ATB 3 pcs Professional Salon Hair Coloring Dyeing Kit – Dye Brush & Comb/Mixing Bowl/Tint Tool – See the picture

These are nice to have if you are a do it yourself kind of person. The combs are good for lifting the hair and then for combing the color or whatever through the hair making sure that you get the color distributed evenly. The bowl is big enough to hold a lot of product. Rinses out great and ready to use again.

This set of brushes & bowl is nice because it has the 3 brushes. Otherwise, to me it is much like others i’ve had, seems well constructed.

It was hard to see in the photos but the bowl is actually a decent size. It was a concern but the price was good, so it ended well. It did take a while to arrive though.

Came in one piece, packaging was fine. Worked well to distribute the hair dye throughout my hair. Also worked very well for working the dye around my roots with precision. I’ve baugten a few where the strands started sticking out halfway through doing the hair and none of the small strands came out at all either. Ended up cleaning both the bowl and brush and it looks like it will hold up for a couple more uses. I have to say for the extra few dollars you sound vs a really cheapy one this one is worth it.

It’s cheaply made – everything is plastic, but it does get the work done, so for the price i believe this product is worth it. I mainly use the brush for my my roots, and for the rest of my hair i use my hands to keep the dye in.

Made mixing my hair dye and toner a lot easier. Good mixers and applies well. Also easy to wash so i can keep re-using. For the price, i highly recommend.

I bought this mainly for mixing hair dye, but have found other uses for it as well. The 3-piece set arrived encased in plastic. The pieces themselves are made from a hard plastic and seems like they would last a long time. The bristles on the brushes are also firm to apply product, but soft enough that it still feels good. I have also found that i can use the bowl and brush to apply face masks. This is a great product for the price. I rated this item 4 stars because i wish the bowl came with a handle. When you have gloves on and a mix in the bowl, it can sometimes get slippery. Otherwise, this is a very useful product.

Can’t believe how much easier this makes coloring my hair. If you are an ‘at-home’ colorer, you need this product. Be aware, this comes from china so it took a month to arrive which is still quicker than i expected.

I purchased this kit for a clay face mask powder i use, not for hair dye. I like that this comes with the brush.

The price on this tends to fluctuate. I purchased this little kit for $5 but upon writing my review, i see that it is now $3. That being said, $3 or $5, this is a great dealthe mixing bowl is made of a sturdy plastic so it won’t bend despite filling it up with product. I can’t really attest to the actual quality of the brushes, however, as i primarily use this to apply my colour shampoo, colour conditioner, and deep conditioning treatments. So far, the brushes have done well for me. I’m sure if you’re trying to bleach or colour your hair though, it could be a different story.

Came in a few days, i forget to write a review. Everything came in the package just as the description said. I used both brushes and worked out great.

I was unsure if this would be any good at the price but it was amazing. Worked perfectly for dying my daughters hair. The smaller brush was handy to get the last of the dye out of the tub i was using. The picture was deceiving though looked like one brush had a comb on it. That would have been nice but wasn’t so. Instead it was a narrow brush which like i said was handy.

Here are the specifications for the ATB 3 pcs Professional Salon Hair Coloring Dyeing Kit – Dye Brush & Comb/Mixing Bowl/Tint Tool:

  • Hair Dye Set : 1 mixing bowl / 1 brush / 1 comb/brush
  • Bowl: Top Diameter: 5.12 inch / 13cm; Height: 2.36 inch / 6cm
  • Brush Bristle Length: 0.98 inch / 2.5cm
  • Brush/Comb Total Length: 7.87 inch / 20cm
  • With 4 scales standing for 50ml, 80ml, 100ml, 200ml for mixing bowl. Great for salon hairdressing use and home personal use. Perfect and necessary accessories for DIY hair dye.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Little 3-Piece Set
  • Great value! Sturdy bowl and decent brushes (for me)!
  • More than decent product for the price.

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ATB 3 pcs Professional Salon Hair Coloring Dyeing Kit - Dye Brush & Comb/Mixing Bowl/Tint Tool
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