Garnier Fructis Style Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray – This is the best parts of using dry shampoo

Goes on dry, no wait time like others. . I lift my hair, spray at the root, it’s immediately dry, done for the day. Dont need h airspray on top of it. . I’d buy stock in it if i could.

I decided to try this after watching a youtube video for a similar, but much more expensive, product. I like that it gives my hair body even if it is not curly. I lime the fact that i does not dry out my hair or make it hard to comb or to style. It is also great for holding bangs back in a loose and natural looking way – esp helpful if you are growing them put and they are at an awkward stage.

I was hesitant to try this because a lot of products that i have tried make my hair feel greasy or like there is a lot of build up, but this one really does a good job of giving me texture without being too much. I would recommend that you use a light hand at first, because it is possible to use too much if you’re not being careful. I have very healthy but fine hair, and this gave me just enough ‘oomph’ so that my hair does not seem to be stuck flat against my head. It does have a pleasant scent, but it fades away after a few minutes. I’ll be ordering this again.

  • Review of 5 dry texture sprays
  • My wife loves this stuff
  • My hair has always been fine, and now it’s thinning as well

This is the best parts of using dry shampoo, without all the product buildup. The hold is less than average hairspray, but it makes your hair very playable. It also helps keep your hair from looking greasy on hot days. It can dry your hair out a little, but this is definitely my favorite summer hair product.

I wanted to try this item based on the reviews that it works as well as the more expensive brands. I have been using the oribe dry texture spray oribe dry texturizing spray, 8.  prior to this and was hopeful that the garnier would work as well with a much lower price tag. I liked the garnie item okay but i still prefer the oribe significantly over the garnie texture tease dry touch spray. For me, when i use the oribe spray, i can feel it in my hair. It gives it the texture that you can feel and the almost ‘dirty’ feeling, which, to me, is a good thing. The garnier item didn’t lay down as heavily and i had to use a lot more of the product each time and still didn’t give me the results that i was looking for. The oribe item can last me about 5-6 months with almost daily use because i don’t have to use as much each time.

Features of Garnier Fructis Style Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray, 3.8 oz.(Packaging May Vary)

  • Delivers a flexible grip so you can rework to keep hair’s styled fullness
  • Dry touch finish holds lift & fullness on shapeless hair
  • Finish is non tacky, not stiff or weighed down

I’ve used this texture spray for years now. I have thin hair that needs a little help in the volume department. It adds the perfect texture to my straight or curled hair. It’s lightweight and smells great. Just a warning, don’t over do it. It will make your hair heavy and feel a bit dirty,.

Love, love, love this stuff. Gives my layered bob the texture it needs to stay full and piecy ( i like a messy kind of look with my hair. Additionally i think my hair looks thicker. I have dark hair and have never noticed a white residue with this so i’ve no clue to some of the comments here saying that is so. I think some people will just prefer a more expensive brand of anything because of the belief that more expensive is always better and that is so not true in this instance. And how it does not work for some people is baffling. I was using the living proof volume spray and that works well too, but it’s so much more expensive and it was not superior to the garnier product. Anyway, it’s a holy grail item for me. On days i don’t wash i just freshen my hair with a bit more of this stuff (less than on freshly washed hair), and “piece” my hair into place and i’m good to go.

My hair has always been fine, and now it’s thinning as well. But this stuff makes a big difference; it gives my hair enough texture that i can backcomb it and it holds, plus it makes it look fuller. Spray it on generously and do it when dry. Smells kind of bad, so i step outside to do the spraying, but that’s just me i think. As a prime member, i buy a lot of stuff from amazon. Living out in a rural area far from a city, amazon is my go-to source for many of my purchases. I must rely heavily on your product reviews to help me decide which item is best for me — especially when i can’t actually see, touch or hold the product. I take my personal product reviews seriously, and if something proves to be a piece of junk, i’ll tell you – and if it’s great or mediocre, i’ll tell you that, too. My policy is to try to write the kind of reviews i want to read and to update my reviews if for some reason the product fails to perform as advertised during the period it’s warrantied for. I do ask that if you found this review helpful in making your decision, that you please click on the ‘yes’ button below.

I started buying on amazon because i cannot find it in the stores anymore. Not sure if they stopped carrying it. I usually use this stuff after curling my hair. It holds my curls all day long, but leaves my hair smooth and touchable. I can still brush through it if i need to. I have bought some higher end texture sprays to try because i am a big advocate of you get what you pay for. However this stuff works just as well as the higher end stufff i have tried.

How in the world does this stuff work so well and yet be so inexpensive?. Like so many women if my hair isn’t right when i leave the house, it ruins my whole day. With baby fine hair it’s hard to find a product that doesn’t weigh it down or once you get out into the humidity, it just droops. It actually works and holds my hair. I have found, for me, the best way to apply is to spray first in my hands, rub them together, bend over, and then apply it to directly the roots. It doesn’t take a lot, either. Maybe five little spritzes is all you need. And magically, it holds all day. You know you’ve found a good product when your husband comments on your hair – – ‘it looks different, like it’s thicker, like you’ve grown more hair.

It is much less expensive than oribe one, but does exactly what i wanted it to do – adds volume and gives my fine and thin hair some texture to make my hair workable.

I heard that this was a dupe for the orbe texturizing spray. While i love the orbe spray it’s a pretty pricey hair product so i happily tried this one out. While i do like it and can say it does give good texture – i cannot even try to move my fingers through my hair. I’ve used it twice now and when i go to run my fingers through my hair like i do with orbe when used i can’t even do it. Tangles and knots and so i have to say i don’t believe that this is anywhere close to the dupe i’d hope it was. I’d be surprised if i even use it any more as i really still want to be able to move my fingers through my hair.

When my hair is freshly washed, it’s just too. This product is just what i need to make my fine hair have some grip. It also works as a dry shampoo for me–i don’t notice my hair getting as oily when i use it.

This is my favorite hair care product. I have thin, flat hair and this really works like it says. I spray it on after blow-drying, all brushed forward, and wait a second and i can style my hair without it being sticky like regular hairspray. I really feel like i have more hair, which i really need.This is great stuff, and so is the price.

Reasonably priced and does what it claims. I have gone through a period of hair thinning and loss after a major surgery. This “pumps up” my hair and gives me texture and volume. Not sticky at all and has a pleasant scent that only lasts a short time. My only issue is that the spray nozzle takes a lot of pressure to dispense and it comes out in strong blasts. I would recommend and will purchase again.

I have two kids now and i need to save time in the morning, so i was looking for products i could use to style my hair before bed that would last through the following day. I tried the following dry texture sprays, and my review is posted under each product:moroccan oil dry texture spray – this spray provides texture and all day hold. The spray is dry and comes out of the can with a lot of power. The smell is strong but nice. The garnier dry texture spray is much cheaper and performs just as well if not better. I paid full price for this product. 4 starsouai dry texture spray – i tried a sample of this product at my local sephora. The smell of this spray is so horrible that many people in the store complained when i sprayed it. It smells like embalming fluid mixed with decaying flowers.

I heard about this texture spray and for the price i ordered it. It is much better price on amazon than in stores. The trick to it, is to spray sections of your hair and backcomb it. This works well on dry hair and even hair that hasn’t been washed for a few days. I use this once my hair gets oily and after using dry shampoo since my hair gets weighed down from the dry shampoo. For reference i have thin, fine hair and this really gives me a boost to my hair if used correctly.

I’m a hair stylist with pretty thin, straight, shoulder-length hair, and i use this spray every morning on dry hair to add texture and the slightest grip. I adore this stuff and make sure to reorder before i run out. If you have straight hair that isn’t very thick or full naturally, then i’d recommend this for your hair. It can be used in lieu of hair spray too if you find that nearly all hair sprays are too heavy for your fine hair. I do think this will work on thicker and/or curly hair; it just might not provide quite enough added texture/malleability/hold. One reason it’s still worth trying on thicker curly hair: it’s impossible to use too much of this stuff, which i find is priceless. Application: i spray this mostly toward the roots of my hair and then massage my fingers through those sections similar to how you’d lather your hair in the shower. This combined with a little dry shampoo sprayed through the same areas gives my hair the illusion of heat styling and the slightest movement/bend. With this technique, i can get away with letting my hair air dry and use no heat styling tools on it at all. Pros:excellent for fine hairadds texture without weighing hair downwon’t make hair feel dirty, unlike other texturizerssmell – pleasant, non-floral, not overwhelmingpotential cons:the bottle isn’t huge [but i really prefer that, personallymay not provide enough hold for very thick or curly hair. ]

I like that it does work great at keeping the roots ‘up high’, but it does leave and white residue that is dulling. Wish they could make it work as well as it does and make the hair shinier.

I got a little volume and texture but the smell of this is way overpowering– and i’m not a ‘smell-sensitive person’ by any means, but it was still overpowering the next morning. My hair is straight and fine, so the texture and volume it gave was about what i expected, but that smell is just way too much (and i usually love garnier products, i use their sleek and shine shampoo and their frizz spray).

Of all the hair products i have used, this is the only one i repurchase again and again. I’ve been buying it for years. The price is right and i like the texture it gives my hair. My hair is mostly straight with a weak wave to it. I have had color treated, long hair, short hair and most recently had a body wave perm done and this product has worked great regardless of how much i change my hair.

It adds body to my (very flat) hair. After i straighten my hair i lift it up and spray towards the roots. It really adds good texture and i swear it helps with the mississippi humidity as well. I now keep a backup bottle stocked.

Did it really meet my needs. I have a very fine hair and need a product that will add a little bit of volume to my hair. This product was on able to do that. It is okay for a quick touch-up but i find that good hairspray does the exact same thing.

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