DOVE WOMENS DEO Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant – Great product! Smells and works great!

I am so surprised to be giving spray deodorant 5 stars. I’ve always been a solid girl. Thought the spray seemed weird and ineffective. But i got some in a beauty subscription box, gave it a try, and woah. It goes on fast and dries even quicker. Never gets residual product on your clothes, works amazing through my workouts, and stays on and smelling fresh all day. Seriously at night, before bed, i can still smell the product on my arm pits.

Not usually a spray deodorant person but have been loving this product. It smells great and works really well. Super handy to have when going on day trips, boat rides, etc.

I can honestly say i prefer this to the stick version (clear tone). I will have to try their newest one that doesn’t transfer on any colored clothes–however, i haven’t noticed this one transferring–even on black clothing. So far happy with this purchase.

I usually buy the clean scented one from my local drugstore (blue cap), i decided to buy it online and ship it to my boyfriends house to save me a trip to the drugstore. While it smelled amazing (though different from the one i buy at the store) this one clumped if i added more (the one i buy at the store never has) and this one had me smelling amazing for a couple hours before the bo started to come through. Granted i am long distance he lives in az and i live in cali. While we have hot weather arizona is far worse so maybe the change in temperature is what made it not work as well as usual. And i’m not sure all the scents do this. I will still continue to buy from the drugstore for now at least. It never collects bacteria so it doesn’t smell and i love that it can be shared if traveling and someone forgets theirs. It’s also the only deodorant that helps me with my summer body odor.

I love this product (i get the nourished beauty scent). When it comes to deodorants, i’ve got some massive pet peeves. 1) doesn’t last2) too thick3) more on my shirt than on meif i get the basic deodorant, i’m left with pet peeves 1 and 3. If i get a more long-term (clinical, 48 hour, etc. ) i’m left with pet peeves 2 and 3. I figured i’d give this a try. It lasts me through a southern us day (not the full 48 hours it advertises, but i make it from morning to evening)it doesn’t leave my underarms sticky, goopy, or feeling like i’ve just spackled them. The underarms of my shirts may smell vaguely of the deodorant, but it doesn’t leave any staining and the scent comes right out in the wash. How i apply:spray from 6-8′ away in short burst a few times. Give it a minute or so before i put on my shirttips:pay attention to which way the nozzle is facing. I’ve had a couple accidental deodorant hair spray incidents because of that. If you spray too much, just give it another minute to drywait until your underarms are completely dry after a shower (common sense, right?).

I’ve been using this deodorant for about 6 months now, and i love it. My mom and a friend of mine tried it, though, and did not feel that it worked well for them. We all loved that it’s easy to use and dries fast. For me, it’s an effective antiperspirant. On cool days, i can apply once in the morning and be good for the day. On especially hot/humid days or days that i exercise a lot, i’ll reapply in the afternoon and that will keep me dry for the remainder of the day. My mom and friend both felt that it didn’t keep them dry for a whole day, even on cool days. But, both felt that they sweat more than average. So, if you’re very active or sweat more than average, this may not be for you or you may have to reapply before exercising to keep dry.

I’m so glad i found this product. It doesn’t leave white marks on my clothes like all the others (regardless of what they claim), it holds up well in the heat, and it doesn’t make my arm pits itch like the sprays i’ve used in the past. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, but i guess you get what you pay for.

My soon to be ex wife really enjoyed this product. The scent was very pleasing to her and i liked it as well. Did what it is designed to do. Saved 15% when we were buying as we used the subscribe and save plan. Ordering 5+ products in a month saves 15%.

I like that it goes on dry, keeps my underarms fresh, and never seems to rub off on my clothes. Be careful when you putting it on with your clothes/shirt on though. It’s left stains on my clothes when i’ve accidentally sprayed in the wrong direction.I’ve always managed to get the strains out in the wash though (thank goodness).

So glad they made the spray in clear tone. I have been a big fan of the standard bar cleartone version, recently switched to the spray and am not looking back. I have a toddler at home and am easily able to make it through the day at work, chasing him around in the evening and still smell good going to bed.

While this new stuff by dove is functional, i probably won’t buy it all the time. Now this is just a little nitpick but i’m fussy. They advertise all this stuff as going on ‘instantly’ dry. While i found it dries fast, i did not find it to be instant, i have to do the awkward standing with my arms out to the sides for a minute for it to try. I also find my cat and my boyfriend fleeing the bathroom when i go to put it on, and i myself have to hold my breath while i spray both pits. The particles that get into the air when you spray it make me cough, and bother my combination of allergies and asthma quite a bit.

I had been using dove and secret deodorant sticks and felt like they made my armpits coated and sticky with residue that was difficult to remove in the shower. This spray goes on easy and is light and fresh.

Great smell and great quality. My few usual stores were out of stock of this particular scent, which happens to be my favorite. I recommend this scent; it doesn’t smell like baby powder, it’s not too overpowering and it doesn’t smell like food or tropical fruit. My pesky nasal allergies weren’t bothered or aggravated. It did cost a few dollars more than usual retail, but i consider paying a lil extra if i know i will use it. Here are the specifications for the DOVE WOMENS DEO Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant:

  • Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant Clear Tone Skin Renew 3.8 oz, up to 48 hours of antiperspirant protection
  • Contains Dove 1/4 moisturizers for soft and smooth underarms
  • Goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel
  • Helps to restore skin to its natural tone
  • 0% alcohol (ethanol) formula helps underarms recover from shaving irritation

I’ve struggled to find a deodorant/antiperspirant that kept me dry during the summer in texas, especially in those moments where i’m getting into the car after it’s been locked up all day in the sun or when someone wants to get married in the summer outside like this is the pacific northwest and not texas. I’ve tried degree, secret, a few other brands that i can’t remember. Anyway, this does the trick. Done experimenting, found the answer, this is perfect.The only thing i’ve found that comes close is the secret prescription or just like a doctor gives you or whatever it’s called, i don’t care, this is better.

She uses it so it must work. I have bad nose ,eye reactions to per-fumy spray types. This does not bother me at all , actually pleasant which is rare for me.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice scent and keeps you dry!
  • Great product, nice scent, easy to apply
  • works amazing through my workouts

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