Conair Topsy Tail Kit, ADD SOME FUN TO YOUR DO

A great classic hair styling tool. Get this if you want more elaborate hair styles, that can be created with the ease of a simple pony tail. Your hair does need to be at least shoulder length, perhaps even a bit longer for this to work well. The topsy tail comes with a helpful how to booklet to show you how to make quite a few styles, with step by step pictures. I had one of these when i was younger, so glad to get one again.

I bought this to use on my toddlers hair. It works so well, and makes everything look so much neater as opposed to using my fingers to do the hair flips. It doesn’t bother or hurt her when i use it. I love that there are two sizes, so as she gets bigger and her hair grows, i can use them both.

I mostly got this for the nostalgia of my mom using a topsy tail when i was kid. I’ve been wanting to try some new hair styles with my 5 years old hair and knew that this would be an easy way to do some new styles. I use it every time i part her hair or grab pieces for pony tails. The two sizes are perfect for my hair and hers. I am excited to try this out when she starts school and do some quick hair styles in the early mornings.

Love that you get 2 sizes makes it easy for me to use it for a whole head ponytail or if i want a thinner ponytail the smaller one is perfect. Easy to use and it comes with a set of good easy to understand directions and ponytail elastics.

Just got the topsy tail, we used it today to do a bun that we saw on facebook using the topsy tail. It was so easy and it looks really cute.

Really like this rool for alternate hair styles. Took a little while to get used to it but really makes styling almost effortless.

I got this for my daughter’s hair. She has curly hair like you can get with curly iron. Her hair gets tangled but if we do leave on conditioner, still her hair is arrangeable. This product can use on curly hair if you can separate hairs (pony tail). If you look for youtube, there are lots of ways that you can use this tool which you may mostly find on for straight hair. Again, i use for curly hair and still works. I enjoy doing my daughter’s hair with this even though she has curly hair.

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  • Creates Multiple Hairstyles
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  • Great for All Hair Types – From Extra Curly to Pin Straight
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Comments from buyers

“Be patient!
, It was so easy and it looks really cute

I wish i had invented this gadget. I watched a youtube video on how to use it even before i got it. Right out of the box with no mirror i put my hair in a ponytail (3 coated elastics included), stuck the topsy tail in, put my hair through the hole, pulled the gadget out and voila.I can’t wait to try other tricks. 2 tails (one a little bigger than the other), 3 elastics and instructions for different styles included. You can always go to youtube, ‘how to use the topsy tail’.

I was reluctant on buying this as i remember having it as a child and suffering from my mom doing my hair. But i was tired of my hairstyles being plain and boring as i don’t know how to fancy braid my hair and i usually just let it air dry. This tool does have a learning curve especially if you have a lot and heavy hair.

Unlike most other pony tail pull thru tools, that break almost immediately, this one has held up very well, used almost every day for over a month.

I waited anxiously for this new tool, since i had been going my hair back without a tool, and it was hit or miss. But, i tried the small one first, and it broke before i could even make a part in my hair to slip it thru. However, the large purple one worked awesome for me. Hope the larger one lasts for me. Otherwise, i loved the kit, just didn’t think the small one was made very durably.

I bought this without realizing it also came the topsy tail mini. I have three daughters and find that i use the mini the most because it’s perfect for creating cute styles of their hair.

I used to use these on my daughter’s hair years ago. I bought it, thinking it would be helpful for my gd’s and i was right. Their moms were amazed how easy they are to use to create cute hairdos. They love it for the same reason i did. Cute hair with little effort, quickly.

Perfect for doing my daughter’s hair. She loves that her hair is unique and out of her face. I love that it makes doing her hair so much easieri get compliments on her hair all the time because the topsy tail makes it look so intricate. If only they knew how simple it was to do those hairstyles.

Very happy with this purchase. It came with 3 hair ties, a regular size and small size tool. I had first purchased one similar (way cheaper) and it broke after 10 days. I definitely won’t do that again and i was using it on a 2 yr olds hair when it broke. It’s better to buy the real thing. So far i love this one and it feels really sturdy.

I had one of these as a kid. I’ve been searching for one for a while and had someone point my direction to this. It comes in a two pack, one large and one small. I have a 6 year old and 2 1/2 year old. It works in both of their hair. They ask me to use it daily. Seems well made, and i think it’ll hold up for years to come.

My 10 year old granddaughter is always asking for fun hairdos on gramma sleepover weekends.

This is a sturdy product and comes with two sizes. The small size is perfect for my 5 year old and the larger one works perfect for me. I had recently bought one much cheaper and it broke by the 3rd use, this one i dont anticipate to break any time soon if ever.

I have pretty fine hair, but a lot of it, so sometimes hair tools don’t do well handling the bulk of it all. But this little set has been great – between the two sizes of topsy tails that you get, pretty much any of that sort of ponytail-look is easy to achieve. Not a very steep learning curve.

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