Equinox International Dental Hygiene Kit – Includes Tarter Scraper/Scaling Instrument – Missing tool; debris inside case

I have two points of concern about this product. 1 – this claims to be ‘surgical grade’ and ‘dentist approved’. To this i would say that if any dentist tried to put these tools in my mouth i would not only never go back, i might sue them. I received these tools with rough edges and corrosion. 2 – for those not looking for medical tools, i think that these would be fine. I have used them successfully for small space purposes.

I worked in a dental office for years, these are not the quality that you would find there but they are also not $50 for each individual piece either. With that in mind i will say they are very good quality for the price – just what i wanted for cleaning the dogs teeth. Maybe some veterinarians charge $100 as one review said – ours charges $450 and insist on anesthetizing to do the cleaning. We have always trained the dogs when they are puppies to have their teeth cleaned, some dogs have an issue with the scraping sound at first, but even our pound-puppy who came to us at 5 years old lays quietly for his ‘dental visit’. I wouldn’t suggest anyone try to remove extensive tartar unless you know what you are doing, these instruments are very sharp but i do think they are great for young dogs that only have a mild build up.

I don’t usually write reviews, but i had to say how surprised i was at the excellent quality of these dental tools for the price. Each tool is much weightier and of a higher quality than i expected. I wanted a set with a case to store them in, and even the case is more substantial than i expected. You can’t go wrong with this purchase. I looked at some at the drugstore that were not nearly as nice.

My husband purchased this for me to use for my dogs. I am a veterinary technician, and could absolutely do their dental cleanings at work. But it does cost quite a bit when there are 3 dogs at 130+ lbs each. I have 3 dogue de bordeaux’s (french mastiffs) that love having their teeth cleaned. All three lay down for me and let me do full dental cleanings without anesthesia (obviously since i do them at home)thank you.

Got these to clean my german shepherd’s teeth at the risk of loosing a hand over saving a hundred bucks. Luckily he laid patiently while i scraped and poked around and i retained all my digits. Product seems well made and easy to use.

First off, have no conflict of interest: i paid full price. I found these tools to be very good for the price. They are sturdy, well constructed, and the tips are sharp and reasonably, but not perfectly, finished. I had a little roughness on one of the 4 scrapers, but nothing that wouldn’t smooth out with a touch of ‘sandpaper’. The handles have a good knurling so they’re easy to manipulate. The mirror is not-fog-proof, but nothing is. Put a cold object in a warm moist area, and water condenses. Warm the mirror up before using it. The case is nicer than expected: vinyl exterior, velour interior with elastic bands to hold the instruments, and a zipper to close it all up.

Each tool in here helps so much with my at-home teeth cleaning. Originally i just wanted something sharp that i could use for those hard-to-reach-in-between-the-teeth areas that always seem to gather plaque no matter how much i brush and floss, but this whole kit has come in handy. With a small change to my teeth cleaning routine, and without having to use teeth whiteners, my teeth are looking better than ever thanks to these handy tools. Bonus: the tools are surgical steel so no worries about having rusty tools sitting in your cabinet.

Not sure about the ‘surgical stainless steel’ i mean. I just use it from time to time because you know how some days you eat certain things and you can just feel the plaque and tartar on your teeth (especially the lower incisors?). So i use these tools to gently scrape the edges of those teeth. Now, i wouldn’t go shoving these up under my teeth or using the hooks on my gums or anything. These things need to be taken seriously. You could do some real damage, like permanently lowering your gumline if you aren’t careful. Also be sure to disinfect them before and after using.

I have purchased other kits that were no where close the quality of this unit. It’s stainless steel for starters. Mirror doesn’t fog but a second and then gone. Nice zippered carrying case. It would make a nice gift i think, but i don’t think it would be appropriate giving someone tools to help with their dental hygiene. There are 3 double ended picks plus a mirror. Enough picks for everything except your nose.

I bought this for my personal use cleaning under a permanent lower retainer that always seemed to get food stuck behind it that i could not get out with other means. It exceeded my expectations. The instruments are very sturdy and are of a much higher quality than what i have previously found with dental kits for home usage. My mother who was a dental hygienist for 30 plus years saw them while visiting and gave them the once over and was shocked at the price and thought i had bought this kit from a dental supply store (believe me, my mother is not someone who passes out compliments easily so that is high praise for this kit).

I was asked to write a review on this product because i usually write really good reviews, especially for products that i like. In fact, i never write a review for a product that i don’t like. I just wouldn’t buy it again. Fact is, i do a great deal of research before i buy a product in the first, place and i recommend that you do the same. Owning these tools does not mean that i’m even remotely attempting to substitute my efforts for those of a dentist, but i do believe that i personally develop more tartar on the inside and outside of my front teeth than many other people and it is quite annoying. I floss, i rinse with a good mouthwash, and i brush once or twice each day. These tools are meant to to help with the maintenance of good gums, healthy gums and healthy teeth. Again, not a substitute for regular cleanings by a qualified professional. You can tell as soon as you open the package that these are quality tools which should be taken good care of and i recommend that you absolutely, at all costs, avoid using these very sharp scraping tools any lower than your gum line.

This kit just arrived today. When i opened it, it only had 3 of the 4 tools. The tartar scraper is missing. A few reviews also noted missing pieces, but i took a chance and lost this time. Also, inside of the case was a bit of debris similar to small dust balls. I was able to get them all out, but it doesn’t instill confidence that any of the tools are clean at all. I’ll certainly be putting them in boiling water before they get anywhere near my mouth. Once i use them at least once, i’ll edit my review accordingly.

Here are the specifications for the Equinox International Dental Hygiene Kit – Includes Tarter Scraper/Scaling Instrument:

  • PREMIUM – Smile confidently. This kit includes all 4 essential high quality tools needed to keep your oral hygiene in top shape. Rust-resistant and superior material.
  • UNIVERSAL – The Equinox International Dental Hygiene Tools are easy to use and great for Dentists, Orthodontists, and Hygiene Enthusiasts. Suitable for adults, kids and pets.
  • ERGONOMIC – Bacteria builds up easily on and in-between your teeth such as Plaque and Tarter. What many don’t know is that simply brushing and flossing teeth barely removes any unwanted debris and germs. These tools have been designed to target and remove all of the bacteria.
  • BEST VALUE – Save your self a costly trip to the local Dentist, and use the tools in our kit. This 4-Pc kit includes 1 Anti-Fog Dental Mirror, 1 Dental Pick, 1 Dental Scraper and 1 Dental Sickle
  • EASY STORAGE – As a complimentary perk, your tools come in a premium leather zipper case that you can carry on the go, or keep safely in your bathroom cabinet.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My poor dental hygienist won’t have any plaque to clean now!
  • A very good value
  • I have 3 Dogue de Bordeaux’s (French Mastiffs) that love having their teeth cleaned

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