CeraVe Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50 2 oz : Couldn’t be happier with a product—saves me from itchy misery!

I have extremely fair sensitive skin, and so do my kids. We also are very acne prone and must be careful with any skin care product. Those containing zinc are very good. Cerave was recommended by the dermatologist for my daughter’s eczema. The sunblock is one of the best i have ever found. The key is to apply small amounts instead of one big glob. A slight, white-ish cast is a small price for excellent sun protection. I have used probably everything there is. They all feel like oily goopy gross-ness. I always laugh when i see ‘no oily feel’-so in fact, what is that weird ‘oily’ feeling-oh chemistry makers of sunblocks???. This one has by far the lesser feel of the weird oiliness. I prefer a physical sunblock like zinc-it blocks rays as opposed to absorbing them. I don’t like the small bottle for 4 people 🙁 we also live in one of the most hot, sunniest places in the u. & this sunblock passes the test– and i mean hot, hot, beating sun for half the year- the just walking to the car in a parking lot can leave you sunburned-kind of sun. Oddly, the white cast has a positive appearance for me and improves the way my skin looks. I’ve had more people tell me what ‘nice skin i have’ when i have this on?. So it can complement white/fair skin if you don’t mind looking like a zombie;) but more importantly, you are protected from skin damage. That’s what it’s for, i love this product.

I’ve been using this sunscreen for about a month now, and it’s probably the best facial sunscreen i’ve used. Pros:>the only sunscreen i’ve found that doesn’t make my face look super shiny or greasy>doesn’t make me break out; other drugstore sunscreens specifically formulated for faces have made me break out in the past>one of the higher spf facial sunscreens i’ve seen>has ceramides and niacinamide to protect and restore the skins natural barrier and reduce redness. I notice reduced redness when i’m wearing it but haven’t noticed any permanent changes to my actual skin>reduces the look of my pores (probably by filling them in with cream?)>seems to cooperate with my makeup (estee lauder foundation on top)cons:>very thick and doesn’t spread easily, so i feel like i have to rub really hard to get it to blend in and it feels like i’m hurting my face>leaves a definite white cast on my face no matter how much i rub it in>depending on the thickness, i can feel it sitting on my face the whole day, which doesn’t really bother me but i wouldn’t call it a ‘pro’>after a few hours of wear i can see the sunscreen starting to collect in areas with fine lines or creases because there will be a white line. This doesn’t happen when i wear my foundation over it, but that may be because estee lauder double wear is a miracle worker>have used it over certain moisturizers such as clinique lotion+ and it caused the creams to separate and roll off my face in little white balls. Doesn’t seem to do that with my hada labo milk moisturizer though>because of the thickness and white cast, i wouldn’t consider this stuff easy to apply throughout the day unless you don’t care about looking like casper or you have access to a mirror. I put this on in the morning before an 11 hour shift outside on a partially cloudy day and was sunburnt by the end of the day, so this stuff is not adequate for me for just once a day use, but most sunscreens are intended to be reapplied anywayoverall, i think the pros outweigh the cons for this product, but i think the deciding factor for 4 stars instead of 5 is that i have to practically rub my skin off to apply the product evenly. Also, i am white af (think ivory colored foundation) so the white cast isn’t as noticeable on me, but i can still see it and therefore do not recommend this product for darker skinned people unless the cast doesn’t bother you.

For my combination sensitive skin this sunscreen was a bit of a chore to apply. It does not absorb as nicely as i would like and it takes a while for the white residue to blend in. My doctor recommended it but i find it a bit of a inconvenience to apply. I have to apply a moisturizer first otherwise i end up with dry white flakes after. I guess it’s effective but i need a one step no fuss product, with faster absorption and this one is not.

I have a familiar history of skin cancer so i make sure i wear sunscreen daily. This is definitely my favorite daily sunscreen i’ve found. It’s spf 50 so it’s a nice high protection factor and has highly effective sunscreen ingredients (zinc, titanium). It doesn’t make me break out. The one downside is that it does leave a thin, barely noticeable white film on your skin. You’ll look a little paler, but there’s nothing wrong with being pale. Just make sure you don’t get it on your hair or it’ll show.

The ‘invisible zinc’ is not so invisible. I’m pale, but i find the whiteness was too obvious for my taste. I also felt that because of the mattefying effect of the sunscreen it didn’t play very well when trying to put makeup on over it. So this will not be my daily sunscreen any longer. I’m still searching for a physical sunscreen that will cooperate with or without makeup that i can wear out and about. That said, i still think as a high performance face sunblock it works great. Will i keep it for days at the beach or going for an outdoor exercise session when i want great sun-protection and i’m not planning on wearing fussy makeup.

I like the texture and the fact that it does not smell like a traditional sunscreen, but it really does leave a white cast on my face. I have a more yellow undertone and it can make me look grey. It is invisible if you rub it in enough and work in small sections of the face, but in my opinion, it does not live up to the ‘invisible’ claim if making it invisible takes so much time and work. My neutrogena dry-touch sunscreen does not leave me looking white, despite not even claiming to be invisible. What i like better about this though is that i know it has good ingredients and it does not leave me looking oily throughout the day. In fact, i think it has more of a mattifying feel on my face and feels really smooth upon application.

CeraVe Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50 2 oz with Zinc Oxide, Niacinamide and Ceramides for Broad Spectrum Sun Protection

  • [ BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREEN ] 100% mineral sunscreen helps protect your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • [ ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES ] Formulated with with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II) that help restore and maintain its natural protective barrier
  • [ DRIES WITH A CLEAR FINISH ] Deflects sun’s harmful rays with InVisibleZincTM Technology Microfine zinc oxide that spreads easily
  • [ GENTLE ON SKIN ] Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pres) and oil free for even the most sensitive skin
  • [ WATER RESISTANT ] Water resistant (40 minutes)

With very fair skin that burns when if the moon is full, i need to take precautions. I usually put sunscreen on early in the morning after a workout swim. I had trouble finding a brand that either did leave a white, oily layer my skin that made me look like a mime or one that didn’t cost a fortune at a dermatologist. Somebody recommened cerave, and it’s the only sunscreen that i will use.

Use this every day with moisturizer or in lieu of spf makeup. No skin irritation (which is very challenging in face sunblock) when using for real sun protection, may look a bit pale or white, but power will cover this. (the spf 50 does look whiter but works and is worth it for sensitive skin. ) comfortable for full day’s wear. No bothersome scent or perfume-y smells.

I love the lotion and facewash by this company. I have sensitive skin and this is the only stuff that works to keep my skin clear. The sunscreen was very runny and goes on a very white color. Couldn’t rub it in, was dissapointed. 3 stars because i didn’t get burned, but wouldn’t buy again.

I am extremely pleased with this sunscreen. I once stupidly overexposed my neck to strong sun on a beach without using sunscreen (and i was taking a rx diuretic that specifically warned against sun exposure while using—-how stupid can i get????). Well anyhow, i was left for months with a chronically itchy neck. Even though i applied a chemical based sunscreen faithfully on my neck, every time my neck was exposed to the sun it felt like someone was holding a hot hair dryer an inch from my skin, and the itching would intensify so much that i’d wake up with rake lines on my neck where i was scratching as i slept. Hydrocortisone would help tame the itch for a short while, but the dermatologist warned that overuse of hydrocortisone would thin my skin. I thought i would never be able to go outside again without wrapping a scarf around my neck (not fun in summer heat). This product has allowed me to go outdoors and enjoy the day with no more itchy skin after i go out in the sun. I only use a tiny bit evenly applied over my neck and gently rub it in thoroughly–it is a physical sunblock, so a very thin skim of the zinc is all it takes to protect against the sun. I do not notice any ‘white’ look after application (my skin tone is medium-light). I apply it to my neck every day, including in winter, since even sun exposure through a car window can start the heat-itch cycle.

This sunscreen has been great in protecting my face from sun damage. It also helped clear up my melasma and spots, which might have something to do with the zinc oxide in it. The secret to applying it is to pat it all over your face into the skin until it almost disappears. The white haze fades as it dries. This is much healthier than those harsh chemical sunscreens.

This is the best sunscreen that i have tried. I have the tendency to break out with sunscreens, this was a recommendation from my dermatologists and for some reason she did it.

I have rosacea and my dermatologist recommended sunscreen with niacinamide. This one does not make my face sting. I have not tried applying this after exiting the ocean (that’s when sunscreen hurts most), but so far so good for daily use.

I have been struggling to find a mineral face sunscreen that i actually like. I enjoy a number of products from this line, so when they launched this new formulation, i gave it a try. Its supposed to be a ‘disappearing’ sunscreen. ‘ it doesn’t, and still has the same old, same old sunscreen heavy feel on the face. Sorry, but my search for the holy grail of sunscreens continues.

I recently bought this for a short 3-day vacation in a really warm, sunny climate and needed a brand i was familiar with in a small enough size to take on a plane. This seemed perfect just for that. I use cerave’s pm moisturizer and really like it, it doesn’t break me out like most moisturizers do so i figured i’d give their facial sunscreen a shot. I would buy this again for something like a vacation but wouldn’t use this every day. The pros:- i did sweat a lot and it didn’t drip into my eyes at all and it didn’t cause any stinging. It also didn’t particularly seem to rub off or get less effective over time, though i did reapply every 2 to 3 hours because i am very fair skinned and prone to burning so i’m not sure exactly how long this lasts. – it worked very well to protect from sunburn. The parting of my hair is beet red where i forgot to apply sunscreen but my face is as pale as ever, not a hint of sunburn, and we were in the sun all day for 3 days with very little time in the shade. – i don’t seem to be developing any pimples a few days after the trip. – no immediate irritation or any that developed after all-day use, washed it off at the end of the day and my skin felt normal.

I don’t think that it will be good under foundation although i have not tried that yet. I will keep it for really sunny days when i don’t wear make up. I prefer the white cream with the pump but lower spf that cerave makes.

Exactly what i’ve been looking for. It is nearly impossible to locate any sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium as the active ingredients. And absolutely impossible to find invisible zinc oxide in cerve brand. I have a rare form of a lupus skin rash that is extremely photosensitive. And i’m getting ready to go to the beach for our annual ‘girls trip 2017’. I can’t be left hiding in the beach house everyday lol. I’m so happy i found this sunscreen at an affordable price. I’ll update upon return with the protection summary.

CeraVe Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50 2 oz with Zinc Oxide, Niacinamide and Ceramides for Broad Spectrum Sun Protection : This was recommended by a friend whose opinion i trust on all things “makeup. ” i had recently had a mohs surgery for some abnormal tissue on my upper cheek, and it became imperative to keep the area from burning once the skin healed. This has worked great, just a small dab on the area on top of my usual moisturizer with spf, and no problems at the area all summer long. A little bit goes a long way, so do not be too worried about the small tube not lasting long enough.

I use zinc products as i’m allergic to a lot of the ingredients in regular sunscreens and they cause an unsightly rash on my face. Some do not but then they tend to cause me to break out. I haven’t had any problems with cerave. Because of the zinc it can give you a slightly whitish glow. However, most people are using the zinc for specific reasons. For me, the lack of rash that i get from other sunscreen ingredients (both active and inactive) outweighs the slightly whitish tone. I’m somewhat fair complexed but i think if you were darker complexed/olive toned, a light dusting of face power or a tiny bit of foundation could remedy it.

Without a doubt the best face sunscreen i’ve ever used. This product has the moisturizing qualities of any other cerave product with the added bonus of a 30spf. It doesn’t leave white streaks, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t have that typical ‘sunscreen’ smell – i wear it every day under my makeup for daily sun protection and extra moisture. I use it so much that i ended up adding it to my subscribe & save to make it a bit more affordable – one bottle lasts me two months in winter and a month in summer when i’m out more and reapply more often. Fyi: this is more ‘runny’ than typical sunscreen.

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