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Apparently my perceptions about argan oil were incorrect and argan oil can have this type of consistency. It has a nutty odor, and i believed that it should have had a sweet fragrance. What i was meaning to get was moroccan oil, which has argan in it, but lots of other stuff too. So, i apologize for my misinformed revieworiginal review: i love argan oil. This seems to be castor oil instead, which i very much do not like. The labeling looks great, but this does not have the aroma or quick drying properties of argan. It was packaged well and arrived quickly via prime. It’s frustrating, because i was wanting this and some egyptian musk for a project i am doing and both products shipped from amazon sellers were not correct at all.:( perhaps it’s not a good place to get oils.

Well, this is probably the most versatile product i have ever bought. It will save you a lot of money. Here are just a few things i use it for:make essential oilsmake up removerhair defrizzerbody oil (use straight from the bottle or customize it with fragrance)dry skin care for my dogsoil my leather bootsclean my paint brushes (i oil paint)cuticle softenermix with lemon oil for a mosquito repellant.

You will not be disappointed, i have tried expensive boutique oils, coconut oil and other oils that were “highly” recommended or endorsed by celebs and none have worked as well for me as art naturals 100% pure rosehip seed oil. My skin is clear and feels amazing. The rosehip seed oil is light and absorbs quickly. I’ve tried other brand other that art naturals but they didn’t work as well. Art naturals is inexpensive and does an excellent job on my skin especially during the nj winters. Oh and did i mention how neat the packaging is, and that it comes with two small carrier oils samples.

Where has this been my whole life?. Love the way fco feels on my skin. I have been using this on my hands, in my hair, and with my essential oil. I even use it on my dogs furthe bottle shipped wrapped in bubble wrap so it arrived in excellent shape. I was worried about leaking, but it ships with a traditional cap so no leakingmy only gripe is that the pump is “sticky”. I have a difficult time getting just a dab out. I always end up with more oil than i want. Update: 6/23/16 || the top started leaking. The part were the pump moves up and down has oil leaking out. I’m not sure how long it has been leaking, but it was all over my countertop.

I was really skeptical when i initially purchased this oil because i’ve never used a lotion or oil on my face that i actually liked but this stuff has made me a true believer. I’ve used coconut oil on my hair and jojoba oil for stretched ears and piercings but didn’t like the feeling of either of them on my face or body. This oil is not greasy and is instantly absorbed into the skin. The best part is that i can reapply it if my skin feels dry and i don’t break out at all. Since i started using this most of my facial acne has cleared up and my skin feels absolutely amazing. I mix a little bit of lavender oil with 5-10 drops of this in the palm of my hand and apply it to my face twice a day. The lavender oil is mostly to add a nice scent but i have read that it can help with acne (to me the jury is still out on the medicinal uses of essential oils but i digress). I have also started using rosehip in my hair after i shower because there’s usually a bit left on my hands after doing my face so i just run my fingers through my hair and it is really soft and shiny. Overall i really cannot recommend this product enough, especially for those with oily or acne prone skin, and the only small complaint that i have is that the dropper can be a little leaky but since that has nothing to do with the quality of the oil, 5 stars.

So far i am loving the rosehip oil. It is very dry in colorado so i was looking for a moisturizer that was non-toxic. I ran across this as an option and started reading all the amazing reviews. I have been using the oil on my face and even some scars and have really loved how soft and smooth it makes my skin. I use the dropper for the lid and it makes it easy to get just a few drops out for my face. I can tell this product will last a long time making it an amazing value. I love that i am able to moisturize without putting a ton of toxic ingredients on my skin. I look forward to seeing how my skin looks over an extended period of time and will update my review. I was totally surprised that the rosehip oil also came with 2 full bottles of very nice smelling essential oils.I love essential oils and these are a lovely addition to my collection.

I got this one for the weird psoriasis rosacea eczema crap i get on my face when stressed apparently due to autoimmune, it’s a nightmare. I don’t really think it’s helped or hurt. Castor oil is still my go to. Also banana boat w/carrot and banana oil i think helps the most. May get carrot and banana oil to mix with this oil and see what happens. The color is like hemp oil brown/green. I like the smell guess closest to almonds maybe. Packaged nice, came with 2 signature oil mixes chi and zen. You can search them to see the ingredients and their purpose. I hope it will help my skin like others but i’m one of those that everything works opposite.

I waited to write a review as it takes some time to evaluate. I mix this with carrot seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil (little), and castor oil (little) for a facial serum. I am active in the sun and get sunburned from time to time. I apply this after showering and by the next night, most of the burn is gone. I also apply to my exposed neck and chest areas. I am in my middle years and have received compliments that my skin looks good and that my neck doesn’t have that older look. The little extra oil combo with the orange, doesn’t act like a typical essential oil. I put it on my rugs and the fragrance doesn’t have much strength as i can never smell it. But i didn’t buy this combo for that. I just bought this for the rosehip seed oil as the product was a good quality with a good price and good reviews.

  • Unbelievable results
  • Giving me my pretty back!
  • Very Versatile Product!!!

ArtNaturals 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil – (4 Fl Oz / 120ml) – 3 Piece Gift Set – Cold Pressed & Unrefined – Natural Moisturizer for Dry Skin, Fine Lines and Scars – for Face, Nails, Hair and Skin

  • 100% PURE – ArtNaturals Rosehip Seed Oil is 100% Pure, unadulterated, and therapeutic grade. It is vegan and cruelty free. Our Rosehip Seed Oil is sustainably source.
  • CARRIER OIL – Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil is great for replenishing and revitalizing your skin. It is a natural moisturizer and is ideal for dry, damaged, wrinkled, and cracked skin or hair. Rosehip Seed Oil also has anti-aging and sun protection properties.
  • ESSENTIAL OIL – Combine with an essential oil to get a multitude of healing benefits when applying to your skin while also bringing relaxation, wellness, and satisfaction to your day. It is best known for its odorless scent making it a perfect carrier oil.
  • DIY – ArtNaturals offers a wide variety of DIY essential oil recipes that can be found in our storefront. From home to outdoors, well-being to skincare, we have a recipe that is perfect for you.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – ArtNaturals offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Try it risk free with no questions asked and top customer service. You have nothing to lose and your health to gain.

Quality: the quality of this product is great. I have been using it with my essential oils to dilute them in rollerballs for topical use. This is not the same as the coconut oil that you buy for baking and such. I have been using it on my temples and back topically for pain, and i have not noticed any clogging of my pores or any breakouts. Packaging: i am docking a couple of stars due to the pump. Unless you have the actual pump handle inside of the reservoir into which you’re dispensing, a tiny pump makes the product fly out across the room. I also noticed that it leaked a bit after i was done dispensing the product, enough that i have to keep it on a coaster so it doesn’t pool on my vanity. Overall i would say go for it as a refill if you already have a dispensing system (like an eyedropper) that you own and love.

My wife and i just got into essential oils last year. At first we were only buying premixed blends, but those were expensive and i wasn’t convinced they were worth the price. So we started doing research. We learned we could make our own blends and custom tailor them to use just the oils we wanted, since some oils worked for us and others didn’t. After sourcing the base oils for each of our blends (she uses oils mostly for allergies and healing scars and i use them for pain and stress relief and digestive health) all we needed was a carrier oil. After trying several different brands, i came across artnaturals on amazon and decided to give their oil a try. First off, the oil is awesome. It rubs in super easy and absorbs quickly so my hands aren’t left feeling greasy. And – i love the attention to small things in their packaging.

Very healing, quick results for fine lines and acne. Will definitely purchase again.

The drops cap enable y to avoid wasting the oili used it once on my hair & skin while i beleive i can judge it only after long time of usebut so far i love it. I put my hair in rolls after applying some oil on every strand & i applied other products. I also applied it on my skin before sleepingbut i beleive results are very good.

Being in late 30s i use rosehip daily on my skin, specifically on face and neck. This simple oil is better than any manufactured product from any designer anything anywhere, even for those deep set dark circles under your eyes (do after am shower and before bed for eyes). Jojoba also works but i find rosehip a little less ‘greasy’ before it completely dries. And the seller included their signature zen and chi in probably the best packaging i have ever seen for oils. I added a little of their zen to my after shower jojoba oils treatment i give my hair and not only does it not weigh your hair down or look like you just worked a 24 hour shift at a fast food restaurant it smells fantasticwill purchase my oils from here form now on.

This has been a godsend since i became pregnant. Since i found out i was pregnant, my skin has gotten so dry that it flakes likes sunburn or worse yet like a snake shedding. I was first introduced to rosehip seed oil from a youtube vlog to help my troubled dry skin. My skin was so bad that i could no longer wear face makeup or any other face product due to it worsening and starting the scar around my t-zone area. I use the combination of avocado oil, carrot seed oil and rosehip seed oil and it has done wonders for my skin. Here are some of the successes about this product:1- a little goes a long way. I just have to use 4 drops and it is well enough for my face and to massage the rest on my hands. 2- after using for two months, my skin is almost back to normal. I don’t see the flaking throughout the day and it keeps my face moisturized for the whole day regardless of the heat and sweating. 3- since it is an oil, it does take about 20 minutes to absorbs in my clean and dry face.

For a long time, i relied on face lotions to moisturize my face. But i always had to use more than one application to keep my skin moisturized, especially after a shower, and i seemed to break out easier. I was always skeptical about putting oil on my face but i decided to give this a try. This is hands down the best moisturizer ever.After cleaning my face, i use a little bit of this while my face is still slightly damp and my face stays moisturized longer and far better than any face lotion i’ve used. Even better, my face is clearer and doesn’t break out as easily. Stored at room temperature and using only a few drops, this oil will last you a while. Ditch the face lotion and buy this.

Update:i am still loving the texture of this oil. But my favorite part about ordering from this wonderful company is the essential oils they include. The blends are absolutely wonderful. If i am feeling stressed, i use some of the chi. I love the texture of this oil. I bought this oil and did not pay attention to the essential oils that come with it, bonus. I plan to use my tamanu oil in a charcoal face soap i am making from scratch in a few days after i get a few more supplies.

Importanti received a bottle of rosehip oil that was mislabeled. The label said it was rosehip but the bottle actually contained tea tree oil. I contacted the company who shipped it to me through amazon (hollywood’s best, llc) and they were very responsive and shipped a new bottle to me immediately. However, the second bottle had the same exact problem- tea tree oil in a bottle labeled as rosehip oil. The two bottles i received had two different batch numbers. This time i contacted artnaturals directly. They were also very responsive and mailed me a new bottle immediately. The new bottle arrived and was labeled correctly. I read in reviews that others have also received tea tree oil in a mislabeled bottle. And i’ve seen others answer questions about the rosehip oil incorrectly which lead me to be believe that they also received the wrong product in their rosehip oil bottle but were unaware.

Fractuated coconut oil stays liquid for pump use. I use it in the shower with my body wash and shampoo. (never add it to your product) never.Just one pump into hand or scrubby and you body-wash or shampoo cleans and beautifies all the more. I use a quick pump after toweling off too for those dry areas and to protect from sun damage. Look up the benefits of coconut oil for yourselfgreat for pet baths toouse regular coconut oil in your diet for cooking, baking, or to rinse your mouth and keep it moist and fresh.

I started taking medication that caused big dry patches on my neck and chest, and lotion only made it worse. After reading up on a few different oils, i went with this one to try and calm down the area, and it worked. After just a few days, the redness was gone and the skin looks and feels so smooth. I don’t mix it with lotion or a carrier oil like some people might, and it’s been fine. I put some on a cotton ball and rub it on my neck and chest and i’m good to go. It doesn’t stain my clothes and doesn’t look super oily, so i’m not self conscious that people will stare at my neck for a whole new reason now. I like how the skin feels so much that i’ve stuck with it even after going off the medication.

I was pretty skeptical at first, as most people reviewed the quality, the free gifts, the fancy packaging, etc, but not the results. After opening the bottle and squeezing some rosehip oil in my palm, i was still pretty skeptical. Very orange, very dry, not the luxury store brands i have been buying. I wish i could go back and take a day one pic and a today pic. The fine lines around my eyes and mouth, gone. The little bit of loose skin starting to creep up on me as i near 40, gone. The little acne scars near my hair line remaining from too much aquanet in the late 80s, goneso then i decide to use it on my stretch marks. After just a full week of daily use, they are barely visible. Even the big ugly purple lightning bolt stretch mark, almost completely disappearedvery impressed with the results.

I’m grateful for tamanu oil, it helps relieve the issues i’m having with my scalp; i seem to have inherited psoriasis. The eye dropper included with this bottle is the ideal applicator. This is a great valuethe seller kindly included two small bottles of essential oil blends that i was not expecting, so that was very nice. Good packaging, so it’s not likely to arrive broken. I’ll be buying from this seller again.

This argan oil is the only, only oil that doesn’t make my face super greasy or oily. Tried just about every other oil on my face and i was constantly removing excess oil all throughout the day. But now i found my #1 oil that is my go to moisturizer without excess oil production. Argan oil goes on really smooth and doesn’t require a lot of product. A few squirts onto my face in the morning time will keep my face moisturized for the entire work day including working outside in louisiana heat. Also gives my hair a vibrant shine that others have complimented me and asked what i use. My only complaint is the dropper. Often times it leaks and hard to control it so i’ve lost some oil from it.

I have used pure rosehip oil on my skin for many years and i have tried different brands. They make my skin soft the next morning and helps retain moisture (i have dry sensitive skin). Rosehip oil is famous for being rich in antioxidants, but i can’t tell if one brand is better than the other in this regard. The picture on amazon might be misleading because the actual rosehip oil is yellow. I started to almost exclusively use artnaturals because of the price. It is a lot cheaper than a lot of the other brands i have used, and the quality is not compromised. When you purchase a 4oz bottle from artnaturals, it always comes with two small sample bottles of oil mixtures for aromatherapy (zen and chi, one is for relaxing and one is for being energetic i think, and they both smell really good). Also, buying from amazon is cheaper than purchasing directly from artnaturals website.

Mine had come with two additional items that i wasn’t expecting but that was a nice bonus.

I’ve been using this as a body moisturizer and conditioner and it’s a great product for these purposes. I initially used it all over my hair but it did leave my roots a bit greasy so been concentrating it on the ends only, which has been a great moisture addition to my regular conditioner. As a body moisturizer this oil is great, absorbs pretty quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft – it does stay a little oily for an hour or so after applying, i noticed this on my black computer desk pad and mouse so i try to use it when i have some time to let it absorb. I do not use it on my face for that reason. It’s also unscented so no coconut smell or other smell at all.

This oil is so excellent for my skin. From using certain hair vitamins i developed avitar like spots in my face. I always had a beautiful smooth baby’s butt complexion but lately could not get rid of the facial spots i obtained from using hair vitamins. A nurse said they were liver spots. So i guess it’s ok to assume the hair vitamins did some liver damage. But anyways, i purchased this oil, was gonna mix it with my hair oils but was led to use it along on my face. So i followed my inner feelings and whalla. It’s lightening the spots in my face and really it appears that my skin is becoming smoother and looking younger. So this product has become a stable in my beauty regimen. Also i have placed about 2-3 dropper full in my bath water with my lavender bath salts.

I’ve been using this product for almost a month now. The oil has a nice glowing hue to it which i wasn’t expecting but i also had no previous experience with rosehip seed oil. There is no smell to the oil and for me no adverse reaction. I have normal to oily skin most days but that changes slightly with the winter months. I have stopped using lotions and face washes as part of my morning routine. This product has seemed to help with my sporadic acne i get from time to time. For the price you pay this oil will go a long way. I have started using this on my chest and shoulders as well with the same outcome. I should add that this doesn’t leave any residue or pores feeling clogged which has been a miracle for me. Each person is different but i would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a safer alternative to expensive lotions and acne medicine.

We purchased this item 6 months ago. My husband uses it on his crows feet and forehead wrinkles almost daily. The wrinkles are visibly disappearing. I am now also using it after seeing his results.

It is also really hydrating for my skin and my acne and dry facial skin has significantly reduced. This has been a prayer answered. I even put a few drops (along with lavender oil for the nerves) in my hot baths and i no longer need to immediately need to apply lotion when i get out. I also use this and frankincense oil, and shea butter for my post pregnancy stretch marks. They have faded really nicely. I doubt they will leave 100% but i have faith they will diminish to almost nonexistent after a good while.

Thank god i didn’t listen to reviews stating otherwise. They even sent me 2 essential oils with my 2 favorite scents.

I cannot express how happy this product has made me. I have tried everything to help my acne and hyperpigmation. Nothing has worked like this.

This product has been a game-changer for my teenage daughter’s eczema. Even with the mild winters here in the southeast, the slightest bit of cold weather exacerbates her eczema and makes it much worse. Her hands and wrists get so dry in winter that the skin cracks and gets infected. We have tried every hand cream on the market, and many contain good moisturizers but also alcohol which burns unbearably. I read the reviews and it sounded too good to be true, but i figured it was worth a try. First, it has a sweet smell that reminds me of maple syrup, so prepare to smell like saturday morning pancakes when you wear it. )second, when used regularly it not only moisturizes, but also heals skin. My daughter uses it every night and her hands remained smooth and un-cracked all winter. Mind you, this result is not even from continuous use during the day, only nightly use. I have sensitive skin myself, and use it whenever i have an eczema outbreak and it clears up in a couple days. It can also be mixed in with your favorite body cream and smoothed all over the body for superb moisturizing power. I have not used it on my face or hair, but if you have dry skin and/or eczema, this is a must-try.

Rosehip oil, we’ve all heard the amazing things people have to say about this oil. I’ve done research for several months now, and i finally decided to buy this oil. I’ve only used it for a few days so right away i’m not seeing a difference, but i didn’t expect to. I know it will take at least a month to see something. I bought this because i have milia and i’m hoping it will do something and make it disappear. That would be awesomei went back and forth on this and a few other brands and i finally decided on art naturals. I have to say that i am very impressed with the packaging. It came very nicely packed with two other eos (zen and chi) as well as a dropper. The oil itself is a pinkish orange which worries me a bit because i’m ready that is should be orange-yellow. I am a skeptic so i feel that maybe a color was added to make it pinkish.

This fractionated coconut oil is very light weight feeling. If you like that then this is your oil. I tend to like a more heavy coconut oil that is more oily because i use it for shaving. The nice thing with a light weight coconut oil is that you can use it to moisturize your body parts. It dries quickly leaving your body feeling smooth and not oily. So i would say it depends on what your looking to do and how your going to use the fractionated coconut oil because i have found different brands are better for different uses. This brand does seem very pure and it does not have any odor.

This doesn’t seem to do much for me. I used it every night for a week with worse results as the days went on. The first night, i woke up even drier than when i went to sleep so i figured i should moisturize before using this oil. So i did that on day two and awoke with less flakes but nothing spectacular. I went on again for three days after, and still no discernible change. On the next two days, i moisturized like normal and added a few drops of this oil to my fingers and dabbed/pressed it into my skin a little and that seemed to have the best effects lol. I looked a bit plumper, but again, nothing too crazy which was disappointing. 🙁 i went back to my shea butter and this experience made me appreciate it even more lol. I’ll try again in a month or two when the weather is warmer, but my hopes are low. I loved the essential oils included, though, and can’t wait to try them out in my diffuser.

The oil should have a mild scent of autumn leaves, or a cup of tea, but this oil is entirely unscented, meaning it’s either been refined or else it’s not rosehip oil. It works well enough to moisturize the skin, but it neither sinks in and is undetectable like rosehip seed oil, nor does it smell like it. It’s also very strongly-colored: apply it to one side of your face and you’ll see that that side is a lot more yellow than the other side. Since it does, in fact, moisturize well enough, as most oils do, it’s not a bad purchase, but it’s also not the item the description claims it is.

I have rosacea and i’m 37 yrs old. It’s been getting worse as i get older and this past year i’ve really seen my skin changing for the worse. I’ve been using this now for a month and i’ve seen a huge improvement.My bf even noticed and he never notices anything. My skin is less red and not thickened anymore. I apply this to my face everynight before bed. The first photo is of after 6wks.

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ArtNaturals 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil - (4 Fl Oz / 120ml) - 3 Piece Gift Set - Cold Pressed & Unrefined - Natural Moisturizer for Dry Skin, Fine Lines and Scars – for Face, Nails, Hair and Skin
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