Crest 3D Luxe Glamorous Multi-Care ning Fresh Mint Flavor Mouthwash – Really Whitens Your Teeth!!!

With regular use keeps my teeth sprakling white.

I use it almost everyday and i always notice a difference.

I use it daily every time i brush. If it made my teeth any whiter, well maybe a little. But taste is not bad and leaves you mouth feeling clean.

  • Created Tooth Sensitivity
  • Love This Mouthwash, Especially with Its Non-Childproof Cap
  • Better than Strips

The first couple weeks i used this thing it burned. It made me doubt my dental hygiene. It may be placebo but i use the thing everyday now and my mouth feels more fresh as does my teeth. As always this may be mental. As to the whitening effect, i think it’s working. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and while it’s nothing drastic, it looks a little better.

Brilliant white teeth from this mouthwash. It’s the only mouthwash that i’ll use.

Features of Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Multi-Care Whitening Fresh Mint Flavor Mouthwash, 32 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 3) (packaging may vary)

  • Exclusive Whitelock Technology helps protect against future stains.
  • Triple-action** formula whitens by removing surface stains.**Triple-action benefits: 1. Whitens teeth 2. Protects against surface stains 3. Kills bad breath germs.
  • Protects against future stains. Suggested Age: 12 Years and Up
  • Whitens smile in 2 days*.*Whitens teeth by removing surface stains when using Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White toothpaste, 3D White mouthwash and Oral-B 3D White Pro-Flex toothbrush together
  • Fresh Mint flavor freshens breath.

I started using this along wit crest’s whitening toothpaste and whitening strips and quickly noticed a change. My issue is with coffee stains, so i can’t attest to how well this would work on other kinds of stains or yellowing from plaque. A warning though: this stuff tastes gnarly. It has a phlegm-like taste that lingers in the back of your throat. I usually brush my tongue and rinse afterwards to get the flavor out because it really is foul. But no pain, no gain i guess.

The mouthwash is wonderful at keeping your teeth white and strong. It has a great taste with minimal sting. Your mouth feels wonderful afterwards.

Been part of my routine twice a day for 10 years. They keep my teeth at a consistent white all the time.

I love how fresh this makes my mouth feel, but it is too sweet. They should really cut down on the saccharin, they went overboard on that.

However, i can’t say for sure it’s ultra efficient. Not a noticeable difference after 3 weeks.

My teeth have never been whiter. I use this before and after i brush and it has made a huge difference in my teeth.

This stuff works well but you have to follow the directions. Best if used twice daily and don’t eat or drink anything 30 min after use.

Great product that does what it says. I use it in conjunction w/ the crest 3d white luxe toothpaste and oh boy are my chompers white. Tastes great and doesn’t have that real burn so many mouthwashes have. The only bad thing can sometimes be the cost. Amazon’s price has been the best so far and so convenient. I get all kiddy, like a kid when i see that smiling box arrive.

Not the best tasting mouth wash but it whitens teeth really well. Doesn’t take much either as it foams up in your mouth (hydrogen peroxide) and after several seconds you have to spit out half of it. Leaves a good ‘clean’ feeling on your teeth as well.

Love this as it does not have alcohol but still does the job.

My teeth are so white i can’t look in the mirror without sunglasses.

I’ve noticed a difference in the color of my teeth while using this mouthwash. However, once i stopped using it my teeth were not as white. I’m not a big fan of the flavor. It’s not as minty as some other mouthwashes that i’ve used in the past.

Besides a great teeth whitening product it is also a very good mouth wash.

Works well at whitening teeth. It’s not an instantaneous change, but over a few weeks you really notice a difference.

Makes a difference in whitening and leaves your mouth with a fresh taste.

I’ve been using this mouthwash for about 5 years. I liked that it is clear color. When i used green/blue color ones, i felt like they gave my teeth blue tint. Also, the other brands burned my mouth and made my teeth sensitive. Crest 3d has made my teeth whiter. I like that after rinsing my mouth with it, i can see hydrogen peroxide working around my gum line and giving me instant whiter teeth.

This mouthwash has a foaming effect when you use it, very nice. It also does not leave a sticky residue on the bottle when you put the cap back on like some other mouthwashes do.

I thought this had fluoride in it but it doesn’t. It’snot overly minty, but it has the soapy feeling from the hydrogen peroxide. It works, but if i’d mown it was fluoride free i’d just have used 99 cent hydrogen peroxide from the drug store.

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Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Multi-Care Whitening Fresh Mint Flavor Mouthwash, 32 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 3) (packaging may vary)
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