Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer : Leaves your hands feeling good and perfect as it doesn’t contain alcohol

I stick them in my purse, in my car, in the diaper bag, give them to grandparents. They are quick and easy and don’t sting or dry out your hands.

Foams up and doesn’t dry out your skin at all or make your hands feel sticky or leave a residue on them nor does it ball up. This is ok’d by the cdc for healthcare use by staff. So much better than putting the alcohol cased sanitizers on your hands.

Unlike many babyganics products this one actually has a 1 rating by the envitonmental working group (1 is the best & highest rating) -“organic” or “natural” doesn’t mean it’s free of iffy ingredients. The bonus is that baby loves the foam.

This genuinely unscented hand sanitizer has no scent or taste whatsoever. It smells like water, and it feels like you’re rubbing foamy water all over your hands. Not only can you not smell it, but you can’t even taste it. I have been forever looking for a hand sanitizer that can be used prior to eating without it smelling or tasting gross, and i had pretty much come to the conclusion that it didn’t exist. I am beyond excited that i have finally found this elusive hand sanitizer — it has no taste. It’s safe enough for babies and those of us with super-sensitive skin.Not drying or irritating or strange-feeling at all. I’m starting to suspect that maybe it actually is just water, and they are tricking us into believing it is hand sanitizer.

My son uses this all the time. I like that it’s gentle and the fact that it foams is really nice. My husband told me these are refillable and amazon sells the refills. I knew about the refills, we have a larger pump bottle of this in my son’s room and i refill that one, but i didn’t know the travel ones were refillable. That makes them even more awesome. My 2yr old loves to use this. I’m turning him into a hand sanitizing weirdo just like his mama ;).

These are the best out there beside veripure which i can’t find anymore anywhere. My daughter has sever allergies as this doesn’t burn or break out her hands. When her hands are broke out from allergies it does not hurt her. We bought refills and have shared it with friends that also suffer from other products.

I’m admittedly a bit of a germ-a-phobe, but have been worried about the antibiotic gel hand sanitizers because of the alcohol content and the potential to create ‘super bugs’. These are a great alternative and smell nice. The foam confuses my kids because they think it’s soap. They also like to lick it because it smells like citrus fruit. I’m no longer the crazy minivan driver who swerves 3 lanes while screaming at the kids to stop licking their hands.

Was looking for a more affordable and natural hand sanitizer. Found these and ordered them. I have been very happy with using them as well as the fact that you can buy the refill bottle and just refill the smaller ones for use in the car, etc.

  • This stuff it great as far as soap goes – it is by
  • These are a great alternative and smell nice
  • The best! NO TASTE OR SMELL!

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer, Fragrance Free, On-The-Go, 50 ml (1.69-Ounce), Pump Bottle (Pack of 6)

  • Alcohol free
  • Fragrance free
  • Moisturizing formula
  • Non-allergenic · kills 99.9% of germs
  • Pediatrician & dermatologist tested
  • No triclosan, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes

We have a thumb-sucker and i was always so torn about what to do while on the go: let her suck on her germy thumb or let her suck on some stinging/burning chemicals?enter these hand sanitizers. Because they are alcohol-free, they don’t burn (they also don’t dry out the hands in winter months). The foam is great for getting into all the nooks and crannies, and it dries quickly, no scent, no lingering stickiness on the hands. I feel better about the thumb sucking, too. The bottles are tiny, so they are perfect for throwing into a diaper bag, purse, backpack, etc. They are an excellent alternative to hand-cleaning when a sink with soap and water is not an option.

When i got my package one of the bottles was completely emptied and the package was all wet. I was trying to see if i could get a replacement but the company sent an entire box. Please let me know what i should do. I love the product no stickiness and no smell and does not dry your hands out.

Perfect to stash in the purse, diaper bag, and car. One foamy squirt does the trick for two hands and dries fast. I have had one in my car that i have used every day for the last two months and it seems to last forever, because i still use it. I also have kept one next to my diaper changing table in the nursery and have used it a couple times a day for the last 6 weeks. Small bottle but lasts a long time which is nice.

Ordered 18 pcs (3 x 6-packs). One of the case (case number #01433, lot: 058k6) contained an empty-bottle. In addition, the inconsistent volume across bottles doesn’t look like they were machine-filled automatically. I mean, if it is machine-filled then what is the acceptable control limits for a 1. 69oz bottle and whether metrics in grams (which i used) or pounds matters, i don’t know. Weight (in grams) of bottle and liquid inclusive for my purchase:1 x 66g1 x 77g6 x 78g3 x 79g3 x 80g2 x 81gno data for 2 bottles:1 x empty bottle1 x bottle (started using).

These are a a great alternative to alcohol based hand sanitizers. They don’t leave a smell or those pungent alcohol fumes on your hands. They also don’t dry out your hands as much as the alcohol based cleansers. These were an absolute must at the hospital with visitors. The 6 pack is perfect, i keep them around the house and in the car.

It doesn’t dry your hands out since it’s alcohol free. I have very sensitive skin and other sanitizer makes my hands so dry that they crack, but this doesn’t at all. It rubs in quickly and has no sticky feeling. Also, there’s not a strong smell.

I love how many come in a shipment for such a good price. These go in my purse and diaper bag regularly. We use these instead of gel sanitizers and im so glad we made the switch. Perfect for on the go in the summer or anytime. We use this after play group or before eating when we are out and about. Its fast and easy, no water required, doesn’t leave hands feeling sticky or gooey. My daughter loves that its foamy.

I love babyganic products and have these hand sanitizers all over the place. My only complaint is that they are not refillable which i was assuming they would be since they sell the bulb refill solution. I hate to waste of the plastic.

My toddler daughter always touches here and there and i bet she put a lot of germs in her mouth. I’d clean her hands with this whenever possible to try to minimize the germs on her hand.

These are my favorite hand sanitizers. The foam comes out nicely and doesn’t leave a sticky/any feeling on your hands (love that). I had one in my diaper bag and it lasted a whole year (a little goes a long way). If you love to use a lot each time, you may need 2-3 per year (if just using them for occasional diaper changes while you’re out of the house). Fyi in hot weather or at higher altitudes the foam becomes more watery; i was surprised when i was on a plane trip. It goes back to foam though once you land.

No crazy smell to bother to baby or the parents. Since you get three bottles, i have them stashed in different places, and of course one in the diaper bag. I bought the refill bottle and i am set. (the tops screw off and you can refill these little bottles easily.

Great product as it doesn’t have an odor or sting like traditional hand sanitizers. The size is perfect to throw in every bag that you use. It’s actually small enough to put in a small purse or pouch. The product feels gentle on your hands and doesn’t dry out your skin.

Use these all the time on myself. They’re around my house and in multiple diaper bags & purses. The one in my diaper bag is over 4 months. And they definitely don’t dry out like the gel hand-sanitizers. Which is important during the early months as my hands were very chapped due to the constant hand-washing.

Leaves your hands feeling good and perfect as it doesn’t contain alcohol. The cap doesn’t stay on amazingly well in the bottom of my purse, but haven’t had a problem even when i found it had come off.

This sanitizer is the only one i use in my car. I had the bigger size, but bought this for an international trip we took and it came very handy. Easy to pack, easy to carry with you in a purse or a fanny pack. Works great and has no fragrance, so it is great for people with fragrance and chemical sensitivities.

This stuff it great as far as soap goes – it is by far our preferred hand sanitizer for all kid related stuff. Not smelly, super fast drying, and no tackiness. You can wash hands and go straight to baby without needing to wave hands around like a maniac or worrying about poisoning them with alcohol-covered fingers in the mouth. We also use the pumps and refill those and these smaller containers with the refills. No need to buy the pumps again – just get the babyganics refill twin packs. Would give 5 stars, but the condition after shipping is horrible. On our first order of these, they were shipped in a six-pack, wrapped in a cardboard box within a larger amazon shipment. Three out of the six bottles were partially unscrewed, and the contents poured out, soaking the inner box, as well as our other amazon items. So, we had three full bottles, three empty bottles, a ruined unrelated product, and a huge mess. Contacted amazon, and they offered a replacement, which we accepted.

Best hand sanitizer that i’ve tried yet. I love the foaming-action and the mild smell compared to other similar products. I feel good giving it to my toddler too when he asks to wash his hands.

Of all the more natural sanitizing products for children that i’ve tried, i like this one the best. It has a relatively low rating for toxicity (1) on the environmental working group’s (ewg) rating scale. My toddler doesn’t fight me on using this like he does some other products. It is moisturizing and doesn’t irritate his hands, and has a mild, pleasant scent. He refers to it as his ‘foamies’ amd thinks the foam part is fun, which makes things easier on me when we’re on the go and he’s (inevitably) touched some germ-infested object.

Is there an unsafe ingredient in this stuff?. I don’t know, my research says that the ingredient people gripe about is in lots of items, and the percentage in this product isn’t very high, so it isn’t a major concern of mine. It doesn’t irritate my hands, it dries quickly, it is a foam so no spilling liquid going everywhere, it is fragrance-free so when you use it in a car the passengers and driver don’t want to throw you out and don’t rush to open a window. My partner is asthmatic and has complained about every hand sanitizer i have ever used, but with this one, i can use it and she doesn’t even know. Easy to carry in a pocket or purse. With the liquid type, often you squeeze and a lot comes out, this stuff, with one or two pumps, you get the right amount with no mess. The little bottle lasts a long time.

I have eczema on my hands so having something that effectively cleans and doesn’t burn is great.

This bottle is sturdy and convenient to carry around in your pocket or purse. Foaming liquid spreads easily over your fingers and hands. Ideal size to keep in car or office desk drawer.

I keep one of these in each bathroom and in my kitchen and one in my car (for when i go to a restaurant). No alcohol and no fragrance, perfect for me since being a nurse i have to wash my hands frequently. With this foaming hand sanitizer my hands don’t get the alcohol that dry them even more. I’ve used this item for nearly 8 years and will continue using it.

And benzalkonium chloride is one of only two chemicals that kill noroviruses readily available. And we can’t be applying bleach topically all the time. I would no voodoo incantations and eat raw chickens if it was proven to prevent it. Alcohol does almost jack diddly. People want magic sunbeams and smiles to kill viruses. My school aged children use this and we have not had a tummy bug in our house since its institution.

When we started potty training our 2 year old, i wanted something quick and handy for my purse when out and about. I don’t like the idea of regular adult sanitizer as she is always putting her fingers in her mouth. This product is safe for children and does not have any smell or taste with it. The foam is so easy for small children to use and enjoy. Makes the task of hand cleaning fun.

I like this concept refill to save the planet. But it leaks and evapurates so when you go to use it its completely empty even thought they where filled last mounth. So disapointed youll spend more money keeping them filled then if you bought another brand that you couldn’t refill.

We try and keep them on hand in all of our diaper bags, and cars. You can never be too carefull around your baby, and you or anyone else holding them. We like this, because it doesn’t dry our hands out, or babies hands, when you need to use it. This is the best pricing we have found, and the bulk order option, makes sure that we always have extras.

We love this sanitizer and use it everyday. We go to disney world several times a month so these really come in handy. Perfect to keep them in diaper bags, strollers, cars etc to use at every chance. I also like that they are foam which makes it easier to apply then standard liquid sanitizer. Safer for my kids to use as well. Overall we are happy with these.

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