Braun Series 5 51S Foil & Cutter Replacement Head, Best razor I’ve owned

My original screen on my braun shaver developed cracks that tore the heck out of my face, drew a small amount of blood and left a horrible rash. I thought it was just my skin being sensitive, but it was the screen. Bought this replacement screen and cutter, works like brand new, very smooth shave, didn’t know it was capable of. Lesson learned, replace screen and cutters often or pay the price.

Very good shaver, much better that the old series 5 that i have. The cutters is wider, higher, and cuts better than the older series 5. I don’t like the fact the cutter and foil comes as one piece (cassette) now. If foil is damaged, you have to buy a new cassette. The side up trimmer is not as wide as the older series 5, that’s a negative. Also, wish the trimmer slid up closer to shaver itself. I use the trimmer and shaver at same time to cut long stubbles when i get lazy and do not shave for a few days. This shaver still does the job but with a little more work due to trimmer not being as wide. Overall, i would recommend this shaver.

The packaging was in fine shape but you can tell by the yellowness. Must be ‘nos'(new old stock) as this one doesn’t appear to be as updated as the one i replaced, the packaging was in fine shape but you can tell by the yellowness, it’d been hanging around for awhile, but what’s it matter really. The one on my razor was two-toned/blue and silver. It also had oddly shaped holes, but the picture shown is accurate. I can’t honestly say if it works better or not since i replaced the foil. Need to pay attention, just trying to keep this one alive and well as long as possible. Also, even when things say ‘prime’, it doesn’t mean you’ll get it quickly like you might be used to, it took about two weeks for this to arrive from overseas, i need to watch out for that info a little better.

Key specs for Braun Series 5 51S Foil & Cutter Replacement Head, Compatible with Models 5090/5190cc, 5040/5140s, 5030s, 550cc:

  • World’s # 1 Foil Shaver Brand.Official Electric Shaver of the NFL
  • Fits on Shaver Series 5 51S;ContourPro, 360º, Complete
  • Shaver head should be replaced every eighteen months..Replacing your razor head gives a 25% better shave. For optimum performance; clean regularly.
  • Directions: Changing your foil and cutter is fast and easy. Simply take the foil and cutter off your shaver, and pop the new ones in their place. Enjoy the spectacular shave!
  • The replacement head get’s your shaver back to 100% performance and a closer shave.

Comments from buyers

“Braun Dropped the Ball with this Model, Electric razor on steroids !!, Fantastic Razor Heads!”

Forewarned and enjoying razori have a heavy beard it works flawless. . Except the cost of the disinfectant tank about $5 per month. . It says right on the book to not expect it to last over 18 months. That doesn’t sound like much confidence in the product by the maker. Remember the old slap on the face with a close shave?.

Good shave and value but one issue. I replaced on older series 5 with this model. I was never completely satisfied with the older model that used a 2 piece cutter and foil. It was possible to obtain a good shave but more time and attention to technique was required. Also, the shaver vibrated more than i liked. This new model uses the new 1 piece cassette foil that allows for far more floating movement. The motor also seems faster and more powerful and the clean station is more sophisticated. Overall, a fast, close and comfortable shave without skin problems. Still vibrates more than i find comfortable and more noisy than the series 7 or 3.

Best cutter block & foil i’ve used with my 8585 razor (including when it was new). This is the first time in a couple of years that i bought a cutter block & foil for my braun 8585 razor, and they definitely changed the design for the better. The foil is a more complex (usable) pattern and the center (whisker) cutters are larger and work better. But it’s the cutter block that’s undergone the most changes and which really help. Instead of the blades pointing up (which tends to dull them faster in any razor), they are now pointed to the sides. Where each blade piece has to two ends. Which not only works better, but keeps the blades sharper (and hopefully longer). And it’s also the first cutter block i’ve purchased in quite a while that was so well balanced, that the noise level of my razor went down quite a bit. In the past, buying a new cutter block never really helped much, and so i only bought the combination when the foil failed. And generally i could hardly tell the diference with the new combo.

I think we can all relax now. Probably like most owners of a braun series 5 shaver, i have read the many critical reviews of the company’s replacement foil & cutter (’51s’). In reading the scathing reviews, though, i did notice that many/most of them were from 2010 or early 2011; i noticed that some recent reviewers were not experiencing the problems that others were reporting. I took a chance that, maybe, braun had taken notice — and corrected — the problems. I purchased the replacement pack and the first thing i noticed were the words ‘made in germany’ on the package. A number of the critical reviewers commented that the products that they purchased were marked as ‘made in china’. I am happy to report that i am delighted with the quality of the replacement cutter & foil; with the replacement, the shaver is absolutely as good as it was originally. Time will tell if it retains this quality but i strongly suspect it will. For those who buy this product, i would suggest to pay particular attention to the ‘made in. High-volume retailers, such as amazon, may have already cleared out most of the old, less-good, products but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check before you open.

I cant say enough good things about these shaver blades. I cant say enough good things about these shaver blades, i have a 8 year old braun 8985 and this fits perfect and seems to last a really long time. I generally only have to buy a replacement about every 12-18 months and the replacement fits perfect and is very easy to change. It does make a big difference in the shaving when you have a new blade in there especially if you have very course facial hair like it do which i am certain dulls the edges much quicker. I would recommend buying these when they are are super sale and getting two of them that way you can wait out another sale after you use the second one up which again is like between 2-3 years total. Overall, i have had zero problems with this shaver and its replacement blades since i got it back in 2008.

My husband’s braun series 5 #8585 needed the head and foil replaced since it was cutting his face. The store i purchased the razor from no longer sells the replacement so i found this one online. I noticed several bad reviews on the set, but i also noticed they were from several years ago, so i went a head and ordered. I am very happy i did since it works perfectly on his razor. The foil and heads were very easy to replace. I all i did was pull the old foil off and pull the heads straight out. Dusted the inside off with a brush and snapped the new heads back in and place the foil back on top. The razor is cutting extremely smooth now with no nicks or painful scratches.

The razor does a nice job, and the cleaning system works well and quickly, but the trimmer leaves a lot to be desired. I had a braun razor for years until the on/off switch broke and decided to replace it with this model despite what the reviews said about the trimmer. Why they ever made it smaller and put it on the back of the unit is beyond me. The old trimmer was great, but this one is very hit and miss. For what you pay for these razors, they should’ve had a better design.

My first electric razor and have to say i am very happy for he most part. Only issue is if your hair is anything above a 5 o clock shadow. You are forced to trim your hair doe before you can use them otherwise your hair will get caught in razor and cause discomfort. But again feels expensive and the charging slash cleaning dock is a great touch.

I bought this as a replacement for my previous series 5 braun shaver (had it a lot of years). This new one is even smoother. After having the first one for many years and replacing the shaving blade and screen a bunch, i was in search of another one with the cleaner. Too many shavers do not have it and i, for one, love it. It’s so simple: shave, open the screen and tap out the shavings, place the shaver in the base unit and push the button. Next morning it’s nice and fresh and clean and recharged ready to go.

This is an oem replacement shaver foil and blades. Cleaned the braun head unit really good, inserted the new blade and foiled cover and it was like the unit was brand new again. Price was excellent and delivery was a day late but they got it here on sunday.

Braun dropped the ball with this model. I’ve used braun shavers for more than 30 years now. Typically i get between 5-8 years out of a shaver so although they are a little pricey to buy they work well and last a long time. When my old braun series 5 shaver packed it in i replaced it with newer 5090c model compete with cleaning station. Braun changed the style and design of the series 5 shaver several times since my old model and i have to say i have mixed feelings about this new model 5090c shaver. The shaving head is typical braun and performs a good close shave for a electric razor combined with a high degree of comfort. I love the braun cleaning station too and although the cleaning solution cartridges are expensive, i find cleaning my shaver regularly provides me a better shaving experience and also makes my shaver last longer so in the end i think the cleaning station is excellent. As far as new series 5 5090c shaver i preferred the last two series 5 models over this model and here’s why:1 – on/off button: braun changed the size and orientation of the on-off button on this shaver and i find the button is in the exact position that i normally hold my thumb when gripping the shaver while shaving. The placement of the on/off button has caused me to accidentally turn off my shaver while in use more than once which causes the razor head to stop and consequentially pinches and pulls hairs and even sometimes nicks and cuts. On the previous series 5 models the on/off button was either smaller and recessed making it difficult it a deliberate action and difficult to press accidentally or in the even older series 5 models the on/off button was a slider switch.

Great balance of close shave and comfort. After using a mid-level braun shaver starting around 2004, this series 5 is my third braun. It replaces a recently retired series 3 which, through no fault of its own, lost a spring under the cutter. This series 5 is its replacement, and i’ve never been so happy to have broken something i rely on so much. First, the pros:- the swivel head design is not merely a marketing gimmick. Compared to the series 3 (which has a fixed head), the series 5 moves squarely and consistently against the surface of your skin, increasing the surface contact area and providing a closer and quicker shave. – the design is clean and sleek. The rubber grip extends along the sides and all the way across the back of the handle. – the led indicators for battery charge show the level of existing charge, not just whether it’s ‘charged’ or ‘not charged. – the more powerful motor compensates for thick growth and the extra load put on the shaver using the sideburn trimmer. This motor never seems to bog down under stress. And the cons:- the glossy black cover on the front of the handle is plastic and shows fingerprints. The edge of mine was not properly aligned with the rubber grip on the side, but a firm squeeze popped it into place. – i wasn’t looking for the cleaning and charging base, but so many users commented positively on it.

Best electric razor i have used. I have never been one for electric razors, but this one has changed my mind so far. Don’t get me wrong if i have time to lather up and use a blade i will, but for when i don’t have the time this works great. It won’t get as close as a blade but is still will give you a smooth shave. It didn’t pull like my old one that i tossed 15 years ago. It seemed to have plenty of power to cut, and it did well on my thick stubble. It charged quick and the cleaning station is nice. This is not a wet dry shave and can not be used in the shower but that is fine because i only use it in a pinch about 2 times a week.

The gold standard in shavers. The cleaning station takes up quite a bit of bathroom counter real estate, but i can’t gig it a whole star for just that, and i can think of nothing else i don’t care for about this unit. I’ve spent the last few years with a 3-bladed rotary, and 25-30 years ago i had another braun, but this newest one is a huge improvement over anything i’ve tried. They are correct when they say that may take up to 3 weeks to condition your skin to it, but it’s worth making the investment.

Replaced a 13 year old braun shaver that finally died after a surprisingly long life. I have been pleasantly surprised by the new shaver. Read some of the reviews and was a little concerned about some of the issues reported (on/off different, doesn’t shave close, doesn’t sit well in the charging/cleaning stand, etc. ) but have found absolutely none of that to be the case. Great shave, more comfortable handle, no issues with the on/off button (in fact it;s an improvement in my opinion). I agree somewhat about the charging/cleaning station but just have to make sure it makes good contact.

Exact replacement for braun 360 complete shavers. I see bad reviews about this replacement foil here on amazon and almost decided against buying it. The problem appears to be that this is actually the replacement foil and cutter block for the braun 360 complete series shavers, specifically the 89** series. This series along with the braun activator has now been discontinued. I have the braun 360 complete 8985 shaver. If someone can recall the braun 360 was a minor upgrade to the braun activator line of shavers. The upgrade was in the foil and the cutter block assembly only. According to braun, the newer cutter block and foil were better at cutting than the previous activator series cutter block. Also the newer cutter block fit both braun 360 complete as well as braun activator shavers. Braun has now discontinued the individual cutter blocks for these shavers and now they offer only the braun series 5 combi 51s for both shavers.

I’ve had a series 5 for maybe 5 years but for the past few years i have always shaved like my dad taught me. Was on auto replenishment for cartridges, had a brush and proraso shaving cream. I enjoyed shaving, it was an art but it was a process. That process took maybe 15 minutes all together. With two children, that wasn’t happening. I started using my braun again and it is a much simpler process. Zero cleanup essentially and even it doesn’t get as close as a razor, i could still use my braun everyday. I would say that replacing the cartridge doesn’t get a closer shave but it does eliminate the tugging of the hairs i had from the old cartridge. The foil system is different than my last one but i haven’t felt any difference.

On me it is shaving as close as a safety razor or my 5 bladed fusion. I do not have razor burn like my old 5885 braun. That worked well but this shaves closer, has less razor burn, and stays cleaner. I also like the trimmer better as it trims from the back and not from the top which means i have more control. My only minor issue is when you clean it using the stand it also recharges it. Maybe it is ok to constantly keep it full. My 5885 was a nimh and needed to be discharged regularly so this constant charging is new. New battery is lithium ion though.

So far this has been working great for me, i am not thrilled about having to buy new inserts for the cleaner, but it does keep the blades nice and fresh for every use. The trimmer is in an awkward spot and makes it hard to use properly, but overall this is a solid razor and would recommend to anyone needing a fresh shave without the hassle of blades.

I’ve had no issues that others have had, it works perfectly for me on my braun 8985, smooth no-snag shave like it should be. . I too had read many of the other reviews here that say how horrible this shaver replacement is, and i too was worried just like you probably are. I put off ordering one since i didn’t want a piece of junk, i wanted a real replacement. I haven’t replaced my foil and cutter in about 4 yrs (and they recommend doing it every 1. 5yrs) and it was getting to where i really really needed to, even at the risk of getting what many here are calling a junk replacement. Well, since i couldn’t find any others, i ordered the ‘series 5, 51s’ for about $30. When it came i noticed the foil head had even-sized small holes throughout, whereas the last replacement i bought (~4 yrs ago) had more of a honeycomb look to the holes. ‘oh boy’ i thought, ‘maybe this will be a bad thing like so many others have said’. It is so smooth, so much quieter than what my other cutter/foil had become, it’s almost as if it’s a new razor altogether. I have a thick heavy beard, similar to homer simpson it seems i have a 5 ‘oclock shadow an hour after i shave. I had a 3 day beard when this arrived and i started first on my neck. It plowed through like it was a gas-powered lawnmower. I went on to my face, same thing.

Not as good as the old cutter. I too was surprised when i replaced my original cutter/foil set with these. They didn’t cut well, and they tugged on my stubble. Not at all the clean, fast shave i got with my original blades. That’s why i switched to braun from norelco. There may be some good news here though–a review by s. Bergeron for the braun refurbished 8985 shaver that uses these blades said that the braun 30b cutter/foil set is a better replacement. Here’s what he had to say about it:'(. The new replacement blades are the) ‘gillette’ blade cutter block, which is not nearly as effective as the older style braun cutter blocks (the gillette type has wide blades with narrower gaps between them, leading to skipped hairs and requiring multiple passes). I ordered a 30b cutting block and foil (for the series 7000 synchro models), which has the older, skinny blades design and bingo.

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