ArtNaturals Anti-Aging-Set : Skin protector, and prevents wrinkles

I noticed a dramatic difference in the texture of my face when i began to use this product. My face became smoothier brighter and always looked moisturized. I had a good experence combining this serum along with my daily coconut oil cleanse. This product on daily use prevented breakouts and gradually were fading my dark spots.

Third time purchasing and using this vitamin c oil. I needed a refill and was also running low on my ho-hum (expensive) retinol serum. Found this 2 pack and gave it a whirl. Have only been using this retinol serum for 6 days and already notice improved skin results.I am nearing 40 and have found my skin has been super cranky the past few years. Increased redness, blotchiness, fine lines, larger pores. . I am a dermatologist’s dream. The vitamin c serum has been my go-to day and night product since i originally bought it and it truly tightened and brightened my skin. Pairing it with this retinol, my skin has softend and calmed down from the uneven color and mini pimples. I also believe it is minimizing the appearance of small pores and fine lines.

Use all three notice a difference cleansing at night. About two weeks noticed smoother skin, healthy looking, pores smaller, tone even, also along with this i use the skin peel every two weeks, great on my skin, look younger. I will continue as long as i see more results.

I have always had dark acne scars and i’ve always had pretty awful acne. Ive never been so pleased to take care of my skin. I look forward to doing my face up every day this is essential to life. I know black dont crack but sometimes you need a lil help and this is it. Here’s some photos of my skin now during and before.

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ArtNaturals Anti-Aging-Set with Vitamin-C Retinol and Hyaluronic-Acid – (3 x 1 oz) Serum for Anti Wrinkle and Dark Circle Remover – All Natural and Moisturizing

  • Set includes 1-oz. sizes of Art Naturals’ Vitamin C Serum, Retinol Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum.
  • Vitamin C Serum absorbs fast and fights fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.
  • Retinol Serum’s antioxidant, collagen-booting power is night-time’s fighter against bags, spots and crow’s feet.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum hydrates and plumps skin; renewing glow and brightness.
  • All ingredients meet Art Naturals’ 100 percent natural standards. Paraben free and cruelty free!

I bought this vitamin c serum mainly based on price because i had a diminished skincare budget at the time and it was totally functional. I like that the bottle is brown glass (which keeps the product stabilized and protected from sunlight) and the serum was a nice texture and didn’t have any heavy scents or cause any irritation to my very sensitive skin. I see some other reviews with complaints i didn’t have at all – my product was perfectly fine, although with natural skincare sometimes batches can vary. Personally, i would definitely recommend this to someone with a small skincare budget based on my own experiences, but if the other reviews scare you i would recommend this, which i used for over a year and know to be a great product: avalon organics intense defense with vitamin c facial serum, 1 ounce. As for me, i am currently using mad hippie vit c serum,anti-oxidnt, 1. 02 fz which is fabulous but a little more up there in price.

I really enjoy these products. May seem a bit pricey but it is worth it. Side-note, i’ve had a customer service rep from the company call me ~3 times since last week friday asking that i leave a review. I said i would, but get this, i was driving at the time and the rep said, “would you mind pulling over to the side of the road so you can leave a review?”uuhhhhhhhh. (?)yeah–so just for that, 4 out of 5 stars. (would have been a 5, maybe). I don’t buy products so customer service reps can call me on my phone.

I use the retinol morning and night around my eyes and any wrinkles on my face. After that dries (it only takes a little) i follow with vitamin c in the morning and follow with the hyaluronic acid serum at night. I then follow with coconut oil morning and night. I receive lots of compliments on my complexion since i’ve started using this combination of serums.

I bought this to let my mother have the retinol and i would get the vitamin c so i cannot really say for sure how well the retinol works (yet). I have been using the vitamin c for around 5 weeks now and it has been a godsend for my skin. (i have been pairing it with mizon all in one snail repair cream). I cannot rave enough about how much better my skin looks. I have hives and dry/combination skin so my skin is pretty prone to redness. I have acne scars from that wonderful thing called hormonal acne all along my chin. This serum has helped to even out my skin tone. My face is considerably less red and my scars have faded a bit. My pores are smaller and my skin just looks 10x healthier in general. I would highly recommend this product to to anyone looking to get a more even skin tone or just have better looking skin in general.

First of all my skin appears better, more healthy with this. Second, i am allergic to so many things, but my face loves this serum, i started slowly with it because the first time i tried it 2 nights in a row my face was very red, then i re-read the directions and tried it in a step-up method, once every 3 nights for 2 weeks, once very 2 nights for 2 weeks, once every night for 2 weeks – and my skin accepted it and loves it. For a person who has allergies and has never been able to use a retinol serum, this is perfect for me.I can’t tell you how many serums i’ve tried from this inexpensive price range to very expensive price and my face has rejected them all – so viola. I now have a serum for my face.

I literally put away all my expensive skincare products and i now only use this trio. It is wonderfully easy to apply with the dropper bottles, absorbs quickly and feels clean. I can also use it paired with my derma rolling. Results so far are brighter, firmer and smoother skin. Fine lines at the corners of my eyes are disappearing and i’m noticing a brightening in areas that were becoming darker/uneven in tone. I can also use it around my eyes with no irritation which is quite significant. Lastly, i am able to go makeup free with confidence. I’ve stopped wearing foundation completely and use a sunscreen primer instead.

I’ve been using this for several weeks now and the results are mixed. The hyaluronic acid dries my face out and amplifies my fine lines. I know it’s not supposed to – it’s a moisture absorber. But, when i checked to see if there is science to back up what it feels like, i discovered that there is: just like glycerin which draws moisture in from the surrounding areas, if there isn’t a lot (like over 70%) of humidity, it will draw the moisture from deeper layers of skin. When you seal it in under an oil, it can’t have access to external moisture so it has no option other than to draw moisture from deeper levels to the surface. While this may cause temporary ‘plumpness’ it can dry skin out over time. In my skin, which is incredibly dry and sensitive, it makes my skin look worse. I can post links to the info i found and why hyaluronic acid is a bust for topical application (according to actual studies) if you’re interested. The vitamin c serum seemed to firm my skin a little, but it also contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin so i’m out. The retinol serum may be the best bang for the buck, but i’ve been so impressed with the glycolic acid i started using a month ago, i can’t tell if the retinol is actually doing anything.

Works great for multiple break outs if used routinely. Definitely isn’t a cure alone for acne because i do get pimples here and there but it helps them heal a lot faster. My first impression was they are both a little cloudy in appearance, the vitamin c one especially which is also really runny. They both have a funky smell but the vitamin c one, again, has a veryyy bad smell but it’s something you get used to. It’s not something i would cry about and want to ship it back for because it still works. My skin looks more alive and my breakouts are tame for the most part.

I have been using these so long now the labels have changed (but the product stayed the same). I think it has been close to a year now. If you read my reviews you will see i have reviewed many many of these products especially the vitamin c. With the exception of one review i did ,you will always see i say, i prefer serums. I don’t like the added stuff to make creams and believe the purer the better. I also believe the serums absorb more quickly. The honest truth is that yes i have tried better ones with the vitamin c and retinol and hyaluronic serum. But not much better and i have certainly tried many that were not as good. Also they cost more and were smaller size bottles. Considering the retinol is 2.

Since i started using this product 3 months ago, there has been a noticeable difference in my skin. It is smoother, my pores are less visible, and i’ve had less blackheads and breakouts. With acne prone skin, i have never been given the complement that my skin is nice; in the past month, i’ve been told by complete strangers that i have nice skin. If a this product can finally give me the skin i’ve always wanted, then it is a 5-star product.I absolutely love this serum.

These serums have markedly improved the look of my middle-aged skin. I thought it was hype, but i tried it anyway because the price was better than most similar products. I have been using these for a week, and there is a marked difference the tone of my skin, and little blemishes have all but disappeared. It has even shrunk a little cyst that i can’t stop squeezing and making mad–one on the apple of my cheek that i was told i’d have to have cut out and stitched if i wanted it gone. No one is sending me products to elicit reviews.

The best products ever, three months ago everyone guessed my age at 49 i am 54, after using these products for 90 day’s the guess is now 39love it. Awesome products will be purchasing the rest of my life.

I am 65 and my aesthetician just told me whatever i am doing keep doing it. I took my trio across 5 states this summer without skipping a beat in my daily skin regimen. These products have helped me feel confident even though i am not getting younger .I highly recommend this trio of products.

I have used lotions (or potions) with retinol in them before. This is the first time i bought the serum. Yes, my age spots are less visible. The lines around my eyes are disappearing. My neck looks less like crepe paper. I have been using it daily for 10 days and actually am amazed with the changes. First time in a long time a product surpassed expectations.

This has made such a huge difference to my facial skin care – plumped up, brightened, and toned my skin so well. I bought this in a whole set with the vitamin c spray as well as the vit c serum. I use the vit c serum twice a week after cleansing for darkened spots/patches on my skin, while i use the retinol morning and almost nightly under my moisturizer. Skin looks more rosy, youthful and glowy. No irritations or redness with this. As for the vit c spray, i’ll say its the least used fir me cos i feel like i already have all the vit c i need with the serum, so i only use the spray once in a while as a toner. Next time, i’ll be purchasing kust the retinol and vit c serums. Over all, a great purchase for me.

I noticed a total freshening up to my skin within a couple of days. Not to go overboard but i think i look drastically younger. I am working on a neck problem after weight loss and it is also helping more than anything else. Id say my neck is over 50 percent improved in just a few days also. I’ve had this product for a while but use it in spurts. When i notice the circles coming back or just that ‘tired’ look i start using it a few times a day again and in just a few days i look refreshed and the lines smooth out. It gives your skin a glow also. I know this sounds like bs but i don’t work for these people and im 57 so im not some 25 year old with no real aging concerns. This is seriously good stuff. Im buying a new bottle today and i’ll be sure to always have plenty.

I purchased in 2015 and now using it faithfully once every day for about a month i am shocked to see sun spots disappearing drastically. I am 57 and have been a person that layed out in the sun since childhood. My husband said i should have taken a before photo because it is a dramatic change. Are the wrinkles disappearing??. When i do my legs i will take a before photo. I was so disappointed when i saw all those sun spots. Wearing a bracelet or ring is not the same with all those spots i never had.

5% of retinol,20% of vitamin c, 10% hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, niacinamide, coq10, and vitamin ai know retinol and vitamin c and hyaluronic acid and vitamin a , but i’m wasn’t all that familiar with the last ones:astanxanthin-astaxanthin is a red natural pigment found in shrimp, krill, salmon, some algae and other sources. It belongs to a class of chemicals called carotenoids. Carotenoids are chemical cousins of carotenes, related natural pigments that give color to such plants as carrots and tomatoes. Both carotens and carotenoids tend to be antioxidants and uv protectors. However, carotenoids (or carotenes for that matter) are not created equal – some appears to be better than others in regard to potential benefits to overall health and the skin in particular. Among carotenoids, astaxanthin appear to be among the more promising ones. Niacinamide- when vitamin b3, or niacin, combines with amino acids of another molecule, the chemical reaction produces niacinamide, also known as nicotinamide or nicomide. A team of japanese dermatologists studied niacinamide’s effectiveness on 30 women who had wrinkles in the eye area.

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