Body Wonders ” 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil – 4 fl oz – Premium Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil – Pure peppermint oil?

This essential oil is one of my first really natural smelling product.

I mix with coconut shampoo and body wash. I love the smell and the tingle you get with the mint.

Works great as an essential oil from a diffuser and also works wonders when you use two drops in a glass with whatever you’re drinking to get rid of excess gas in your body. Now since there’s no ratings on any essential oils, i will say it becomes very confusing trying to buy some and make sure you are getting the full strength product you are paying your hard earned money to purchased. All essential oils are classified as therapeutic strength but really, what does this mean?. At any rate this one is stronger in smell, taste and feel when rubbed on your skin than the one i was using before so i figure i got lucky with this brand.

  • Plus the house has taken on a nice fresh aroma
  • Peppermint is my Go To Oil!
  • Love it!! Lots of uses

This is a nice oil, especially for diffusing and laundry.

First peppermint oil i’ve been disappointed in. Also, the glass dropper was broken completely in half–still wrapped and inner box it and the oil came in still intact. Means they must have stuck it in the box like that.

Features of “Body Wonders 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil – 4 fl oz – Premium Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil for Aromatherapy – Natural Solution for Repelling Mice, Spiders & Pest “

  • BEST ALTERNATIVE TO TOXIC PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS While humans love the menthol smell of peppermint oil, mice and other pests don’t! The potent fragrance of Beauty Aura peppermint oil makes our product the perfect choice of peppermint oil for spiders or peppermint oil for mice. It’s the nontoxic solution for your pest control needs
  • VERSATILE SOLUTION Whether you’re looking for peppermint extracts for natural hair and skin care or aromatherapy essential oils, peppermint oil from Body Wonders is the one to choose
  • MAXIMUM POTENCY Our therapeutic grade formula is steam distilled to preserve the active compounds, making it an excellent peppermint oil for hair and skin care
  • 100% PURE & UNDILUTED Our pure peppermint oil lives up to its name with no dilutants, synthetic additives, preservatives or artificial colors or fragrances added; it’s the best way to experience 100% pure peppermint essential oil
  • QUALITY ASSURED All Body Wonders essential oils are packaged in USA to ensure purity. Body Wonders Peppermint essential oil is made from the finest Mentha x piperita to ensure quality in every bottle

I tried it because it was priced cheaper than the other essential oils i’d been using what a difference. The fragrance filtered into the entire room instantly, i use less than the other oils and it smells fresher and stronger. I’m hoping they will produce more fragrances of this quality and price. If they do, you’ve got a customer for life.

If you have small sugar ants then buy this to get rid of them. I usually find it works best to place it in the outlets where the ants come from and it keeps them away for days. As soon as i see some ants again i reapply. Overall works well as a natural ant deterrent.

Very nice scented oil with many healing effects. Nice to have option of larger size, so affordable. I would recommend to others.

I’ve been adding it to a spray bottle of water and misting the baseboards to keep the bugs out. I also add a dropperful or two to my floor steamer and the whole house smells great.

Just be cautious when using them to make bath bombs. It doesn’t take much at all.

Was surprised that bottle was so big. Got it to help with migraines.

I bought this product to soak cotton balls in as i heard it keeps mice away. Seemed like we had one who got into our bread. I soaked about 10 cotton balls, placed them around the kitchen and haven’t had any problems. The one thing you have to remember is they dry up, so every week or so, you must add a few more drops. It also makes the house smell really nice.

Peppermint oil was very strong and sweet smelling and works great in my diffuser. Great value for 4 oz bottle at this price plus includes dropper.

Very potent, just as i had hoped.

Made bug repellent for the dog but haven’t used it yet. Only used 4 or 5 drops in a 16 oz spray bottle.

I bought this to help with headaches. No pharmaceuticals were working without taking the maximum dose daily which is terrible for your body and didn’t always work anyway. This actually works and isn’t harmful to me. Will try diffusing for my allergies next.

The house my daughter moved into had been sitting for awhile. So spiders were taking over the place. It was exterminated several times and it helped but now and then out of no where a spider, rather large would appear. With a new baby on the way, we needed to take a safer precaution. I followed directions and mixed the drops with water in spray bottle. Also added drops to cotten balls in mason jar to soak. We sprayed all window sills and around doors. Added cotten balls to attic, air vents and garage. So far we haven’t seen any spiders lately.

Keeps mice and spiders away.

Used to get rid of ants in my house. Placed on paper towels and dispersed around problem areas the ants hate the smell.

I bought this to make a any repellant solution for my dining room and after just a few sprays, they’re gonerecipe:15 drops peppermint oil6 drops clove oil1/2 cup watershake and spray around all entry points and affected areas. Also repels spiders and rodents.

My supply got low, i had to reorder peppermint oil because it is so beneficial to me. I use it in my hair treatment to stimulate hair growth, i use a drop in my coffee, i also use this to deter spiders from getting into my closet where my clothes are. I also use a spray bottle with this to use as a deodorizer, mix it with a little water.

I bought the peppermint oil to repel mice, but it’s serving double duty by making my cabinets and drawers smell nice. I don’t honestly know if it’s repelling the mice because they seem to have stopped coming into the house, at least temporarily.

I bought this because i read if you mix water with peppermint oil, put in spray bottle and spray around doors, windows, vents it keeps spiders, and other insects and mice out of your home. Those box elder bugs did not come into my home nor did those ladybugs. I have not seen any mice so far. Plus it makes the house smell good.

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