Evolve Exotics Satin Sunset Bonnet – Stays on thru the nite comfortably

Comfortable, prevents breakage and hair sustains moisture. The ban fits my small head, but it’s a little loose. The description states medium/ regular size. If you have have a lot of hair or thick hair this will work well for you. I have short hair so it doesn’t come off easily. I wouldn’t buy this again because it’s baggy. If i had a lot of hair i would definitely buy it again.

This bonnet is generously sized with a nice wide ban. Most comfortable bonnet i’ve ever worn, i can even wear it over my ears which i normally can’t do. I totally feel my hair is protected. The colors and pattern selections are random. I got a very loud brightly-colored wild pattern but i like it.

Large too so if you have curlers or a lot of hair you’d be fine. My only thing is the dye, which is the reason for the 3 star rating. As soon as i received it i was washing clothes so i threw it in with oxyclean. I’m still getting orange dye on my pillow cases.

I use this every night for my curly hair. I just put my hair in a pinapple and throw throw this on at night and in the morning i take it off and shake my hair out. I will say it is kinda large however thats perfect if you want to do perm rods, curl formers, or flexi rods which i do often. I would say i woukd buy it again but i dont think i will need to for months to come.

This bonnet is nice and roomy. Do not have to worry about it crushing your hair. I think the best thing about this bonnet is that it does not come offwhile you are sleeping. For this reason alone it gets 5 stars from me. This was definitely a great purchase. Another plus for me is that it is not too tight on your head.

I have been wearing this for awhile and it has really held up. It stays on my head throughout the night. It is not too tight or uncomfortable. The oils i use don’t stain it. I will recommend washing it before wearing it because the die bleeds at first but it is fine after a good washing.

  • Okay
  • Stays on my head!!
  • Good for thick or long hair.

Item received as pictured despite customer photos of a different item. Just what i need to preserve hairstyles. Works well for long hairstyles and short. The only negative is that this scarf has soooo much dye. I’ve washed several times and it still colors my bedding and clothing. So, do not wear in lighter colored bedding or clothing. I literally just messed up the sleeve of a brand new pajama top. My white pillow case has been blue and bleach won’t turn it back. Otherwise the scarf is perfect. Update: after several washes the color continues to bleed on bedding and clothing.

I have been using this bonnet for about 3 weeks now. I have some trouble trying to keep it on my head. The band is not loose, but it is a bit slippery. Even though the fabric for the band is quite comfortable, it doesn’t do much to keep it on my head while i’m sleeping. I’ve had to use clips in the front and back of my head to keep it on. I’ve got a pretty big head, so it’s pretty surprising that i’d have so much trouble keeping it on. The band definitely isn’t tight, but because i have to wear it with clips (that attach to my hair), it causes dents or creases in my hair where it rests on my head. This sort of destroys the purpose of using it to maintain my hairstyle, but it is very helpful for keeping my hair from getting damaged. The material is very soft and gentle on my hair. I also frequently color my hair and this bonnet keeps my hair color from making a mess of my pillowcase.

Very good bonnet, big enough for head and some rollers. It stays on thru the night and keeps the hair moisturised as stated. The edge is not tight at all and very comfortable for a night’s sleep. I forget i’m wearing it, and it looks good on my brown skin.If you’re concerned about the way you look when you sleep, forget it, you’ll look great. The only reason it is not a five, is that it smooshes, ever so slightly, but not enough to be concerned.

I’ve been eyeing this bonnet for some time now, finally decided to bite the bullet. Honestly it’s exactly what i was looking for, long enough for my length hair(which is only about to my under boob but can holder longer hair lengths) it’s really silky and smooth on the inside and you can tie it how tight you want it so it doesn’t slip off at night. I’ve found that even it’s it’s just a bit loose, it will slip off at night since its so slippery on the inside, so be wary of that i guess.

Difficult to put on if you have curlers in your hair because the elastic will only stretch so far. I find that the elastic rides up and you don’t wake up with the turban where you put it. It ends up above your ears and pulling up on the hairline in the back and it tends to work downward on the forehead. It absolutely did keep my curls intact and when i removed it my curls were just as bouncy and beautiful as when i put on the cap. So if you can get past the minor difficulties and except where the cap decides to put itself on your head then you will love this because after all, you are trying to make your hair more healthy and keep your curls intact and not all mushed together and frizzy when combed out. I would recommend this very reasonable product to greatly help your hair health and retain your curl.

Features of Evolve Exotics Satin Sunset Bonnet

  • High quality satin bonnet for nighttime use
  • Satin material is secured on inside of bonnet to protect your tresses
  • Satin material helps to maintain moisture, reduce frizz and breakage
  • Protects natural, relaxed and protective styles
  • Medium/regular fit

High quality satin bonnet for nighttime use

Satin material is secured on inside of bonnet to protect your tresses

Satin material helps to maintain moisture, reduce frizz and breakage

Protects natural, relaxed and protective styles

Medium/regular fit

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Evolve Exotics Satin Sunset Bonnet
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