Feather Styling Razor Disposal Case : Works as advertised, maybe even better than .

It does what it’s supposed to do and it does it well. A safe disposal solution for used double edge blades that can simply be filled and disposed of, or opened, emptied and re-used. Opening the container is a bit of a challenge, but it can be done. This is simply a plastic box with a logo on it, but it is highly functional and again, safe. The cost is offset by the free shipping through amazon. Although i have yet to fill my disposal case, i would venture that it would fit well in excess of 100 blades.

With the return of double edge blades, there is the question of safe and proper disposal of used blades. This solidly made heavy molded plastic container fits the bill. The blades slip in easily and are safely contained and away from inadvertently cutting anyone. Good for home use, but even better for the traveler as it fits nicely in a shaving kit and avoids leaving a sharp blade in a hotel room garbage pail for an employee to get cut on. No this feather styling razor disposal case is the responsible and stylish way to dispose of used blades.

This is the perfect solution for tossing out those used double-edged blades. The blades easily fit into the top slot and drop to the bottom. This is much smaller than the picture would lead you to believe, but it’s just the right size. It measures 2-1/2′ wide x 1-3/4′ deep x 2-1/8′ high. A question was asked if this could be opened and emptied. The answer is yes, but this was intended as a disposal container – fill it and then throw it out. If you were to empty this into the garbage, you defeat the purpose of this container. Another question was how many blades this will hold. I’ll update my review to reflect that number when i get to that time. Pros:-small and unobtrusive-easily accepts bladescons:-none i’ve found.

Nice, compact, holds a fair amount of blades. I recommended it as inexpensive product that does what it is supposed to. I get more than a year out of one. I monitored the blades i deposited and found that i put in about 150 blades. I could maybe squeeze a few more in but do not feel it is worth the hassle. I just started using a new one. Pic shows what it looks like with 150 blades.

I go through quite a few safety blades as i shave my head and face every day. I finally filled the case after about 110+ razors. It took quite a while but i wanted to be safe since i have little ones that seem to find everything and the last thing i wanted was for them to discover old razor blades. What a nightmare that would be.This case keeps old blades nice and secure and fits nicely in a medicine cabinet. After i filled it, i just opened it and properly disposed of the old blades and now i’m back at it again.

Small, and does the job well. I’m not sure how many blades can fit, but i’m going to repurchase this once the one i have gets full. I’m glad i spent a little money to get something that actually looks good and is functional than using a sprite can, like some people do lol.

Feather Styling Razor Disposal Case

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Works well, but i wish it had a cover on the top. It is likely made for home use where it just sits there, but i put it in a shaving bag that travels with me and i worry about the used blades falling out into my bag and cutting me later. I folded a piece of paper and wedged it into the slot to keep them in but i do wish it had a cap of some type made to keep them in inside a travel bag. Maybe another model made for traveling does this, but this one works great for what it was designed for. Every time i consider changing blades i smile, 10 cents vs the $4 per blade i had before is a money saving change i love.

I have always wondered what to do with my used blades. I never wanted to throw them in the trash. Before i just used to wait until i had something metal to recycle and shoved the used blades in there. It’s small and compact and looks like it’ll fit a ton of safety blades. A must buy, if you have a safety razor.

I used to be a hairstylist and had these blade safes for my feather styling razor blades. I still have my styling razor, blades, and blade safe but i wanted an empty one for my safety razor blades. If the blades you buy for your safety razor come in plastic packs they have a slot in the back for used blades. If you use the ones that come in cardboard/paper packs they don’t come with a blade safe. This is where this beauty comes infantastic.

I switched to using a safety razor last year, and the only thing i don’t like is the problem of used blades. The traditional advice i received was to wrap the used blade in the wrapper of the new one. But this was a very poor solution; many times the razor would slice through the paper and other garbage, eventually tearing through the trash bag. I also really didn’t like throwing otherwise good metal in the trash, when might be recycled. All safety razor blades are the same dimensions, so my non-feather blades easily slip in this box. I like how it doesn’t easily open, and blades stay inside even when you knock the box over. I anticipate this box to safetly hold a large number of blades, and eventually given to a recycler.

Haven’t got to the bottom yet, but works just fine. Keeps razor blades in so i don’t have to worry about any blades ripping out of a garbage bag or something and dropping trash everywhere. Not much i can say other reviews haven’t. Holds it really secure and i don’t think you can just shake em out even if you tried.

Great, i just wish that it had some sort of disposable insert, sort of like a trash bag that can’t be punctured. That way when it’s full you can not have to dump a bunch of sharp razors in your trash can. Sort of defeats the purpose of having a blade storage, you eventually have to dump them in your trash can, it might be safer just to throw them away one or time also maybe some sort of double-sided sticky tape to stick it somewhere. Other than that it’s awesome it’s nice to have somewhere to throw all your used blades.

It does what it’s intended to do. Safety razors are extremely dangerous to throw away. I found myself trying to put the razors in bottles or cans every week just to discard them. This is obviously a great solution. I’ll probably just do what the other reviewer said and tape it up to throw it away when it’s fill. This will take quite a long time to fill. What i wish someone would invent though is an impermeable liner with a nicer looking disposal so you could just toss the liner. But for now and this really cheap price, it works great.

I just received this today and it’s seems perfect for what i want. 100 unused razors fit in to less than 1/2 if it so it should go the better part of a year for me. I had seen questions about if it could be easily opened. It took about 3 seconds once i got my small screwdriver set from the garage. Just get a small flat head screw driver, there are two tiny tabs on the side (picture included) and gently push the screw driver blade into each tab unti tge retention gives. Then the top pulls off easily. If it were full of 200+ used razors i’d suggest an assistant or a light touch vise to steady the bottom while opening. Once open you could potentially empty it into a alminium or tin container made for mints or something else. Crazy glue the tin closed, mark it with a warning and throw it away. Then rinse & dry the feather and start over again.

As the title says, great little case, holds a very large number of razors. I’ve had this for a few months and haven’t made a dent in the capacity. I estimate i’ll be able to use it for 12-18 months before it’s full. The top holds together well, but is also easy to open if you want to dump the blades into a tin can or something similar and reuse the case. It seems a bit expensive at $4. 86 for a plastic box, but since it lasts over a year, it’s not so bad.

A few razors in and i can hardly tell any are in there so i expect to get a lot. I don’t love that it’s disposivle, but since the razors aren’t recyclable (as far as i know) i guess there’s no point in being able to reuse this product either. When it is completely full, and i throw it away, i definitely won’t worry about the razors falling outseems to keep them safe from small hands but i wouldn’t test it.I keep it in a medicine cabinet up high.

My blades don’t come with a disposal method. So i bought this little plastic box. Nice easy way to drop a blade in and stop worrying about it. I keep mine in the drawer and don’t want anything falling out when the box gets moved around. I give the box a little tap on the counter and jiggle after putting the blade in to get the blade seated below the slot. (if the blade is wet sometimes it will stick a little to the side of the slot. )for those who are interested in capacity, it took about 100 blades before the jiggle started spitting a blade partially out of the slot- not every time but frequently enough. More blades will fit but in the box still but i don’t want them to poke out so i just ordered a new box. Pretty satisfied with this product.

Feather Styling Razor Disposal Case : I wondered if these small containers were worth buying, until it came in the mail. Its definitely going to fit a decent amount of used blades maybe 70-100 im not sure. These are definitely worth picking up, its also safer for people who have to pick up your trash, do yourself and your neighborhood trashman a solid and grab one of these nifty disposable cases.

I bought this primarily because i have small kids and was concerned about them finding my discarded razor blades. I hear a lot of people just reuse old containers like altoids mint tin boxes, etc i however think that’s a little dangerous as most kids will think its exactly what the tin box is and not that is has discarded razors inside. The construction is quality and well made, it appears it will hold well more than 100 razors. The plastic is very thick and sturdy, as an adult i would have a difficult time opening this if i tried. I am very happy with this disposal case, i feel like it will protect my kids should they ever become curious what it is and i would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a safe way to discard their razors. I should also note i’m a new safety razor shaver and i bought a bunch of 5 blade sample packs so none of the blades i own came with it’s own plastic disposal case i could use, i had to find something on my own and again i am very happy with this solution.

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