Dove Body Wash – I give them a good scrubbing with this and I smell fresh for hours

If you don’t like shaving cream and want to shave and wash at the same time i’d recommend this body wash. It’s really thick and smells great.

I like it quite a bit but is pretty fragrant.

  • Heals flaky chemotherapy skin!
  • I like the easy open tab which few have
  • Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture 22 oz

This is a favorite in our house. Very clean and fresh plus doesn’t dry my skin out.

Moistest body wash i’ve ever used. Feels great on the skin during bath or shower. They advertise lotion not required.

Features of Dove Body Wash, Deep Moisture, 22 oz

  • Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash gives you softer, smoother skin after just one shower
  • 100% gentle cleansers, Sulfate free
  • #1 Dermatologist Recommended
  • Moisturizing body wash minimizes skin dryness
  • Formula with NutriumMoisture technology delivers skin natural nutrients and nourishes deep into the surface layers of the skin

Wonderufl body products always, comes with a smaller size (attached) for trips etc.

When i’m feeling not so fresh in my private places, i give them a good scrubbing with this and i smell fresh for hours.

Really feels and smells great. Giving some as extra little gifts with christmas presents this year.

Love what this product does for our skin, still other products out there just as good or better, so gave it a 4.

My skin is sensitive and my dermatologist recommended this dove wash for me right after it came out. I use this all the time for clean hydrated skin. There is no dried out feeling after my bath and drying off with towel. I feel silky smooth and clean and smell good.

So i started using this in the winter to help combat dry skin and i do break out in the winter on my back also (i didn’t buy this to help that) and it seems to have really helped with my dry skin and my skin is pretty soft. I still use lotion after the shower though. But also in a weird turn out has also helped to clear up my bacne which is a added plus.

Good lather, rinses clean but leaves skin moisturized and not squeaky dry rubbery etc lol.

My son turned us on to this body wash and we really love it. My wife says it makes her skin so soft and i agree. Price was good and shipping on time, so great.

Smell is light and fresh, leaves skin feeling soft and clean.

Another body wash that exceeded my expectations,.

On time and of course product loyalty.

Smells great and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.

This is by far the best body wash i have ever purchased. You really do feel the moisture and it lathers up so much more than other body washes, even other dove washes. I like it is very little scent, so when i put on my lotion or perfume, they are the dominating scent, and i don’t just smell like a bar of soap. My skin really does feel more nourished after a shower.

This body wash is great if you live in las vegas and it’s dry. This body wash has a light fragrance and leaves your skin smooth and not dried out. Amazon ships it through pantry super quit and it’s always been in one piece and not all over my items.

Go to brand for everything in my shower. I love the way dove makes me feel and smell.

Smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling fresh. Also doesn’t dry you out like some body washes.

Gentle, not perfumed, rinses well, small amounts go a long way because of its consistency. I am redoing my bathroom in white and grey so this bottle will already be in step with the decor. The supply in each bottle is generous, and fits on built-in shower shelf. I like the easy open tab which few have. It is challenging to open tiny tops with hands wet and water in my eyes, but i can open this style dispenser without problems.

I got this for a great price.

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Dove Body Wash, Deep Moisture, 22 oz
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