AMERICAN CREW American Crew Classic Pomade 4 Pack 3 Ounces Each : Great deal

Love the fact it’s 30 for a four pack. Use to pay almost 20 each at the store.

Holds well in my shorter hair. Provides your hair with a wet lookholds for about 6 hours before softening upmake sure hair is mostly dry before applying.

It isn’t sticky and a little goes a long way.

I have used different brands by far this is the best.

I love american crew pomade and ordered these because they were so inexpensive. The product is a milky white, not the normal clear color. It seems to work and smell the same, but i wonder why the color is off.

Husband loves this product and the package was a great deal and smells great.

Not the real deal, white substitute, but does work decently.

Have tried many others but none get the balance of the hold, shine and hair feel as this one does. It also washes out easily, stays on all day and does no damage. I have been using this for over 2 years now. Also, this purchase from amazon is great value for money compared to buying it in the store.

  • Hesitant at first

  • Product is milky not clear as it should be.

  • Best Pomade at the best price

American Crew Classic Pomade 4 Pack 3 Ounces Each

  • Medium Hold and Heavy Shine
  • 4 Pack
  • Water-based formula

I have been using for over 10 years and cant think about buying anywhere else.

Great purchase for the price. I split the order with my brother and we will both definitely be stocked up with pomade for the next few months.

It’s kind of expensive, but i love that it’s water-based and washes out pretty easily. The petroleum stuff sticks too much.

I was a bit worried about pomade turning white and going bad due to heat as other reviews have noted, especially since i live in florida. Great price for 4 containers.

This has to be by far the best price for these items. I cannot find this price anywhere else. This product cannot be replaced by anything else. I have tried several, several other polmades and this is the only one that works.

This is the only hair product that my fiancé uses, and this is a great deal. He loves the soft hold, it lasts all day, and it’s not too greasy. Just make sure to check the seller ratings before you buy, since others have had issues with fake or expired product. I checked all four of my containers when they arrived, and all of them were a-ok.

Have been using this product for a long time and been satisfied. Found this at a cheaper price on amazon compared to the brick stores and ordered them.

Great product for long lasting hold without stiffness. This is my 10th year using this product.

Great product, strong but manageable hold.

Use it all the time best i have ever used.

I buy these for my boyfriend. They are such much cheaper on amazon than target / cvs. He loves this brand – he has tried others because of convenience and always returns to this. Would recommend for anyone who has a short hair and styles it.

I am not going to lie, the bad reviews had me scared and i quickly submitted a return before getting the product. In all fairness, i’d like to clarify something because my husband has been using crew for years. There has been mention that the product looked white. Well, the original crew looks like vaseline which is what this one looked liked so it was very authentic. My husband also purchased a crew at our local target a few months back and it was white and didn’t look anything like the original. It’s a completely different texture but i honestly believe crew has changed their formula. The only negative thing i have to say is it took too long to arrive. The good news is it’s a great deal for 4 so i cancelled my return and kept the product.

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American Crew Classic Pomade 4 Pack 3 Ounces Each
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