Colgate Premier Classic Clean Medium Toothbrush – Firm toothbrushes

It’s a pack of toothbrushes, with medium bristles. However, the packaging can be quite entertaining. I’m not sure what country these were originally intended for, but the writing on it is in a language i don’t recognize. The words may not be in a language i speak, but the toothbrush is in english. So far, i’ve only needed one brush from my pack and it’s been holding up awesome. I’m quite happy with them, and the packaging makes me smile every time i see it.

I purchased these for a mission for people living on the streets, and it was great that each toothbrush is sealed individually. Not sure where these were produced as the packaging was in another language. Great price when i ordered them, i will probably order again.

I like purchasing these in bulk. These work well, but i’m puzzled as to why these are packaged in a different branding scheme. The script looks like thai or vietnamese writing on it. The bristles are a bit more stiffer than the usa medium toothbrushes. Also, i can’t find a ‘best when used by’ date on them.

Not printed in english on the back. Bristles are a bit firmer than i like, but will do the job. I have a feeling these are knock offs items. I won’t repurchase from this seller.

I buy these to have extra toothbrushes on hand. Having 3 kids we go through toothbrushes often.

These came individually wrapped. The packaging is flexible which means no broken boxes or squashed packaging. I’m using these for a project to help the homeless. So it’s a great buy all at once. They can be easily split apart without damaging the packaging. The bristles have held up well and the plastic seems to be of decent quality (it hasn’t snapped).

  • Definitely NOT what I get at the drugstore. Fakes?

  • From Vietnam not approved for sale in the USA

  • Bristles come off easy!

5 vietnamese dong per toothbrush is on the packaging all written in vietnamese language. I paid about $1 per toothbrush which isn’t a bad buy however, i was a little surprised when i received it as i was expecting something made in the us. Medium bristles but i think they are still too soft to be medium. It’s packed in bulk and each brush is perforated so you rip out each brush as you need. What i like about this is i can hang this up inside my bathroom closet rather than store it on a shelf. As we need, we rip a brush out. The handle is not made of a hard plastic like we normally see in us made brushes. These brush handles flex a little. So if you’re a ‘hard’ brusher, this is not for you. This suffices in my household so i would buy it again as it’s fairly priced.

Can’t beat the price – got a pack for operation christmas child shoe boxes but also got a pack for home. . Idk if it matters as far as quality assurance and safeness but the packaging was not in english but some asian language.

Great toothbrush, , not the best quality , but for that price is a good buy. The bristles are a bit hard but after a few days of use become soft. Allows a good brushing, gums do not bleed,nice packaging to carry if you are traveling , or use it in the house. In the future i will buy again.

I’ve been using the first of these toothbrushes for 2 months now, and it is holding up well. The bristles are comfortable and i feel like it gets my teeth good and clean. I have used brushes that are soft, medium and firm, and this is a medium toothbrush. 50 each, it’s a good value for a quality brush. I am quite satisfied with my purchase.

Great toothbrush, and great quantity – got these for my guests. But the packing was not in english, so if you are getting multiple types like i was you may have to use google translate to figure out which ones were medium, firm and soft bristle. Toothbrushes still work great though.

Features of Colgate Premier Classic Clean Medium Toothbrush (Card of 12)

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  • Includes 12 toothbrushes (Colors may vary)
  • Helps maintain healthy gums
  • Ergonomic handle
  • For hard to reach places
  • Built in tongue scraper

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I purchased because my son always loses his toothbrush and this way we always have some on hand they are not a bad value either good toothbrush.

These seem okay but the user complains that they smell like perfume. Not sure what happened there and maybe it’s only the one but will have to see about that. May raise it if only one is smelly.

So they’re not as soft as i was anticipating but it’s okay because now i have stronger and tougher gums. Also i’m pretty sure they’re from like china but that doesn’t really matter to me.

I like to have fresh toothbrushes for when we travel. Different colors helped to differentiate who’s brush was who’s. Soft bristles and easy to hold handle.

These are not american fda approved. They are from vietnam colgate, and this was not in the product description that i saw when i ordered this product. They seem okay quality, but being an amazon choice product, and i am in america i am shocked it was not fda approved to be sold in the usa.

I liked everything about this order. I already knew the product was a good one. I’ve been using this toothbrush for a long time. I give my family a new toothbrush in their christmas stocking every year and by order in a multiple from amazon it was far more price appealing to do again this last year. I’ll do it again if the product is out there. The only thing i’d like better is if the color variety were wider, like six colors instead of four.

Includes 12 toothbrushes (Colors may vary)

These toothbrushes seemed like a great value. I have used the same ones before and liked them so i ordered a 12 pack of them for my family. I don’t know whether these are the real deal or not. For one, all the writing on the package is in a different language. The tongue scrapers are a bit different and the heads are much firmer than my other colgate premier classic clean medium toothbrushes. I will use these since they were so cheap but won’t repurchase. I paid for the real deal and i don’t think i got it. Plus they are much too firm to be medium head toothbrushes. I’ll run to the drugstore for them next time.

Much firmer than i expected for a medium toothbrush. I purchased these for spares while traveling as i seem to always drop my toothbrush on what i consider less than clean floors and throw them away. A good value for the price and what i intend to use it for. It does not bother me that the writing is not in english.

I put extra toothbrushes in my beach rentals in case someone forgets theirs. These look good and professional. They come all together in a card and they easily break apart. Would buy again, and have, in fact, bought more.

Exactly what i wanted package was sealed brushes are medium to firm i really don’t like soft brushes so they were perfect language is vietnamese i think. But toothbrushes are fine been brushing my teeth perfectly fine since i got em.

I purchased these toothbrushes because they are colgate brand and i thought that they would be great. I use colgate brushes and toothpaste only. I am now thinking that they were the colgate going to the garbage brand. After my second use, the bristles started coming off in my mouth. The feeling of choking on bristles is not fun. If you are needing some inexpensive toothbrushes and you dont mind some bristles in your mouth, its a great price. Otherwise, i would stick to the higher priced single-4 pack colgate toothbrushes.

These toothbrushes have slightly smaller handles than what i am used to buying at costco etc. They are packaged for the vietnamese (export) market; all printing on them is in vietnamese, and price marked is 7. Interesting, and explains why are were such a good deal. I’m sure they will work just fine.

Helps maintain healthy gums

I keep these on hand for when i travel. Toothbrush holders can get moldy. A brand new toothbrush is a better choice. Also nice to have for when the kids have overnight guests. The price makes it affordable to provide them.

I don’t know why they asked about softness when i use the medium brushes, but i can say these are comfortable in your mouth. I really appreciate the large packs at a low price. I told my dentist about the pack, and he bought a whole bunch to hand out to his patients after he cleans their teeth.

Ergonomic handle

For hard to reach places

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