Crest Complete Multi-Benefit ning Minty Fresh Flavor Liquid Gel Toothpaste 4 – Five Stars

Crest has been around for a long time. They keep coming out with great products for you’re teeth. My teeth have never looked better and my breath is so kissable.

More like a toothpaste liquid, rather than toothpaste. I like a little more consistency.

Good flavor and the price was quite reasonable. But i haven’t noticed much in the way of whitening.

Why do some other kindif its working great why mess with somethingelse .

Convenient and no-mess package.

I love the bottle it comes in. It is such a pet peeve when my family twists up the tooth paste tube and gets it everywhere. This bottle prevents this and the taste and feel is amazing.

  • Stick with the tube

  • Stays put on the counter top.

  • I can’t find these in the stores anymore

This is ok, not my favorite. I tried this for the convenience of the small squeeze bottle instead of a regular tube of toothpaste. I can honestly say that i prefer the tube better. There is something about this bottle that i am not sure of. Almost like i am not getting the minty flavor. I know it sounds weird but it is true.

I like the container for this toothpaste. I had some of the same product in a tube and that one had more of the scope minty flavor to it. The toothpaste is great for traveling, as the product does not leak out. Plus, there’s no messy cap and it stays clean.

Not messy and easy tk use if hou can squeeze a bottle.

I bought this because i am sick of my kids leaving the cap off of the toothpaste and it clogging up. This has a different, thinner consistency than regular tube toothpaste, but not unpleasant. I think the flavor is good and haven’t had any problems with crusty toothpaste.

I like this toothpaste very much. It is a small package but it lasts as long as regular tube of paste. Stand it on your bathroom upside-down, easy to put on the brush, leaves nice clean taste. I used to buy the pump paste but it is discontinued, this is a good replacement.

Features of Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening Minty Fresh Flavor Liquid Gel Toothpaste 4.6 Oz

  • Combines the cleaning power of Crest with the breath freshening power of Scope
  • Visibly whiter teeth after using just 1 tube
  • Freshens breath
  • Fights tartar and cavities
  • Refreshing Minty Fresh flavor
  • Triclosan Free

Combines the cleaning power of Crest with the breath freshening power of Scope

The exact same toothpaste that comes in the regular squeeze container tastes much better than these. Also, with this type of packaging, it gets all gunked up at the end.

Always have liked crest products. Handy little container, excellent for travel too.

I have to pay to have these delivered to my house because i can’t find these dispensers anywhere. Why are they not carrying these?. I never have to squeeze the last few drops out of the tube and the concentration of the paste makes it last much longer.

Handy container, can tuck in bag easily. Stand upside down to get the last bit. Works well for me, tastes great.

Nothing more or less than what you would expect. Just as described in listing.

Best texture of all crest products i have tried. Lasts longer than tube products.

Visibly whiter teeth after using just 1 tube

Convenient product don’t stop making this.

What can you say about toothpaste?.

This toothpaste really brightened my smile. Tea drinker and blueberries everyday it really works.

I like the taste, it’s there but not too intense.

What can i say about toothpaste that i have used for many years. I stand the container upside down on my vanity so that it is always ready to pour. They should make the top a little wider to make it more stable in this position. Reversing the label would also be useful to let people know that it should be used with the opening pointing downward comma like heinz does with its ketchup bottles.

Really great to not have a half used tube laying around.

Freshens breath

Whole family loves this gel.

Crest has outdone itself again. I’m not one to try new toothpastes, but i thought i’d try a gel for a change and am pleasantly surprised. I think i expected it to be thick and gooey like regular toothpaste, but it isn’t. I really like the scope mouthwash product that is in it, it gives it a sharp and fresh feeling in your mouth. My teeth felt really clean as well and the minty taste lasted a good long time. I’ll buy it again simply for the scope taste. Love the bottle design as well, it doesn’t tip easy.

This is our favorite toothpaste. Crest products are excellent. I only wish i could get it via subscribe and save.

We have always been a crest family. This toothpaste with mint scope really leaves your breath feeling super fesh.

Fights tartar and cavities

Refreshing Minty Fresh flavor

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Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening Minty Fresh Flavor Liquid Gel Toothpaste 4.6 Oz
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