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I needed something to put my hair in while using hot oil treatments. My hair is very thick and past my hips, so it was quite a feat to find something that would hold it all. This shower cap is huge – it easily covers all of my hair and fits very comfortably. No water ever gets in when i wear this in the shower. It had a “new plastic” smell to it when it arrived but that went away after washing it quickly in the sink.

I have a pretty large head, and this shower cap fits comfortably around it. I’ve had it for about 5 months and it is starting to lose it’s elasticity, but for the price i paid i am not too surprised. It is sturdy and does a good job of keeping the water out. I don’t have very heavy or thick hair, so i don’t know how well it would do for that. However it does work good for me.

Works to keep my hair dry but it’s very tight. I’ve used others that aren’t as tight and still keep the water out. Guess it just inspires faster showers, but if i have it on for even a few minutes it puts a dent in my skin and gives me a headache. I have been told i have a large head.

This runs a litte smaller than i was expecting, but not uncomfortable at all. The band is tight enough to keep water out, and i can get all of my hair (mid-back length and medium thickness) into the cap with no problem. The cap is quite thick and seems to be a durable product. I’ve had it for several months, but i’ve only used it a few times.

I have tried many shower caps before and it was very hard for me to find something good for my head. I have long hair coming down to my mid back and keeping it dry is really important to me to prevent frizz and oiliness. Most shower caps made in china were probably also to be sold on the asian market, because anything made for asians is too small for the rest of the world. None of them would cover my whole head and the water would always wet my hair. Finding this cap was literally a lifesaver. Even though it’s also made in china (obviously), it was most likely intended for sale on the western market. It is really stretchy and most importantly it covers my hair fully. I can tie up my hair in a bun and there still will be room. My hair never gets wet in this cap. This is my second time purchasing it.

It looks cute with the polka dots and a lace ribbon trim around the head opening. Stays on in the shower – fits my head just fine. It’s a nice thin vinyl (not the heavy-duty one), but doesn’t leak. I got it a little stained with hair dye – but it washed off just fine (just do it quickly). Very happy with it – it’s exactly what i needed.

I ordered this cap because i was looking for something cheap, yet more durable than the disposable shower caps. And that is exactly what it is. I have used it maybe 8 times now, which i know isn’t a lot, but it is still as if it were brand new. Seems like it will last me for some time, as long as i treat it properly and don’t take a scissors to it or anything.

This is the only shower cap you’ll ever need. Yes, you can get fancier, and yes, you can pay a whole lot more. The size is ample, the tightness is perfect, and there’s lace around the edge.

  • Large cap for Big Hair 🙂
  • By far the best shower cap out there!
  • Perfect shower cap

Shower Cap – Blue Dot Pattern, Vinyl material, elastic band, extra large, large, won’t fall off your head,

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  • one size fits all
  • strong vinyl material
  • comfortable elastic band

I’m back ordering my second one of these, so i figured it was time to write a review. I have a bigger than average head and very long hair and it all fits nicely in this shower cap. Elastic could be a little tighter to ensure the edges of my hair stayed dry, but it does a decent job and isn’t exceptionally itchy or uncomfortable at the edge. I’m ordering a second because the elastic in the first has gotten gross and i’m wary of washing it. It does the job, though, and for the price it’s the best one you’re going to find.

This is a nice, large shower cap (for those of us with big heads and/or lots of thick, long hair; or, in my case, both), which i had trouble finding locally in stores. The lacy elastic band keeps my hair snugly in place and dry, which is really its only job in life. One thing to note: the blue dot pattern cap is not as opaque as pictured. It appears to be white, but it’s actually somewhat translucent with the blue dots. Almost like a frosty shower curtain liner. That’s not an issue for me, but just something to note. Otherwise, it’s a great cap for the money.

I like this shower cap because the material is durable and the elastic is tight. However when i read some reviews it said that you can fit 2” rollers and still protect your hair fromgetting wet; unless you have a toddlers head you can do that but this does not protect the back. So my hair gets wet in the lower back area. I have to constantly be careful with with getting my upper back wet. So i have to wash that area very carefully. I will go for an xxl if they make one.

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Shower Cap - Blue Dot Pattern, Vinyl material, elastic band, extra large, large, won’t fall off your head,
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