Braun 70s Series 7 Pulsonic – 9000 Series Shaver Cassette – Replacement Pack : Great fit and shave

Works fine, right part for the shaver i needed. Last year paid only $30 for the same part.

Perfect fit for my son’s shaver. He has had his braun shaver for about 7 years. Changing the cartridge very 1 1/2 years or so has kept it running and cutting smoothly. The price of these cartilages has increased considerably over the years but it’s so much cheaper than buying a new shaver.

Braun is not what it use to be- first i bought a series 5, made in china terrible shave terrible product- i then bought series 7 made in germany, not even close to a good shave like the series 5. I am still looking for a good electric shaver.

This is my second replacement head and it is great. The first one i bought was really bad. It was worse than my so called worn out one. They must have had a problem and it seems to be fixed.

I bought this item as a spare for my upcoming vacation and since it is an oem part it should work as well as the original with which i am extremely satisfied. Braun shaver is superior to the shaver that i used for years before switching to braun.

These are excellent and make the shaver work as well as when it was brand new. They are a little expensive but quaity is worth the investment.

BRAUN 70s Series 7 Pulsonic – 9000 Series Shaver Cassette – Replacement Pack

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  • Replacement Cassette Foil And Cutter For Braun Pulsonic & Series 7 shavers
  • 7 790cc 7-760cc 7-720 799cc-6 Series 7 For:Braun Pulsonic 9565, 9595
  • Replacing your blade gives a 40% better shave
  • For optimum performance; clean regularly. Brings back 100% performance

Good as new replacement cutterhead.

Decided to give this replacement shaver blade set a try, as have purchased replacement blade sets from the local chain store and had bad luck with poor quality for my older series 3 and was surprised to see some of the same issues for the series 7 when reading reviews. Many reviews saying quality not good from other sellers but i found no problem with my order. It arrived quickly and made my series 7 shave like new. Same quality as original from braun.

I have been a long time user of the braun electric shaver. Tried the norelco and went back to the braun. Better shave than most others. The heads last longer than advertised. Usually i get 8 – 10 months before changing. I charge the shaver once a week. Rinse the shaver and head in alcohol and water for a period of time weekly.

This combination foil and cutter set fit my 9000 series razor perfectly and made it run like new again. Although i still prefer my older 7000 series braun shaver, it shaves closer and the trimmer is way better than on the newer model. I wish amazon would stock parts for the older braun models, but there is probably not a lot of sales volume on those.

The replacement head works very well but i paid $25. 00 for this one and now the least expensive model i can find is $119. Some of these replacements now cost as much as the razor.

This replacement works as well for me as the original cutter and foil that came with the shaver. I had seen complaints about the quality of the replacement parts coming from braun at the time that i purchased this, but i did not have any problems.

Although there are a few negative reviews of this item that complain about the high price and some sort of difference between the replacement head and the head on their original razor, in my case the replacement is identical to my 3 year old original. As for the cost, i paid a little under $50 which i think is reasonable to refurbish a razor that originally cost upwards of $200. By the way, i have recently noticed that you can buy this replacement head for even less at target (~$44). Note that the first time you use it it feels a little dry, but after you run it through the cleaner it will be lubricated and operate smoothly.

Very easy to install on razor. My only complaint is the price. I paid a high price for the razor itself. Braun knows people who are buying this are clearly repeat customers, so cut us some slack on price. That being said, i want to make it clear that the price isn’t amazon’s fault. They were as inexpensive as anyplace.

Works well in the beginning but does not last nearly as long as previous generations of the same basic design.

I have had this shaver for about 5 years now, and it’s performed as new. Every year i replace the shaving head to bring the shaving performance back to new specifications. This is the best shaver you can buy.

But it seems to get dull quickly, and the replacement heads are not cheap. I ordered it with the cleaner attachment, but found it unnecessary. Once a week i remove the head, and rinse it under the hot water stream. Then i rinsed the rest of the head, and blow it off with my hairdryer. I then rub on a little light oil. I’ve been using it for about a year and have had no problems with it. I’d suggest you buy the shaver but forget the cleaner.

BRAUN 70s Series 7 Pulsonic – 9000 Series Shaver Cassette – Replacement Pack : Does not seem to be the same quality as the original blade. Have switch back to my norelco.

My husband loves his braun shaver but he needed a replacement cassette. We were finally able to find a source on amazon. While it took a bit longer to receive it than expected — it did come in the timeframe noted by the supplier — it was exactly what we needed. My husband was very happy with the product.

My braun was several years old and i felt the quality of the shave had gone down hill. The purchase of this new shave head was not only a fraction the cost of a new razor, but returned my shave to 100%.

I use this for ~3 months and need to change it as it does not cut as efficiently anymore. I have to really press hard and go over the same areas several times.So, i hope braun will send me a free one as i am still going to use their product.

The product arrived on time and in perfect condition. The package indicates that it was made in germany not china as indicated by some reviews. I have used it daily and find that it performs exactly as the orriginal. Unfortunately, even braun offers less expensive shavers made in china which do not offer the same quality as the german products. I feel that it is definately worth the extra money for the higher quality orriginal german models.

Anyone familiar with electric shavers knows that they are machined and designed to fit exactly, and if something is not quite right it will not work as it should. This replacement head was perfect.

This is the second time i have purchased this to improve my husbands shaver efficiency. Much cheaper to replace the head than to buy a new razor.

I’d like it a lot better if it wasn’t still forty bucks. The series 7 has been discontinued for years; i would assume all these razor heads would be on clearance by now. But the product itself is great. Saves my face and lasts at least 6 months even using it almost every day.

Works well with my series 7 shaver. At first i didn’t think it was really any different than the original but after a few days it became more evident that it’s just a slight bit less effective. The shaver doesn’t quick slice through my 1-2 day beards as well as the original head. But again it’s still very close to the original which i thought was the best shave i ever got from an electric shaver.

For some unknown reason, this product seemed inferior to the last screen assembly i replaced. It just doesn’t cut my beard as well.

Was sharp for about 3 weeks then started to feel like it was a year old.

Don’t know why, but these heads do not cut as well as the one that comes on the shaver. It is made in germany( so it reads) but cuts like made in china.

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