Amara Beauty Retinol Serum 2 : I love the Retinol Serum.

This is my fourth time ordering this retinol and while the last couple times i was pleased,this time i’m not so sure. The retinol was very thin like water. Nothing like the previous 3 bottles i brought. Maybe a new formula or a bad batch.

I bought both the vitc and this retinol serum from amara organics. I use the vit c after my toner, essence, then the vit c in my morning routine. I use the retinol after the same two products at night. I am 55, i go for facials often, and have always been good to my skin. I usually get that i am many years younger than my actual age. I believe these two products have smoothed my skin, they sink in well and my skin is looking nice. My tinted moisturizer smooths nicely over my skin. Because i do so much to keep my skin nice unless the product does something really miraculous its hard to say if it is doing a lot for my skin, but every skin article says to incorporate these two products into your routine. I never experienced any reactions that are sometimes associated with retinol. I would keep using and buy again.

I wanted to use it for at least 30 days before writing a review. I can’t do a fair review, unless i explain how i use it to get amazing results. I use 4 of their products at the same time. -total repair eye gel-vitamin c serum-retinal serum-advanced age-defying moisturizerso, i will explain how i use them and my results. To get the best out of these products i suggest doing microdermabrasion first. It will remove all the dead skin and allow the products to penetrate deeper. On a daily bases, i use the total repair eye gel every morning and every night. I use the vitamin c serum every morning, along with the advanced age-defying moisturizer, then i apply aveeno positively radiant spf 30. I used the retinal serum and advanced age-defying moisturizer at night. Make sure to exfoliate your skin every other day to get rid of the dead skin that will be servicing.

I will be repurchasing once i am out. I had very minor flaking in the trouble spots but my skin has definitely gotten better. I want to add i ended up repurchasing before i ran out, so i am now working on my second bottle. I have to do 3 pumps for ample coverage on my face and decolletage area. It absorbs quickly so i do not have to wait too long to put my night serum on afterwards.

I have used this product for a year and have to say i love it. I have combination skin with super dry spots on my chin, nose and sides of my cheeks. My skin is crazy sensitive to any changes in weather or products so i added this product to once a week and gradually over 6 weeks increased to pretty much every day. I haven’t noticed changes in wrinkles, but in all honesty i wasn’t really paying much attention. I don’t seem to have any new ones, so there is that. The most dramatic change has been the redness in my skin is gone. I haven’t needed a crazy, heavy night creme in months, when i was using one every day for years. I did make a few other changes in my daily skin care process (changed cleansers and toners), but this was the first and seemed to have the most dramatic impact on redness, general tone and oily spots. I have only had mild breakouts in my oily spots in the last year.

I haven’t noticed a huge difference in fine lines after almost 9 months, but in combination with an under eye exfoliant, this has greatly helped with milia. Still on the search for something for fine lines.

This is the second bottle i have purchased. Honestly, i wasn’t sure it was working at first. . Or at least i didn’t notice. But then i realized there was a difference in the brown spots from my hands to my arms. I put it on once or twice a day and rub the leftovers on the tops of my hands. It’s not a huge dramatic change, but it is definitely a change. It is light feeling, and does not cause breakouts on my sensitive skin. I found something that works, isn’t full of harsh chemicals and is affordable.

I love this producti am 46 year old woman who has struggled with hormonal acne and acne scarring for a few years. I have tried so many different products and nothing worked. My hormonal acne was effecting my self-esteem and making me depressed. The retinal serum is the first product that has ever really worked for me. My skin is absolutely amazing. I would recommend this product to everyone.

  • Helps with milia
  • Amazing Results!!!
  • Works on my silly sensitive combination skin

Retinol Serum 2.5% with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E, 1 fl. oz.

  • 2.5% retinol with moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil for superior results with less irritation
  • Retinol is clinically proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentation in as little as 12 weeks
  • Unclogs pores to clear up and prevent breakouts; Stimulates collagen to fade acne scars
  • Premium quality ingredients; No parabens, dyes or fragrances; Cruelty-Free
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked, and no returns necessary

I have been using this serum for about a month and have been really happy with the results. My husband recently starting using it too and he was stunned by how much better his face looked after just a few uses. We have both been easing into regular use because it’s summertime and we don’t want to make our skin extra sensitive to the sun, but the results have still been incredible. There was an initial period of breakouts and sloughing off dead skin that is common with retinol products, but once we got beyond that our overall skin texture has improved greatly, fine lines are becoming less noticeable, and an acne scar that i thought was here to stay is starting to fade awayi appreciate the addition of jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid because they really help to minimize irritation, and i appreciate the fact that the product is organic even more. There is nothing worse than crappy skincare products that are made with a million ingredients you can’t even pronounce–who wants to put that on their skin?i also appreciated amara organics reaching out to me via email to provide instructions for use after my purchase as well as a follow up to make sure i am still enjoying the product. A little proactive customer service goes a long way and i will definitely be buying more of their products.

Through using your products, i have realized an almost complete restoration of the youthfulnees of the skin on my face; beard area. I say almost because what now remain are spots which resulted from my removing ingrown hairs. Prior to using your products, the skin on my face was rough. Makeup couldn’t hide the flaws. Long-term use of prescription strength retinol did not provided the results i now have from using amara organics’ products. On thing i wish i did, was to take pictures before i started using them. The reason that i didn’t is that i was a skeptic with low exceptions for results. To my surprise, your products actually works. An important note for anyone using amara organics’ products; use organic based moisturizers that are light-weight. I won’t describe brands here.

I started using the amara vitamin c serum at the end of january, and added this product to my routine in early february. I was trying to wait until the four week mark to post my results (the packaging states you may start to see results after four weeks) but i am already seeing positive changesstrangers and friends alike have complimented me and told me that my skin is “glowing”. ) that i will continue to see positive results (pore minimization and more even skin tone — i have minor redness on/around my nose). I have relatively sensitive skin, and didn’t experience any breakouts or dryness with this product, but i have been adamant about moisturizing. Thank you, amara organics, for another amazing product that i can confidently recommend to friends and family.

A retinol serum–and it’s a positive one. I’ve used this product at night for about 2 weeks now. It’s clearer, smoother, and that’s after only a short time. I look forward to the long term use of this product. Plusses: no fragrance, no colors, easy dispenser, good size for travel.

Have been using this for almost a month. I started out using it every other night for the first two weeks or so to avoid over drying my skin, but i have since transitioned to every night with a night time moisturizer. Although i had minor breakouts in the beginning (as is supposed to happen when youfirst start using it) i felt like my skin texture was almost immediately better and skin tone was brighter. Using it in conjunction with the vitamin c serum in the morning. Loving it so far and can’t wait to see how it looks after a few months.

I love it, i got it because i had really bad bags under my eyes. Using a combination of the retinol serum and the anti aging cream the bags are gone. I love it and will keep using it. I am a 61 year old man and my face is virtually wrinkle free and the under eye bags are gone.

When i turned 30, my skin went crazy. I went from never having an issue with acne to breaking out all over my face. I tried every skin care system i could get my hands on. Some would work for a while, but then the acne would come back. After years of this, i had acne scarring & discoloration, with new acne on top. Someone recently recommended i try retinol, & i found this product on amazon. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The picture on top is my forehead 2. 5 weeks ago, & the one on bottom is my forehead today. My acne has improved a ton & discoloration is starting to improve, as well.

This product is showing results already even though i was told it would take several weeks. It is very good for aging skin. It is also paraben free which is a huge boon to me as i’m allergic to parabens. I’ve been using this at night along with the moisturizer, the vitamin c serum (and a sunscreen too) by day, and the eye gel both day and night. My skin feels lighter, brighter, tighter, and has a glow it didn’t have before. This is free or irritating ingredients (for me anyway) and very affordable so i’m a happy camper.

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Retinol Serum 2.5% with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E, 1 fl. oz.
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