absolutely no stinging, redness, itching, burning. None of that at all, another first for me. I’ve noticed my skin is brighter and my pores are appearing smaller. I am very pleased with this product and company.

I started implementing ao reninol cream into my skincare as of 1/1/18. I was using a super expensive skincare line sold only by dermatologists which was not exactly budget friendly and it was hurting the pocket book. I am a makeup artist in the chicago market and it was embarrassing what this expensive line was doing to my face. I happened upon ao on amazon and thought what the heck. I ordered the vit c cleanser, toner (i use it on a cotton pad to swipe up excess oil. I think normal to dry should just spray it on) and the retinol cream. A week later, i got the vit c serum. It’s been 9 weeks and i want to share the pics below with you. I am so pleased with the results. That’s my face first week in jan on the left and the right was just right now.

This cream did wonders for my face. Its reduced my wrinkles into fine lines and my skin is smoother and brighter. When i apply this cream it goes on so easy and does not leave a white film like some other products i have used. I am so happy with this product that i ordered a second bottle and i use it every night and its not harsh to my skin. Thanks for a great product.

I rarely leave reviews, mostly because i’m lazy, but this cream needs its praises sung. Being a lazy individual, i rarely take care of my skin the way i should, i often forget sunscreen and almost never wash my makeup off before bed. Looking for a quick fix i purchased a fraxel laser peel with my dermatologist. Which made me skin look great. I quickly started to see sun spots even though i had been wearing sunscreen per my doctors post op recommendations and was not pleased with this at all. I purchased this cream to help with these unsightly spots as well as the fine lines around my eyes that botox just doesn’t affect. I wish i had just used this cream instead of spending almost $1000 on fraxel, the results are amazing, quick, painless and cheap. My skin tone is even and the texture is smooth.And to be honest i only put it on when i remember to, which is maybe a few nights a week.

I’m usually skeptical of moisturizers for my sensitive skin. But i have to say that i’m happy with the amount i use and that it keeps my face from drying out throughout the day. And i like that it’s organic without the extras that irritate my skin :-).

I’ve been using this cream for a month or so and i have to say i’m seeing a difference. I’m a smoker so i have several wrinkles around my mouth and they are starting to disappear. Not to mention my face is so even looking more even toned and my chin has cleared up. I put it on in the morning if i’m not wearing makeup that day and it’s very moistureizing on its own. Can’t wait to see the results in 12 weeks like the label says.

I’m 47 with good genetics, insanely oily skin, and staying out of the sun an/or use sun protection on my face – my skin is in good shape with fewer lines/wrinkles than the average 47 y. That being said, i’m definitely noticing dry patches on my cheeks and right in the middle of my forehead and i’m getting that crepe-y skin under my eyes a bit. This stuff made a noticeable difference in how my skin felt after about 3 days and how it looked in about 10 days-2wks. This is with nightly use, after using thayers rose petal witch hazel with aloe vera as a toner, and roc retinol eye cream. When i wake up, my skin feels amazing and my makeup goes on smoother as well. It has a lovely, light scent as well and it feels good to apply – soaks in, doesn’t feel heavy. Good stuff and i’ll order again.

I just finished my second full bottle and there are no dramatic differences (the first 2 weeks only), but i didn’t have any real issues per se, just dry skin patches and some mild marks from old breakouts. I use it pm only, after my c serum, the followed by the inisfree green tea seed sleeping pack. In the morning i rinse my fave with rice water only, then use c- serum followed by obagi exfoderm, eye cream and then revision truphysical intellishade sunblock. The little spots of dark skin under my eyes are still present, as are beginnings of fine lines. Both have not lessened in any way but my skin is more even toned and pores are clear and overall healthy. Overall i have a glow that, without my tinted sunblock, does not require blush. My skin just looks super healthy. It is a great moisturizer in the pm – soaks right in – and has zero scent. I will continue to use this. The texture of my skin feels great and i have had zero breakouts, so maybe it is helping there too?.

This product definitely helps with acne. I was using it every other day and it cleared my skin within a few weeks. The problem occurred when i kept applying it and damaged the acid mantle of my skin. That caused me to brake out worse than before.It’s been a month and my skin has healed so i’ve gone back to using it. I wanted to write a review to stop someone from making the same mistake i did.

This product helps even out my skin tone and blemish discoloration from years ago. I’m 62 and finally–i can feel good about wearing little or even no makeup when i go out shopping, etc. I’ve always felt the uneven coloration of my face was embarrassing, although nothing like a birthmark or large scar. This product has helped significantly and i’ve been using it for less than a month. I use it twice a day and so far have had no redness or problems, which is significant since i have sensitive skin to fragrance, some additives, and things i never know are in products that cause bad reactions. Great product that i hope to continue using.

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