Andis Slimline Pro Li T-blade Trimmer – Initial impression is good

I have searched for years to find a trimmer that gives a close, precision trim of my neckline and beard. After numerous purchases of other trimmers from wahl, norelco, and others i found the andis slimline pro. They were good right out of the box but after a zero-gap of the blades they were amazing. These things cut so close you could practically shave with them. The size is just right for a trimmer with the blade width not too wide or too narrow. They run quiet and the battery life is good for a trimmer this size. Overall the build quality of the unit is not as nice as some others but the blade quality more than makes up for that. If you want a trimmer that can cut closer than probably anything you have used so far get these.

The brushed metal looks nice. The trimmers look solid, though i wonder if they will dent while traveling. Make sure you start slow and make a couple passes as it cuts fast. One slight drop of the hand and you’ll need to re-sculpture the hair you are trimming. I had a wahl trimmer before the andis trimmer. However, i feel these trimmers are better designed to trim around the ear with the shape of the head. I’ve used these about 2 months now and haven’t had to recharge the trimmer yet. But they’re only used every other morning. If you need a super close shave, you will need a shaver. These do not get close enough to your face.

Loving andis products for trimming my beard, mustache etc. Additionally;-what you should know: super great foranimal lovers: does shih tzu paw bottoms perfectly. Andis has a strong reputation forproviding outstanding products.

These do not come zero-gapped out of the box, so you’ll have to do the adjustments. But once they are adjusted, this razor cuts flawlessly.

Ordered these after viewing numerous videos with amazing results from some top knotch barbers all over the us even without being modified. I have read some reviews that the slim line li pro came messed up. I can say mines came early and nothing was wrong everything came in the box. I have yet to trim with them (i will update). I will also be modifying these to fit the modified original t-outliner blade from andis.

All i can say is 2 three letter words. I have been cutting hair for 24 years and have used every clipper/trimmer out there. I use a variation of wahl and andis. The andis t outliner is my go for lining and balding my head. I recommend zero gapping these trimmers and you will be amazed. Lithium batteries have come a long way. Seem strong and are sharp when you adjust the blades. I cannot speak on the longevity of these yet, but so far so good. These are especially good when traveling to other countries because the plug is the universal type with two small prongs.

  • I love theseholds charge is exellent
  • Exceptionally sharp when zero gapped. Battery is powerful.
  • Ordered these after viewing numerous videos with amazing results from some top knotch barbers all over the

These are light and great for shaping the beard and mustache. The trimmer surface is small so it’s great for detail work. Cons – i can feel it struggling a little to cut thick hair. I once was trimming for a 5-10 minutes and it felt warm. I received a box that was open and i paid for new. The trimmer still had residual oil on it and the packaging for the trimmer was open.

I own 4 of these and on everything. They are the best and hold a long charge and great blades. I even change it out with regular andis t blade with modifications. You dont loose any power and cuts powerful.

After reading a bunch of reviews i pretty much knew what was arriving in the box. First thing i did was zero gap the blade with a phillips head screwdriver. No need to buy the separate piece of kit to zero gap it. I used my countertop after watching a couple of youtube videos. Assembled the unit again and did the initial recommended charge for 2 hours. The unit feels good and agile in the hand for what amounts to an all plastic housing. Is has very good power and speed for a cordless unit. And after zero gaping it i finally have a cordless solution that will make very tight lines on even short neck lines and sideburns. That’s where all other trimmers fell short.

I zero gapped these as soon as i unboxed. Very sharp, give a good close cut. I do not use a razor, because they give me ingrown hairs. Good for quick buzz, shape ups, & designs in hair. Holds charge above average cordless trimmers. Not as good as corded andis, but these are close. Been using these 10-20 mins, 2-3 times weekly for almost 2 years on face and head and they still cut great om original blade.

With almost all andis products i’m usually not disappointment. Now please read the product description. Theses are light duty trimmers meaning ( perfect for straight hair neck lines and ears trims. I would use my andis outliners. Because these can snag on super course hair or super fine hair gapped at. 2mm now i used these with a. 2mm gap so i can speed through trims.

Features of Andis Slimline Pro Li T-blade Trimmer

  • Balanced, ergonomic trimmer for outlining, designing and dry-shaving
  • Sleek, lightweight cord/cordless design for greater flexibility
  • Powerful rotary motor for increased speed, power and life
  • Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 2 hours of run time with a 2, hour 15 minute charge time
  • Equipped with close-cutting T-blade (may be zero-gapped)

From the manufacturer

andis cordless clippers

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Modern lithium-ion batteries deliver consistent power. They won’t drag or stall while cutting.

The Cordless T-Outliner Li is the most powerful cordless trimmer Andis has ever made! Constant speed technology ensures maximum power for professional results.

T-blade trimmers, like the Andis T-Outliner, are favored by barbers for their ability to cut crisp outlines and designs.

Andis Company has been crafting professional-grade tools since 1922.

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Close-cutting trimmers are a must-have for detail work on hair, beards and mustaches.

cordless outliner cordless trimmer trimmer
Cordless T-Outliner Li Trimmer Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer
Battery Type / Run Time Lithium-Ion / Over 100 Minutes Lithium-Ion / Up to 2 hours-ion Lithium-Ion / Up to 2 hours
Cutting Strokes per Minute 7,200 6,000 6,000
Speed/Motor Single Speed / Rotary Single Speed / Rotary Single Speed / Rotary
Weight 7.8 oz. 4 oz. 4 oz.
Includes 4 Attachments Combs, Premium Charging Stand, Charging Adapter, Blade Oil 4 Attachments Combs, Charging Stand Charging, Adapter Blade Cleaning Brush, Blade Oil 4 Attachments Combs, Charging Stand, Charging Adapter, Blade Cleaning Brush, Blade Oil
Voltage 100-240V / 50-60 Hz 100-240V / 50-60 Hz 100-240V / 50-60 Hz
Replacement Blade(s) / Additional Accessories #04521 Classic T-Outliner T-Blade #04535 Cordless T-Outliner Li T-Blade w/Drive #04535 Cordless T-Outliner Li Square Blade w/Drive #04555 Cordless T-Outliner Li Deep-Tooth T-Blade w/Drive #20657 Replacement Bracket/Yoke #04880 Andis Blade Zero Gapper #32105 Close-Cutting T-Blade, #04880 Andis Blade Zero Gapper #32105 Close-Cutting T-Blade, #04880 Andis Blade Zero Gapper

Balanced, ergonomic trimmer for outlining, designing and dry-shaving

I ended up trading another barber for a different set of trimmers. I ordered black, but they sent my the silver. I didn’t want the silver, i wanted black so i looked for a trade. If color doesn’t matter to you, then these little trimmers are decent. Not the best cordless trimmer on the market, but i would say they’re top 5. The deep teeth do help with the line ups on longer hair clients, there’s sufficient power and good battery life. On the other hand, i’ve been through 4 over the past 3 years and that isn’t a good investment. There are too many other quality cordless trimmers on the market today that have made these trimmers almost obsolete.

I’m a female with an undercut getting into amateur self-barbering. The clippers i had couldn’t deliver the sharpness for the neckline, were too bulky for a beginner around the ears, and couldn’t do a decent crisp line for a design. A youtube barber is always seen using this trimmer, so i got it. I plan to zero gap it after i get a bit more practice, but even as is, it’s lightweight, easy to use, and works quite well. I’d imagine it would be great for tight spaces like beard and goatee touch-ups.

I know a thing or 2 about clippers and edgers and have used many different models and brands over the past 20 years and these edgers are some of the best. They are compact and have a good feel in the hand without compromising on power and closeness. The edges or lines these can create after zero gapping are comparable to that of the andis t-edgers which are widely considered the best for this. My only complaint would be that when attaching the guard and going over my beard these pulled a random hair or 2. Didnt expect that because of the power they obviously possess and the fact i have had no such problem with cheaper models. I do not even have what most would consider a thick beard. It is about twice the length of a 5 o’clock shadow and almost white-trashy thin, but it did yank a couple times at first. I slowed down with the guard on and had no further issues. All in all these clippers are really good but if i am totally honesty i have not ever had an edger that does better than the andis t-edgers. The andis t-edgers however do not have guards for trimming of the beard so these earn points for that and pull my opinion of them up there with that of the t-edgers by andis.

I originally zero gapped it and had to push the blade back, my client’s were not happy with how sharp they were. But they are one of the best on the market. I use this with a white hairline pencil and of course a black widow straight razor touch up. But honestly the slim line clipper did 96 percent of the line up. They fit in your hand nicely and give you unbelievable control over your lineups. Especially breads and mustaches. I would probably reframe from zero gapping too close to top blade. They cut really harsh and hurt.

The battery life is great on this thing, i charge the thing just for the sake of it, not because i had to. • it is made of hard plastic, can be zero-gapped very easily. • on some cuts i’ve noticed it wasn’t getting the job done & had to use a more powerful machine but i dont expect this to keep up with a corded trimmer. • it does what its supoose to do very well not great. • great for cutting designs in a hair cut, and great for some lineups.

Sleek, lightweight cord/cordless design for greater flexibility

Powerful rotary motor for increased speed, power and life

Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 2 hours of run time with a 2, hour 15 minute charge time

Equipped with close-cutting T-blade (may be zero-gapped)

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