DORCO Pace 6 Plus- Six Blade Razor System, 6 blade vrs 4 blade

Purchased this item on april 20th. Have to admit i was skeptical about this product. First off there are two types of blades you can buy for this ‘system’. This one has the extra trimmer blade which is exactly what i wanted. I’ll start by saying i wasn’t able to see the trimmer blade. Don’t worry though, it’s there. I use it under the nose and around the burns. Not only the trimmer blade there, but it works well too.

I was giving it a good try over time and was on my fourth cartridge when the blood appeared. One of the multiple blades on the front of a cartridge came off at one side and so i was cut badly. A big gash across my back below the left shoulder blade. Anyway, before this happened, and it may have just been a fluke, i had already decided that the savings were not worth it. The much more expensive, in fact outrageously expensive, gillette fusions, are also much better at shaving. The dorco is okay on the beard area, almost as good as a gillette, but really not good at all on the body, where the fusion really excels. One thing the dorco gets better than gillette is the blades stay sharper for longer. This also contributes to the considerable monetary savings when choosing dorco 6 over fusion. Also the trimmer blade on the back side is much better on the fusion. Impossible to cut yourself with it.

This razor and cartridges were purchased in an attempt to replace the expensive gillette fusion cartridges that i have been using for years. Simply got tired of stretching a blade to its limits because the replacement cost is so high. I tried a schick razor about 10 years ago and wasn’t impressed with the cheap plastic handle that broke the first time it was dropped and so won’t be using schick again. The dorco seemed to be a promising solution so i gave it a shot. First impression was that the blades wouldn’t easily rinse clean because they appear tightly stacked due to the additional blade compared to the fusion stacked in about the same amount of space. This wasn’t the case however and they rinse nearly as easy as the fusion. I had no issues at all with the blade quality and have used four blades. Second, i was impressed with the metal handle that felt balanced in the hand and was easy to grip even when wet with shaving cream. The troubles started on the first blade change. The mechanism that slides up to push a tab on the cartridge in order to release the blade would not slide up.

From the husband:i have always purchased the latest gillette fusion line cartridge and have been happy with them until now being costco jack the price up almost $10 a 16 pack in the course of 4-6 months. I started to look around and found these. I don’t know if i am different than the rest of the reviews, but the first time i shaved with the dorco cartridge i felt like i was shaving with a week old gillette fusion cartridge and had end of day growth with a gillette razor at about noon with the dorco. I did multiple passes and it never really gave me a good close shave. Also the trimmer blade on the back side wouldn’t get the hair under my nose well. Being frustrated with the amount of time i was spending researching razors for a less expensive shave i decided to try a safety razor where blades are $. I bought a butterfly handle and shaving kit.

The very first thing i would like to say is dorco is every bit as good and in my opinion better than gillette fusion and much cheaper. It is also a better built razor and nicer to hold while shaving. This is about dorco 6 blade vrs the 4 blade. I don’t like the 6 blade as much as i do the 4 blade. I think the 6 blade is too wide and really doesn’t do anymore than the 4 does. The 6 has a trimmer which i do like but if the 4 had it, then i would say it’s perfect. I will go back to the 4 blade when these ones are done. Either way, you can’t go wrong with dorco over fusion. They are cheaper and a much better designed razor.

Tired of paying double the price and waiting for store managers to unlock cases with g$%$#@@e blades,not only are these 4 times better but 40% less money,made in s korea it is a fine product and will continue to buy and leave the locked cases behind. I support us made products but not paying almost double the price and i dont think anyone here makes a 6 blade that shaves so great,even removes the wrinkleslolquality product that puts us razor companies to shame. Now i know why theres been recent commercials on tv about massachusettes made g-let products,they dont want to lose there shirts to the foreign market,no problem,make the same quality at the same price,still giving back to us via amazon,ups and the us postal service. Ive been bent over long enough.

I’m always on the prowl to find a razor that is as good as the gillette fusion but more reasonably priced. After reading a number of reviews, i thought the pace 6 plus might be it. Close, but not close enough. On the plus side, the handle is the right weight and pleasant enough to hold. Maybe better than the fusion. And for the ‘easy parts’ of you face, it does a serviceable, if not remarkable job. I found that it takes multiple passes to get as close as the fusion, but it falls way short on a few small but important jobs. The cartridge head does not have the flexibility of the fusion (this is also what ruins harry’s or dollar shave for me). And the ‘precision trimmer’ (at least that’s what the fusion calls it) of the pace drew blood for me half the times i tried it. I’m used to turning the fusion upside down and getting close the my nose, but i found it dangerous to do that with the pace.

Key specs for Dorco Pace 6 Plus- Six Blade Razor System with Trimmer – 10 Pack (1 Handle + 10 Cartridges):

  • World’s First Six Blade + Trimmer – Tests prove higher blade counts deliver a closer, less irritating shave
  • Patented Angulated Blade Platform – Seamless blade construction leaves fewer obstacles for debris accumulation
  • Patented Common Docking System – Cartridge and handle interchangeability for shaving customization
  • Open Flow Cartridge – 100% “rinse-ability” of hair follicles eliminates corrosion for a longer blade life
  • Lubrication Strip – Vitamin E, Aloe and Lavender soothe and moisturize skin

Comments from buyers

“Great weight, Great Shave, LONG lasting Blades! Buy it definitely worth it.
, Confused with the stellar reviews.
, 6 blade vrs 4 blade

It’s great that consumers have a choice. It must be about 100 years now that there was only one major company offering razor products. This dorco (what a dorky name) product should give them a wake-up. It’s just as good, maybe better, and at a better price. Every industry improves when there is honest competition. I tried to tell the difference. For weeks i used gillette on one side and dorco on the other. No difference that i could detect. There might have been more of a scratchy sound with one brand. The blades lasted as long as the other brand.

After about a year of trying old-school razors, i threw in the towel. I tried different blades, different shaving creams, different techniques — while i did get less neck irritation, it also took me a lot longer just to get a clean shave. I would have to go over the same areas several different ways — but there would always been some weird tuft of hair i managed to miss. I have somewhat sharp features, so maybe that’s part of it. I also got tired of nicking my nose and walking around with tissue attached to it until the bleeding stopped. The whole appeal of the shaving ritual slowly waned over time. My reason for switching to double edge safety razors in the first place was the razors i had been using were rough on my neck. It never dawned on me (until now) that maybe getting better disposable razors would have been the way to go. At any rate, after a week with these dorco blades, i’m a convert.

I’ve been a long-time user of the schick hydro 5, but i was tired of paying so much for replacement blades. After seeing advertisements for the dollar shave club and harry’s bombarding me on tv, i felt like it was the right time to give something different a try. I learned from other amazon reviewers that dorco was the primary supplier for the dollar shave club razors, and that i would save more if i purchased the dorco-branded versions. Since it was a set of ten blades and one handle for $20, i felt like there was minimal risk in doing this, and i went for it. I’ve been using the dorco pace 6 plus for about a week and a half now, and while i am fairly satisfied with the shave i’ve been getting, there are some important caveats. If you’re a long-term gilette fusion user, the experience will be dramatic and different. If you’re a long-term schick user, the experience will be more familiar. As with schick razors, the dorco pace 6 doesn’t have a pivoting razor head–the majority of the control lies in your ability to pivot and maneuver the stick itself. I generally prefer this, as gilette’s pivoting razor head usually leaves my face a bloody mess. Unlike these two brands, the dorco pace 6 takes a few shaves to break in.

After doing some research i decided to try these out in an effort to spend less on razor heads. I’m coming from using gillette razors for years, which are annoyingly expensive. Unfortunately the decrease in cost in these were not enough to offset the things i didn’t like about them. The handle and razor cartridge are very large and have a stiff awkward action. I was missing parts of my face, particularly around the nose because of the lack of flex and the size of the head. I’m not much of a fancy shaver like so many these days but switching to this was just not possible to me. If they slim down the handle and head i’d probably give it a try but for now i unfortunately went back to the expensive stuff.

I must say, i’m off gillette, and onto these dorco blades. (ok, i’ll still use gillette shaving foam, but that’s it) these dorco blades are indeed much more affordable, but don’t let the low cost fool you. The quality is definitely there. Very nice grip on the handle, and the blades lock into place very well too. I also believe these blades last longer than the more pricier gillette blades. You can buy your blades here in bulk, and save some of your hard earned dollars. Anyway you can save yourself some money, and have a decent product in return, you simply must do it. I very much recommend this product, money well spent indeed.

For thirty years, i used products from a competitor who recently thought it wise to condemn their male patrons as comprehensively evil creatures intent upon demeaning women. When i ran out of cartridges for the old razer, i started looking for a replacement. Dorco’s products looked pretty good, and, more importantly, they did not seem intent on spitting on their customers. I tried the dorco pace 6 plus out, and, wow. Using this razer makes me think of when i was a kid, used to plinking with a red ryder, and pulling the trigger on a winchester model 70 for the first time. It was the feeling of using a man’s tool, after years with a boy’s toy. This is a great razer, the best i’ve ever used. Keep up the good work, dorco.

These are literally the same exact razors as dollar shave club. In my pictures, my dsc razor is on the left while my dorco is on the right. You can clearly see that they are exactly the same. Now, that’s not really a bad thing. Dsc/dorco razors aren’t bad. I find them to be very comparable to schick and gillette razors, which cost way more. However, if you’re wanting to try something that is different from dsc, then look elsewhere because these are literally dsc razors.

Ok, my fellow ladies, let’s face it. I have found that i don’t get a very close shave and the blades wear out quickly and they’re super expensive. That’s why i typically purchase razors designed for men. They last longer and my legs stay smoother longer than a damn nano second. I was using gillette pro fusion until one of my male friends recommended dorco to me. He’s a bit of a penny pincher but wants a good bang with his buck. I trusted his recommendation and i’m glad i did.These razors are great and drastically cheaper than the pro fusion blades.

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