Badger Kids Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 35 -, Favorite, Best-Smelling Sunblock Stick I have ever used

My kids like that it doesn’t smell bad and doesn’t feel gross on their faces and ears.

My son takes it out just to smell it lol. It doesn’t spread great but i expected that having used other badger sunscreens in the past.

This brand is great for my kids. Been in the sun alot and they haven’t gotten a sunburn yet.

They don’t contain any unnecessary additives and are gentle on the skin. Perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin.

Bought this for my toddlers for a recent trip to disney; i try to look for brands that have less junk in them (i have the babyganics stick, but it’s the least recommended by my dermatologist). Product worked well; it’s pretty thick to apply. . You have to push a little hard. It leaves your kid a ghostly shade of white (lesson learned after husband was asked to apply it to their faces), so i only used on their noses, cheeks, and ears. Has a light scent that didn’t bother either picky kid.

I was happy how this stick wasn’t thick like the lotion (which i love) so it made facial application, especially on my toddler, so much easier. No burns for any of us on vacation.

It’s a bit firmer and dryer than i like, but the faint orange smell is delightful, and if rubbed in the white cast isn’t terrible.

Key specs for Badger Kids Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 35 – .65 oz:

  • One of our simplest natural sunscreens; just 9 ingredients! Yummy creamsicle fragrance kids (and moms) love!
  • Convenient, safe and easy to apply; great added protection on ears, nose, and lips. 100% Certified Natural and 98% Certified Organic.
  • Water and sweat resistant (to 80 minutes). Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with non-nano, uncoated mineral zinc oxide.
  • Formulated with non-photosensitizing essential oils of Tangerine & Vanilla in a gentle Sunflower Oil base. BPA and phthalate-free tube from >35% PCR recycled #2 plastic.
  • Cruelty-free, reef safe, biodegradable, and planet-friendly. Top rated sunscreen (with the highest rating of 1) by the Environmental Working Group.

Comments from buyers

“Works great to prevent sunburns!
, 4 stars because it’s so expensive, but quality is 5.
, It was very easy to apply to my son’s face and although it

Badger balm kids face stick – 35 – tangerine and vanilla – 0. 65 ozthis sunscreen stick is a really handy way of applying sunscreen to your kiddos faces. It is very white when going on, but blends in well after a little rubbing. The tangerine and vanilla scent smells fantastic. Keep an eye on little ones that like to rub their faces or eyes when getting a little tired, because my daughter rubbed this into her eyes and said it burned her eyes. I had to wipe her eyes with a wet cloth. The product is made of non-toxic ingredients and has a great ewg rating on the skin deep app, so i feel confident using this on my children as well as ourselves. We have never gotten burned while using badger balm. Just be sure, as with any sunscreen, to reapply it as necessary.

My kids don’t like sunscreen, but they especially don’t like mechanical sunscreens (i. I, however, am wary of all of those chemicals in the other kind. I found this sunscreen in the spring, and we’ve successfully used it all summer. I think it’s not as thick, and the smell is pleasant.

Love the smell and baby hasn’t gotten a burn yet, we are in the sun at least 2 days a week and we use this on his face because it doesn’t run into his eyes, love it.

Best sunblock stick i have ever used. I love the scent, it smells like an orange creamsicle and is the only face stick my kids will allow me to apply. It is thick and you do have to rub it in and it does cast a white sheen, but its zinc sunblock, so that is nothing new and to be expected. I have extremely sensitive skin and contact allergies and this is one of the few sunblocks that i can actually use without a problem.

We have not burned at all so far . I removed a couple stars because it doesn’t come off easy , you look white if you don’t rub it in good, and your kids may be white faced if they won’t sit still for a good run in. Even when it’s rubbed on you are pale. This wore off on my son while playing in the water a couple times – not water resistant.

I use it for my small tattoos daily.

Extremely expensive, but works where no other will. My (very pale northern european) son hates sunscreen (texture and smell). He doesn’t mind the badger squeeze tube, smell-wise, but he still hates it being rubbed in. I bought one of these on the off chance it might work for ‘touch up’ while riding at high-altitude, but we tried it one day as the primary suncreen, and it worked fine. A huge number of complaints seem to center around that its ‘white’ well its zinc-oxide, and its meant to go on fairly thick. Some others that this doesn’t go on smoothly — i found that just a light pressure will apply it to the smooth firm areas just fine (forehead, cheeks, below nose, chin) etc. Leaves a very even white layer. I’d use the tube to rub around the neck and shoulders.

One of my favorite sunscreens. I love how easy it is to put on the kids face and i know it is going on thick and working well.

Smells great and easy to use on my daughter’s face. I do apply it and use my thumbs to rub it in a bit since it is thick but i think it’s great as it gives my daughter great protection.

I’m obsessed with this sunscreen stick. It works so well last summer for us. It was very easy to apply to my son’s face and although it was pretty white in color (the zinc) it rubbed in pretty well. It got an excellent rating on ewg and i felt it did a great job.

Seems like a good product so far but it is a little thick to spread out.

The smell of badger sunscreen is so wonderful. I love these stick because i can leave one in the car or keep one in my bag and easily apply to my kids faces. How could you go wrong with such a lovely smell and good ingredients.

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