Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray : Smells great but performs ‘meh’ at best

Perfect for san antonio tx weather. Had a bit of trouble getting it off but once i did there was no tape residue left on the cap which i was happy about.

This was a great price for the amount received. This will last you a long time and i would recommend this to anyone. The price is unbeatable so buying this on amazon was the best choice i made. Stores tend to charge way more for this product. I recommend buying from amazon over going to the store if the 2 day shipping isn’t a problem.

Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray, Ultra Strong Hold, 8.25 oz.

  • Anti-humidity hairspray provides 24 hour ultra strong hold and frizz control for smooth hair
  • Strong yet flexible paraben-free formula is infused with bamboo extract
  • Smoothing hairspray wraps hair strands, creating an instant shield against frizz
  • Style stays sleek and shiny, even in extreme humidity

First of all, this came in waaaaay earlier than expected, and i was extremely happy about that. The can is actually a lot bigger than i thought, and i am happy about that also. I was looking for something to keep my crazy hair under control, and this works well. It doesn’t harden your hair like most hair sprays do, and the smell is very pleasant also. I will be purchasing again when i run out.

I have used this product and the hairspray for a number of years. It does not show a film on the hair even if you have to touch up again with more spray. It has a different levels of hold. I usually get the highest they carry as my hair is dense.I have been very happy with this spray.

I love this spray because it doesn’t make my hair all crinkly. It is perfect for keeping flyaways tamed.

Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray, Ultra Strong Hold, 8.25 oz. : It’s the best hair spray i’ve ever used. It’s light and it doesn’t leave my hair flaky. I only need to spray it once and it holds all day.

I love this hairspray for my boys. Doing young boys hair can be such a pain. I just use this while combing it and it holds great.

Particles are so small and misty i gasp for air and feel sick, but it’s an awesome sell i love these guys but humidity control goes right into my lungs even if i’m holding my breath it’s like particles are suspended up in air for long amount of time. Sorry to complain about such an awesome product. But usually hairspray falls down as you spray it. This one’s almost like spraying perfume.

Being a guy i don’t get super excited about thisrypw stuff. But hey, i don’t like junk either. Good product at a fair price equals good purchase.

I have thick long hair and it holds it in place whenever i curl it with a curling iron. Although i don’t recommend using too much ’cause the scent could be overwhelming and maybe even cause a headache if you’re really sensitive.

Had a hard time paying this much for hair spray, but totally worth it. Really males my hair shine and beats frizz.

After doing a bit of research i decided to purchase this hair spray and one other brand to see which one would be best suited for my hair. I was hoping this brand would be better suited since it was a bit cheaper but unfortunately it did not hold my hair at all. I have very fine, thin hair. It didn’t seem to hold at all and my hair went flat only minutes after using it. Read the other reviews to see if it will work better with your hair type. I think it works much better for other types of hair. The one plus is it smells really good.

Most hairsprays make me feel out of breath after using them because of the fumes but this one doesn’t and leaves my hair smelling amazing.

I purchased all three of garnier fructis hairsprays so i could figure out what i like better. The sleek and shine with the anti humidity property is my second favorite for everyday usage. It does leave a nice glimmer to your hair. You can manage to work your fingers through your hair after spraying on wet hair. And, it keeps my hair from getting that fine frizz, especially in humidity. The extreme control with anti-humidity manages to keep your hair in place without looking like helmet head. Great if you’re going out and expecting wind or you are going dancing. It will keep everything where it should be for a full 24 hours. The anti-humidity hairspray with uv filters (and bamboo extract sounds cool) is my favorite.

Smells great, however fails to adhere to wet hair and doesn’t excell at holding down rouge cow licks either. Tbh the dollar store hairspray performed about the same (though not smelling as great) as this one. This hairspray worked it way out of my hair for the most part in about 6 maybe 7 hours of my 10 hour days. The perk of that is i didn’t feel obligated to rinse it out after work. The obvious failure here is i worked for 3 hours with my hair doing whatever it pleases. It works well if you pair it with a sculpting wax or hair gel, but i feel that defeats the purpose. Maybe it just works better on people with longer hair?.

Smells weird coming out of the box but spraying it on it smells fine and the scent fades quickly anyway; does not leave any flaky residue; all day hold. I use for my 8 hr workdays where i have to wear my hair in a tight bun.

This product is cheap and works super well. My hair is fine and spraying it after straightening my hair really helps to prevent it from becoming curly due to humidity. I find that the bottle becomes empty rather fast but that’s because i use it every day.

Makes hair healthy and shinny. Don’t worry there aren’t sparkles, it just looks amazingly health.

This is my favorite hairspray. It does make hair stiff and sticky, but that is normal for these types of hair sprays but this really works and love the smell.

As per sleeking and shining ability, its nothing to write home about, but its still good hairspray. No hairspray really does that, and i’ve used them all. I keep going back to this one. Nice smell, nice price, nice hold.

Love that i was still able to find this online, as it has disappeared from stores around me. This is my everyday hairspray to keep my super-fine hair from going full-frizz in the ridiculous south florida humidity.

Just what i was looking for. Good hold without any crunch. I use this for some root lift and it hold well all day. I have used it for holding a style and it works well too. No crunch, no weird smell, sprays well.

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Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray, Ultra Strong Hold, 8.25 oz.
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