Conair Anti-static Detangling Comb, It is what it is

I don’t know why others have said that the comb teeth are pointy/sharp at the ends. I just received this comb today and immediately opened it and tried it out. And, no, the teeth are not pointy or sharp. Many years ago, my hairdresser gave me a comb just like this one. I looked in our local beauty supply store for one like it. But here on amazon – this is the comb i’ve been looking for. I want to have one in each bathroom. I like this comb for several reasons.

I keep this comb in my shower to get out tangles and knots in my hair. Much easier to do with conditioner than with dry hair. It works really well, the wide tooth style is great for untangling. It’s got a hole on the handle so it’s easy to hang from my shower rack. Very sturdy hard plastic, should not break unless you try to. I would definitely recommend this style comb to others, i would buy again.

If you have long, thick hair, you need this comb. It’s very durable and the teeth are wide enough that you won’t damage your hair like you would using a comb with teeth closer together. The reason why i removed 1 star is because the very tips of the teeth need to be smoothed down with fine sandpaper. There are some sharp edges from the casting process.

I wanted a large, sturdy wide tooth comb for my very long hair, and that’s exactly what i received so i am pleased. The description states that ‘colors may vary’ so be aware you may not get a pink one, i didn’t get a pink one but that doesn’t matter whatsoever to me.

This is the perfect shower or wet hair comb. I use it to comb the conditioner through my hair, and afterwards i use to while my hair is wet. No frizzies and far less hair damage than a regular comb or brush.

This comb is very gentle and i use it a lot on my overly processed bleached hair to keep it from breaking. I will say i haven’t noticed a reduction in static or tangles i just use it because it is gentler on my fragile hair and my stylist recommended a comb instead of a brush. It definitely helps with keeping my hair from breaking. The handle is a little hard and sometimes irritates my hand and is uncomfortable to hold but for the price it is a good deal.

Anti-static does not mean it takes away static. I bought it to keep in my purse for winter months when my hair turns into a static mess. It’s just a basic detangling comb so i was disappointed, but it’s a great comb for detangling if that’s what you’re looking for.

Key specs for Conair Anti-static Detangling Comb, Colors may vary:

  • Anti-static comb prevents flyaway problems
  • Detangle without causing split ends
  • Evenly distribute conditioner to hair ends
  • Conair The #1 Hairbrush Brand!*
  • *Source: IRI Scan Data based on dollar sales through 7/15/18

Comments from buyers

“Decent comb for the price doesn’t really reduce static
, Get some 200 grit wet/dry sandpaper
, Great For Curly Hair

It does what it’s supposed to and is easy to get the hair off and easy to clean. It detangles my curly hair pretty well, in and out of the shower. I’ve had it for maybe two years so far and it’s super great. I would love to have it in blue instead of pink though haha.

Good but keep on mind this brush is huge. That’s something that surprised me because i didn’t check the measurements before i bought it. I posted a picture with other things near it to give you an idea of the size. It’s even bigger than a regular conair hair brush.

Used it for both mine and my son’s hair. We both have very curly hair and it successfully removed the tangles without pulling out all of our hair. A lot bigger than expected as well. Arrived on time and better than expected.

I’ll put my review of the actual product first and the rest is my personal experience with de-tangling, and hair type etc, just in case someone in a tangly-haired dilemma might find it usefulthis comb is actually really good, i was expecting a lot less for the price. It is large and wide-toothed, which was exactly what i needed. I wouldn’t recommend it for short or very fine hair though, it’s really made for long or thick hair i’d say. It’s not as colossal in size as i’d expected from some reviews, but still it isn’t small. It’s sturdy and easy to grip; i use it in the shower to gently comb through my conditioner, and again after bathing/showering to de-tangle it, with a moisturizer and oil through it, and i have no issues which is a miracle for me. I will say using it has gone hand in hand with my renewed routine for taking better care of my hair, and i’m not sure how well it would have done with de-tangling tresses before i’d treated my hair with a deep conditioning routine as it was a real mess before. The comb does have seams although they are so small and smooth it’s not a problem; the comb is very well made so it doesn’t snag or rip my hair in the slightest. The only way i could damage my hair is if i’m rough with the comb myself. I haven’t noticed static which i get lots once my hair is dry, which is a plus, but i haven’t tested it very much once my hair is dry. Overall the comb is really good, there are better combs out there for more money i’m sure but i’m happy with this.

I dont know if this is the best brush to detangle my long hair, but i know for sure that this thing is working great for its purpose. I believe that every person with a long hair should own this. Considering the price of this product, it is very affordable. It is sturdy and overall very nice.

I have what i call combination hair. It isn’t technically curly but has a wave if i do not brush it out. This comb has been a god send for those days i am in a hurry after a shower. It easily gets the tangles out without hurting, pulling or breaking my hair. Which allows it to dry more naturally leaving a wavy beach look. I typically only use it in wet hair unless i am wanting to wear the waves for a second day. The comb has a strong handle and works well in my long hair.

The very, very best comb i could ever find for detangling my very long loves to tangle hair. They are huge combs too, 9&3/4in length by 2&1/2in width. So if not a lover of huge combs not for you. Works great through, a tough and resilent comb.

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