AMERICAN CREW American Crew Fiber, The hold is also not the best. Too much product and your hair sags and

Good stuff, but my hair is pretty course so it takes a lot and washes out pretty easy. I personally wished it was a little more resistant to water because i sweat a lot and i wear helmets often.

Bit dry to apply, i apply with some water.

I have tried at least two dozen other hair styling products and i always come back to using american crew fiber. It provides plenty of hold without leaving your hair feeling crunchy or goopy or waxy. Great for achieving that messy, roughed-up look or even a gentle wave or comb-over. It does not add any shine to my hair either, which makes it look more natural. Unlike hair clay products, this washes out very easily and does not leave any residue behind. A little bit of the product goes a long way, but try adding different amounts of fiber product on different days – you can achieve very different looks.

I have used this hair product since i was 13. 18 years later, this is the cheapest source i have ever found and it is fresh and a legit product. Target, jewel, marianos, and every barber i have ever been to charge at least $15 a jar for this.

It can give a strong or soft hold all day and doesn’t give an ugly shine. Quality product, i bought the 4 pack because i love this product so much.

This product will change your life, i swear to god. I’m going to break it down to you in 3 parts: financially, interpersonally, and sociologically. Financially, this is a killer deal. My first 3 oz purchase was at a hair cuttery ™, and was alone a 22. 25 ea (at the time i made this purchase), that’s a savings of $15. For the sake of argument, let’s just assume you would use one can every two months.

Saved some money buying this in bulk. It’s not too shiny or goopy and holds strong. Will be coming back for more i’m sure.

Key specs for American Crew Fiber (Pack of 4) – 3oz each:

  • American Crew Fiber (85G) (Pack of 4)
  • American Crew
  • 85G
  • Quantity: 4

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“5 years of daily use
, This is the hair product/price combination you have been waiting for.
, Go-to hair goop

Yup, it’s 4 large packs of crew fiber. Great way to save money on this stuff. At cvs or other stores, its usually twice the price as this. Need this stuff to keep my hair held in place all day, i don’t use any other hair gels/pastes except this one.

Same stuff as the salon but at a fraction of the pricehusband is hooked and this is the only thing keeping down my baby hairs from postpartum regrowth.

Works great, cheaper than the retailers. Great holds, and last all day. Works great with short hair and have a shine to it. However will have a white residue on your hair if gets wet in light rain. Will melt if leaves in hot car in gym bag. Last about 6 months for each container. Update:just purchased 4 moreit has a new label on the top but still the same great product. I have short coarse hair and works very well. But probably won’t work as well for longer hair.

I have short, thick asian hair, and have used nothing but this product on it for 10+ years. It holds well, is matte so i don’t look shiny, and i don’t need to use very much of it. I don’t like product like gels or creams that add shine to your hair, and this doesn’t do that at all. I use it after a shower, after my hair has dried off, or is close to it. Put a little in my fingertips, rub my hands together, rub it into my hair a bit, and i’m done in 5 seconds. Good for the tousled, messy but stylish look. It can get a little sticky if you use too much, and doesn’t really survive activities like playing sports, but then again why are you styling your hair to play sports in anyway?it’s a little expensive compared to other products, but i’ve never found anything that works as well, and i’ve tried a lot of different options.

Can be hard to spread through hair and can be hard to get warmed up in hands. It is very sensitive to temperature so make sure to have it in a temperature stable environment. The hold is also not the best. Too much product and your hair sags and is very greasy but too little and the product doesn’t hold at all so a happy medium is needed. Other then these few minor things it is a great product to help style hair and make it look thicker.

I’ve been using this stuff to comb my hair with for the last five years. I dampen my hands, use them to dampeny hair. Then i take a little out of the jar, rub it between my hairs to warm it up and get it into a ‘workable’ state. Rubbing it evenly throughout my hair, i follow up with a fine tooth comb. With american crew fiber, my hair will stay like this all day. I work as an engineer in a factory, so i need my hair to look good through meetings, right after i spent the morning crawling into and through tight spaces to inspect the product and assembly line. This stuff holds up, and if it gets messed up, a *little* water and a comb puts it right back into place. I’ve tried other brands, and never been satisfied with the performance. I’ve tried ac pomade, wax, and defining paste, and while i liked quality, they didn’t quite hit the style i was looking for. Pomade is super shiny throughout the day.

I have been buying american crew fiber for years from target and other stores for a lot higher of a price, then i looked on amazon and found this, the price is less than half of what i have been spending so it’s totally worth it. I had read a couple reviews saying the products seemed tampered with and so when i received it i quickly checked and everything seemed fine, so i have no complaints.

Elvis was on the package, but these are the same as non elvis labeled version. This hair product works well & holds all day.

I can’t even count how many other hair products my son went through to get his undercut style to stay in place. I’ve ordered this four times now. He loves if because it washes out easy, has a strong hold, and doesn’t leave his hair looking wet or greasy.

Slightly different feel from the store-bought versions – this one is slightly gritty. Not enough for it to cause a problem though. This might be because of a shipping anomaly — the hair product in each of the 4 containers in the shipping box was all shoved up against the side, as if the shipping box had been sideways during shipment, and the material had flowed (or perhaps melted and then flowed and resolidified). Not sure if that’s why the product feels slightly different.

Filled properly, comes out creamy and smooth, and holds my hair in place just like i expect it to. I like using fiber with completely dry hair, while some other american crew haircare products work best while wet or damp.

Tried so many dang hair products. My bathroom looks like a gel/pomade/cream/wax graveyard. Time and again i come back to this. Stiff hold, no sheen at all. Hair stays where you put it. Can be sticky in humid weather but just cut back on amount used. Do not let it melt and reform in car or bag. Becomes grainy but that’s my fault for leaving it in those conditions. Smells fresh – kinda like lemons. The multi-pack is a bargain as each container runs $18-21 in local pharmacy.

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