Badger – SPF 30 Kids Sunscreen Cream : Peace of mind product with great protection.

All natural and works as expected. Yes, they’re thicker and harder to put on than ‘regular’ sunscreen, and they will leave a slight white film if not thoroughly rubbed in. This means the product is as advertised and you’re not coating yourself or your kids in nasty chemicals. We been using badger for years for full days at the beach with no burns. Bonus, the orange scent is amazing.

This sunscreen smells great and is our choice of sunscreen if we are not swimming. Because of the smell though i did find my two year old trying to eat it, i tasted it as well just to make sure he was gonna be fine and taste like nothing, doesn’t taste toxic like regular sunscreen.

Badger – SPF 30 Kids Sunscreen Cream, Tangerine and Vanilla – 2.9 Fl Oz Tube

  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays with Zinc Oxide, a safe, physical blocker. No oxybenzone, octinoxate or other chemical actives—ever.
  • Water & sweat resistant for 40 minutes.
  • Hypoallergenic – safe for even the most sensitive skin. Naturally scented with certified organic Tangerine and Vanilla.
  • Biodegradable—coral reef safe and planet-friendly. BPA & phthalate-free #2 recyclable plastic tube.
  • Skin-soothing base of Sunflower oil, Beeswax and vitamin E.

I love this sunscreen so much. My kids are very fair skinned so they but easily. This stuff works wonders and smells like heaven. It has even helped my sons eczema on his hand a little bit due to the zinc and how often we use it. I love how it is safe for the oceans/lakes, and it works amazingly too. We will always buy badger sunscreen and other products as well.

This summer we used this badger balm product and their scent-free ‘sport’ formulation. In fact we prefer the scent-free cream as it is more versatile– the scent, though pleasant, can limit its applications. Pros:- ingredients are simple and presumably safe. – did not irritate kids’ skin as some other sun-blocks have. – the unscented version can also double as a rash-cream, as it is a zinc-oxide paste. Cons:- requires more liberal application to be effective. One family member developed a blistering sunburn on tips of ears before we realized this. I expect we will use this product again next summer, mindful of the need to apply more of it, more frequently, to vulnerable areas.

This is the only sunscreen i will use on my kids. We are fair skinned, and they are little boys who like to spend every waking second in the sun during the summer, so sunscreen is a must in our house. I researched many sunscreens, and this one always seems to come up in the research as having the safest ingredients, which is non-negotiable for me. Though the bottle is smaller than other brands, we find that it lasts a long time. We probably only buy 2-3 tubes of this every summer for a 5 person family. My only complaint is that this goes on white, and it takes a good chunk of time for it to soak in enough that my kids don’t look like they’re wearing vampire makeup. They are young and it doesn’t bother them, just a small annoyance for me.

Badger – SPF 30 Kids Sunscreen Cream, Tangerine and Vanilla – 2.9 Fl Oz Tube : This is one of the few sunscreens that i can wear without my skin reacting adversely and getting red after several hours’ wear. That said, the opacity is difficult. I look like a pasty ghost after i put this on, even if i work hard at rubbing it in. If i ever tried to put this on without a mirror at hand, i think i would really look like i was trying to put on some kind of costume face paint. But, i’m giving it 5 stars anyway because i’ve come to the conclusion after trying over 17 different sunscreen brands that this just comes with the territory of being a non-nano mineral sunscreen.

This product gives me piece of mind when using on my 1 year old babe. The ingredients are great and it smells so good. I have not had trouble rubbing it in all the way, even on my squirmy toddler, and it does not leave the same white sheen that other natural sunscreens leave. I have not used this in water so i cannot speak to how well it holds up, but judging by the thickness i think it will hold up well as long as you follow the directions and reapply.

We have been using badger sunscreen for over 6 years, i can’t say enough good things about it. My son has eczema, allergies and fair skin with white/blonde hair which is what originally had me looking for a better sunscreen when he was a baby. We have now moved into badgers kids and sports products these work just as well as the baby one. A few tips for using it that i wish someone told me: its thick, white and kinda hard to put on. Put a quarter size squirt in the palm of your hand cup your hands and blow some hot air on it, mix it around with one or two fingers, the more you play with it the easier it spreads. I have left it in my hot car and that made it really go on easy. I don’t rub it in till the white goes away, i put a nice white coat all over my son and within 20 min his skin absorbs it and i found that base coat makes the biggest difference. I now use alba botanica hawaiian spray as a second covering after a few hours from the first coat. The spray drys faster so when your already at the beach/boat/pool its just more convenient to use as a follow up to the badger. When using the spray rub it in with your hand to make sure everywhere is really covered.

Yes it’s one of the safer least toxic sunscreens according to ewg but i just dont like the consistency. It takes alot of elbow grease to rub it in and then you are still left with a very noticable white cast. Also, it it greasy and the smell to me is like a mix of synthetic and bug spray. The one positivie i can think of is that i feel the greasiness lends to it being more durable and water resistant while i’m in the pool. I will say it’s not the worst of the ‘safe’ sunscreens i’ve tried. To date, trukid takes that honor, ever seen the movie ‘powder’?.

I recently purchased this sunscreen and use it every time i take the kids outside. I purchased this for my 5 year old and twins (less than a year). Pros:this sunscreen smells absolutely amazing.I was a tad bit worried about the scent and attracting pest but so far it has not attracted any pest, including bees. A tiny pea size amount will allow me to cover my babies expose skin. Cons:a little on the thick side. Expensive in mine opinion for the size of the tube.

Some people complain that it doesn’t rub in well but that is what its like when you use real products with real ingredients. All this sunscreen contains is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is a uv protectant so that is all you need. This stuff stays on well in the water and protects your skin big time. I usually burn but with this on i never burn. You make look like you are wearing sunscreen so if you aren’t going to the pool or beach and want to protect your skin i might recommend something more concealable.

Easy to rub in on skin and has a nice odor too. But my husband and i were concerned if our daughter would still burn with this on as some reviewers have mentioned. We have used it multiple times throughout the summer months with no problems and i have at times taken my daughter out around the times when the sun is close to its highest position. We don’t stay out too long though– mostly for 30 min max. Overall, it seems to work for us and we are pleased to find something with natural ingredients and none of the famous nasties (parabens, phathalates, etc).

If you are going to put anything on your toddler or child this is the stuff to put on to block out the sun. I have used this brand on my child for 4 years and when everyone else is suffering around her with a sunburn she is running around like a typical 4 year old enjoying it verses suffering with a sunburn. I would recommend this product to anyone nervous about what damage the sun can do to your child or yourself.

Great smell and i like the ingredient list. Leaves your skin somewhat white. My kids are a bit nuts and they like that. They think it is funny like a face paint which is fine with me. I’m not so keen about that myself but then again sometimes i don’t really care either. It is a bit heavy for me also but again my kids don’t mind. The smell is awesome though and maybe if we worked a bit harder at rubbing it in it would clear up but since they aren’t bothered by it and have no complaints i don’t bother. The container lasts a really long time.

Only down side is that it doesn’t come in a higher spf. “they” say anything over 30 isn’t really protecting that high – i can see that. The 4 star rating is only because it needs to be reapplied a little more often than as indicated on the bottle.

I get awful reactions using chemical sunscreens so decided to look for a physical one. I have been using this for the last three years and couldn’t be happier. You do have to rub it in more since it is zinc based and goes on thick and white. However, it is not too hard. I find it stays on longer too on long bike rides when i am sweating and it also keeps my skin from getting sun burned or tanned. I lay it on thick in the morning before he leaves for camp for the day. I know despite my urging, he won’t reapply during the day, so i lay it on pretty thick.

For the most part, this stuff was great. I’m pale, my son is a redhead, and my whole family made it through the summer without any sunburns. 4 stars for great performance and not containing carcinogens. I also had several people comment on how good it smells. The only draw back is that this little bottle, costing approximately double what most other brands charge, goes really quickly. It doesn’t spread as easily as some of the oily ones (this seems to be a common issue with mineral-based sunscreens in my experience), and my family of four nearly emptied a brand-new bottle in a few hours at the pool because we had to use so much to get coverage. But really, that’s my only complaint.

Badger is the best working sunscreen we have. We don’t use it for everything, because it is hard to spread, but if we are going for a run on a sunny day, this is the one we reach for. It says that it is only waterproof for 40 minutes, but after an hour and a half of sweating in the sun, you still have to make an effort to get it off when you shower. This particular scent is fabulous – i wish i could find a body spray or cologne that smelled like this.

 this sunscreen is a wonderful alternative to chemical-laden sunscreens. Other sunscreens cause a chemical reaction which absorbs the sun rays and converts them into heat, which is then released. This does not exactly sound healthy, and it does come with side effects, one of them being free-radicals being released in the body. Free radicals result in disease, so this is not exactly what i want to be putting into my kids or myself. This zinc oxide sunscreen works by physically blocking the sun rays and reflecting them, and works in a more inclusive way by blocking both the uva and uvb radiation. In fact, the parts of our skin where we have applied this look like we haven’t been in the sun. So it seems this blocks virtually all of the sun rays. That probably depends on how much you put on though. This sunscreen is pretty greasy and leaves a white film, so if your kids are just splashing around in the backyard pool, by all means, cake it on.

Faint, very pleasant scent that does not irritate my sensitive, rosacea face. It goes on well without having to rub so hard and comes off just as easily. I stayed out in the hot, midday florida sun on a high sun index day and my face stayed completely protected. Yes, it does go on very white. I like this though because i can see where i am putting it and i don’t have to worry about missing a spot. It does stay on with a faint white tint but not nearly as bad as others i have tried. Finally, a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate, sting or set off my rosacea. I’m in love 💕 and well protected 👍😃.

I buy badger sunscreen for the simple, organic ingredients and physical sunscreens (zinc dioxide). This one is thick and easily spreads on skin. However, like all non-nano sunscreens with zinc or titanium, it can give the skin a white cast. For my face, i layer a tinted moisturizer with spf over the sunscreen for added sun protection and to reduce the white cast. Some users will not like the whiteness or greasiness, but for me it is worth it for the sun protection and clean ingredients. Remember staying in the shade/wearing protective clothing is better than any sunscreen.

I hate the thought of putting chemicals on my little kids, so when summer comes around i go to the ewg website to check on the ratings of suntan lotions for kids. Badger has always been a good option and i decided to try this one out. This suntan lotion is tangerine – vanilla. The smell is pleasant, not overpowering. That’s important to me because not all the kids like the scent but the slight sent is just right. This does take time to rub in. It can be done, but if you don’t take the time to rub, your child will look pale. To me, that’s worth the effort to know that i am putting something safe on their skin. If this review was helpful to you, please press the like button.

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