Braun Electric Shaver – Finally! A Shaver for Those With Thick Hair

Especially for smaller faces or with face deep features (like jawline, under the nose, etc). Very little skin irritation (if any), even right after the shave. After a few tries (to learn how you hair grow), with good quality shaving cream results are practically indistinguishable from those obtained with manual razor. Update: with experience, use of shaving cream becomes unnecessary, just splash some water on the skin. For really really flat growing hair, dry shaving helps to get better results. 1 stars taken away just for one reason – i would like to have a charging stand for this unit.

Ordered december 12, received december 14. Reminds me of another braun that i had 30 years ago, and couldn’t find parts anymore, but it set a standard that apparently, only braun can equal (several others have tried and failed). I have preferred to shave with a blade, but in the past year, blade quality has deteriorated, sending me back to an electric. It was delivered in good condition, due to very good packaging. I charged the battery overnight, then enjoyed a comfortable close shave. . And have done that for 3 weeks.

This is the best electric shaver i have ever had. It shaves very close and it easy to work and use. I like that you can use it plugged in.

My boyfriend has a babyface, so although he can’t grow a full fledged beard, he still gets ‘scruff’ only it looks awful. Patchy and just not cute, which means i always harass him to shave. He’s the definition of a lazy boy and hates getting out his razor and shaving cream and taking the time to do it, so i had been researching electric razors for awhile. Things kept happening (life) and i kept not finding the funds/justification to blow $150 on an electric razor. Even the best ones reviewed that were ‘under $100’ were still basically $100 and it just wasn’t worth it. Then i came across a review on this one, and it’s a $70 razor normally but with amazon prime it’s only $45. Read a ton of reviews, and majority were positive. Even the people with some negative reviews still said for the price it was worth it. I figured if my boyfriend hated it we could return it since amazon is awesome about that. It was my early v-day gift for him and he loves it.It gets such a close shave and appeals to his lazy side because he just has to flip the switch and it takes him all of two seconds to have a baby smooth face again.

I’ve used other brands of foil and rotary electric razors. All of them worked fine for the first month or two. After that, the quality of the shave went downhill. And yes, i did clean them after each shave. The braun razor has given me a close shave over a much longer period. This one has a cleaning base that really simplifies cleanup. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

I’ve owned more than a few braun shavers. I’m curious as to how this will hold up, since it doesn’t have a cutter unit and simply relies on the foil. My experience in the past has been that the foils break easily. I hope that the foil on this shaver is tougher, since the replacement foil (as in all braun shavers) is expensive. They say 18 months for replacement. I’ve never had a braun foil last over a year. The shaver is quiet and it does a good job. The neck area is always a challenge and this shaver tackles it okay, but it takes numerous passes. You can’t shave while it’s plugged in, which is a minus for me. It feels good in my hand and does well on a two or three day growth.

Backgroundi have really sensitive skin and with a normal razor, my legs always were red and blotchy. A little on the pricy side but i was desperate. I tried a women’s remington in the past with no luck. I never seem to have luck with shaving products catered to my gender. I even switched to harry’s (commonly used by men but women have been buying it) so thought i’d try this. Resultsi started with dry shaves because even though it said waterproof, i was hesitant to use this in the shower. I was impressed and would use it while watching tv. It didnt grab all the hair though so i was getting worried. I did a wet shave with soap. It caught every hair seemlessly. It was like shaving with a noisy razor.

First off, i have a beard that could stop a lawn mower. It grows in several directions. In college i won the beard-growing contest in a dormitory that housed 900 men. I’ve been shaving for decades and have tried all brands of blade (inconsistent and messy), rotary (ouch), and foil (my fave). Nothing has worked better than this $60 braun. I’ve owned shavers costing several times as much – and they didn’t perform any better. All the snazzy features on more expensive units are just noise. Swiveling heads that don’t allow you any leverage, messy cleaning systems, etc. Save your money and keep it simple. It’s just a shave, for crying out loudat this price, what have you got to lose?.

Shaves great, but there’s no way to effectively clean it. You can’t disassemble the head to get the crud out. I let it run under running water on a daly basis, and weekly (or more often) i soak the head in a bathroom cup with dawn detergent, then take it in the shower to remove the shaving debris. The last braum i had allowed the head to be dissembled. I suppose the high-the braun units with a cleaning attachment might overcome this issue if you want to pay $150-250 for a shaver. I alternate this shaver with a remington rotary, which is super easy to do a total cleanup.

Growing up i was always told by the men in my family that my facial hair was too thick for electric shavers. After exclusively using the reusables from schick and gillette for many years, i tried a hand me down electric shaver for the first time and had virtually no success with it and soon abandoned it. Fast forward 8 years to when i received braun series 3 3040 wet and dry shaver from braun and i was skeptical to say the least. After carefully reading the instructions, i decided to dive right in and take it for a test drive. My first shave was completely dry and here’s what i took away from the experience:positives1. It provided a very, very close shave. In my opinion nearly on par with using blades but the difference was negligible. Didn’t need any shaving cream. If mainly using it dry, then in the long run this could save time and money without sacrificing quality when it comes to getting a good shave.

I’ve used a number of different electric razors previously from all of the brand name manufacturers. I bought this razor on sale to replace a norelco rotary razor that wasn’t cutting that efficiently anymore. Having used different electric razors before i was aware that there would be an adjustment period before i could really tell how well it worked. As expected the first shave was ok but not very close with some missed areas. I continued to use it for the rest of the week and by the end of the week i was getting a close smooth shave fairly quickly without having to go over the same area multiple times. The razor is easy to hold and to use. The battery lasts for a while before requiring recharging. The razor is fairly quiet as well. One of the features that i like best (other than the close shave) is that its very easy to clean. You just remove the cutting head, tap out the hair and wash it under the faucet.

One of the best shavers i have purchased evergreat quality and shave is so smooth. Love that i can use it wet or dry. I have used both rotary and foil. I use the rotary on my bald head and prefer foil on my face. Rotarys get damaged much less easier than the foils, but foils are much better shave. I have tried shaving with regular razor and cream, i dont understand how anyone can waste their time doing that, along with the cost and the mess. Try it for 2 or 3 weeks, you will never go back.

I’ve only used electric, so bear that in mind. But of all of the electric shavers i’ve used, this one is one of the best. I’ve always enjoyed braun in particular because i can’t stand shavers that don’t implement the trimmer that slides up. Most flip up, which reduces the effectiveness (ie more hair pulling) of the shaver. The braun is a good price point, very, very effective, with a long battery life. You can rinse the foil off after detaching it, making cleaning that much easier. Here are the specifications for the Braun Electric Shaver:

  • MicroComb technology. Catches and feeds more hair for a faster shave
  • Triple Action Cutting System, 2x SensoFoil, Middle trimmer
  • You can use the Series 3 ProSkin with water, foam or gel for even better gliding and a smoother skin feeling
  • 100% waterproof
  • 2x powerful rechargeable Ni-MH batteries

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Shaver at a Great Price!
  • Don’t waste your money on a more expensive shaver!
  • Great quality and awesome shave!!

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