Dr.G Brightening Peeling Gel, 4.2 Ounce : Gentle, Effective, and Scrubs Your Dead Skin Cells Off Without The Old, Angry, Korean Woman

I’m writing this review after only one use by me, and one use by my tween daughter. We thought it would be fun to do together. While i was sloughing off loads of white stuff, she got almost nothing off her face. This made sense to me, as i’m older and have dry skin, and she’s a baby with perfect skin. So for all the people questioning whether the white stuff is in the product itself: no. We used the same tune at the same time with the same method, and achieved starkly different (tho reasonably predictable) results.

I’ve been using this for a year and i still don’t understand, but it is fantastic. You fab a little on your face and scrub and it instantly pulls off all the dead skin. How does it keep finding more dead skin?.I gave it to my besties last christmas in a “favorite things” package and they also are believers now. There’s no denying it will instantly make your face glow. I’m a 40-something that does very little to my face in the morning, and this makes it smooth and ready to go. Love love love the fascinating, freaky, amazing tube of mystery goo.

I really enjoy this product, but my skin is sensitive to it if i don’t *thoroughly* wash it off after using it. I’ve started to use it in the shower so it can rinse well and it does make my skin brighter and softer. Af for the “peeling” that is not your skin, the formula contains cotton which pills as you rub it and works as a physical exfoliant, it’s not skin shedding. Regardless it is a great mild exfoliant, the only reason that i’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it makes me red and inflamed if i don’t do a very elaborate rinse afterwards.

Good heavens, this stuff is amazing. I tried it for the first time last night on my dull, wintery skin and it was like a car crash – intensely disturbing to watch but i could not look away from all the dead skin being lifted off my face. Every single dry and dull patch gone and even my roughest spots feel like baby-skin. My over-50 enlarged pores were immediately reduced and hardly noticable. They have not looked this good since my thirties. I immediately had to try it on other areas like tops of my hands, etc and it was pretty much fantastic everywhere. Bonus for the sensitive skin gals & guys: no sensitivity, tingling or redness during or after. Sign me up for the gallon size.

I am on my third bottle of this. It has become a crucial part of my skin care routine. I have incredibly sensitive skin; neutrogena hydroboost gave me cystic acne, for heaven’s sakes.Most skin care, after two weeks of use, will give me cystic acne. Smells ever so mildly and barely of mint, but there’s no burning, tingling or anything else at all. Gentle and incredibly effective. Every night, i take off my makeup with a wipe, use a very basic cleanser for a little more cleansing, exfoliate with this, tone with witch hazel, and i’m done.

I am 30 with some minor occasional breakouts, old acne scars, and dull skin. I have been using this 2-3 times a week for about 3 weeks and i have seen slight fading of acne scars. When you put it on (clean but dry skin) and starting scrubbing, the amount of stuff that comes off is amazing/disgusting. Afterwards, it feels the softest my skin has ever felt. Looking forward to watching for long term results.

I bought one of these after my friends raved about it. They claimed, ‘you can see the dead skin slough off right before your eyes without irritating the skin. To tell you what i actually say, i have to tell you about my experience in a korean sauna years ago. If you’ve ever been in one, you know what i’m talking about. In the ‘bathing room’ with the pools, they often have ‘ajoomas’ (that’s ‘old, korean woman’ to westerners) along the sides of the pool that provide beauty scrubs to the patrons (if you can afford them). If you’ve never had one, let me assure you, it is a ‘scrub’. And not like the gentle western scrubs that you get at the spas and saunas here where you feel as if all the dirt and grime are scrubbed off of you. When an ajooma gives you a scrub, she is scrubbing so hard you are positive she is scrubbing all the ugly you’ve had for the last 35 years off. During my entire experience, i swore she had a lot of anger there. Maybe it’s because she couldn’t find good kimchi in the area, or she just really does not like kim jong un. When she was finished, i was as red as a lobster and in as much pain as a plated lobster, but i’ll never forget how the floor around me looked like little pieces of rolled up wet newspaper. But i can say that afterwards, my skin felt and looked fresh and new.That’s what this peel will do for you.

Smells nice and leaves your skin very soft. I don’t know how these products work–i know some people say they’re fake, but they can say that to my baby-soft skin–this one leaves more residue than i’m used to, but it’s easy to wash away. I haven’t had any bad reactions or anything.

  • Old vs. young skin: a test case
  • Great stuff
  • Great, even for sensitive skin

Dr.G Brightening Peeling Gel, 4.2 Ounce

  • Gentle exfoliator with vitamin brightening effect
  • Contains natural moisture-rich cellulose
  • Arranges the skin moisturized and radiant

This is a wonderful grommage-type peeling gel. I think it works better if you are in or just out of the shower or bath so that your skin is softer. The exfoliation is a pha, which is a gentler acid that bhas or even ahas (so i hear), and a kind of cellulose that forms a you rub the gel on your skin. The pha gently chemically exfoliates and and the cellulose kind of helps pick up the dead skin (gross) kind of like a pencil eraser on paper. So yeah, you’ll see what appears to be a lot of skin gunk peeling off, but most of that is the cellulose in the gel. It seems gentle enough to use everyday (??) but to be on the safe side i don’t use it more than twice a week. No scent, irritation, or redness, just clearer glowing skin :).

I bought this face wash on the recommendation of a podcaster i listen to. I notice when i first used, i would only notice “skin” coming off on my nose and not the rest of my face. The only time “skin” came off on my face was if i rubbed up and down versus in circles. I say “skin” bc i’m not entirely sure if it is dead skin coming off or just the face wash itself. I don’t notice a difference in my skin after using. I will not be purchasing again.

While this product does what it claims i don’t think i will repurchase. Peeling gels seemed like a fun concept and a gentle alternative to traditional scrubs, and this one was inexpensive and had good reviews so i went for it. I don’t think i have particularly sensitive skin but some fragrant oils and stuff can cause reactions for me. I thought because there are no essential oils in the ingredients and fragrance was very low on the list i would be ok but i guess not. It has quite a strong tea tree fragrance which wouldn’t be an issue in itself but it has a very unpleasant stinging sensation when applied, almost like putting vaporub on my face or something. Since it is a wash off product and i don’t want to waste my money i will use it up, but i will try other peeling gels in the future. Shoutout to the seller though for getting the package to me a week earlier than the expected delivery date.

I’ve noticed my blemishes are already fading ( approx 2 weeks), smoothing out my skin tone. No irritation or dryness afterwards. Pairs well with my other skin products. My skin is also significantly smoother than before. It’s gentle enough that i can massage it into my face for awhile but strong enough to get the job done without that raw/tightness feeling afterwards. Might order 2 bottles next time honestly.

I’m in my 40s & my skin just isn’t what it used to be so i tried this out & loved it. I use it about 2x/week in the shower. My sensitive skin doesn’t react to it, and it doesn’t make my rosacea flare up. My first bottle lasted 8 months & i’m back to buy a 2nd. My overall skin routine is am/pm cleansing with simple foaming cleanser, exfoliate 2x/week dr g peeling gel, aveeno positively daily as a daily spf cream, makeup remover simple micellar water, boots no. 7 protect & perfect serum after cleansing, burt’s bees acne spot treatment for hormonal flare-ups as needed, and a layer of organic oil before bed. All these products together are less than $100 & last a long time. If you have aging skin and you’re on a budget, try this ‘system’ out – it’s really turned my skin around.

I’ve had a gross build up of dead skin and clogged pores and have used this daily to get my skin back into baby soft shape. The first day the dead skin was a ridiculous amount and i thought ‘ok, there’s gotta be a coagulant or something because it really can’t be this bad. ‘ well, i have used it for the past four days and can confirm that there is less and less each time i use it. Hopefully by the end of the week i’ll be to a maintenance stage and will only be using it 1-2 times a week. I love that it’s non drying and doesn’t irritate. The price is just ridiculously good, too.

The areas around my nose are always clogged and greasy. It makes my pores look huge and the area feel slightly tacky, no matter how much exfoliating and oil reducing i do. I used this product once and that area is so freaking smooth. I was concerned about reviews stating that the skin you see coming off with this product is just the product itself. I tried replicating the visual results on non skin areas with 0 results. I know i won’t be irritating the crap out of acne with harsh scrubs ever again. Edit: i’ve been using this for weeks now and i only love it more. I use a strong chemical exfoliant once a week, but i use this almost daily. Its gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but if your skin is on the dryer side i’d recommend using less than i do.

I got a sample of a facial peeling gel a while back and loved the results, finally decided to find a full sized product and decided on this one. I’m 23 with acne prone skin and some mild scaring. Because of all of the products i use to fight the acne i tend to get flaky skin in some places on my face and around breakouts as they heal. It doesn’t irritate the skin, it’s easy to use, no strong odor, and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and looking bright. I even notice my other skincare products absorb so much better after using this. If you’ve been on the fence about buying a facial peel or aren’t sure which one to buy, this is the one. Easy to use and amazing results.

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