GiGi All Purpose Honee – Just buy it if you’re tired of spending $$$ to wax at a salon

Love it, i use it for my (as well as my husbands) waxing’s. Trust me ladies best non prickly face/other places everif you hate having sand paper grind into your face when you kiss your man, or you don’t like for you ‘miss prissy’ to be agitated from his hairs scraping the skin from your nether regions then wax your man. It took some convincing but he finally gave way and let me try it on him (lol his reactions were priceless) but thankfully he can tolerate it enough to keep waxing. It has made his hair finer and it takes a while to come back not the normal 5 o’clock shadow crap. So we wax his nether regions, as well as his face two points on him that can leave me with serious hair burn. As for me i use this for my very own bikini wax, and although it hurts like a mother****** i wouldn’t stop for anything. Being so clean and smooth down there is priceless and hubby thoroughly kisses away any pain after. ;)love gigi, she makes wonderful products, i paired this with the gigi warmer as well as the muslin wax.

Needs to be heated up thoroughly, which with the heater of the same brand takes about an hour. It does the job i need it to.

Takes longer to heat up than it says, but that’s no problem for me. A lot cheaper than going and getting waxed, i’ve gone through 2 of these and have a third that i’ll be starting to use soon. I’ve used different types that you put in the microwave but this is a lot less of a hassle if you’re slow at it like me. Keep in mind you do need a wax warmer for this, it is not microwaveable.

I liked this wax it did the job, but it was kinda messy i guess because it was my first time waxing myself.

My wife has been using gigi products for years now. She has used pretty much all of them, chocolate, coffee, and sensitive skin wax and she likes this one the best. I was reading some reviews and they complain about how sticky it can be and the mess it might have, but come on, it’s wax. Of course it’s gonna be sticky and messy, but with practice it gets better. At least she doesn’t leave a mess anymore.

Compared to sugaring is a bit more painful at first but later as hair grows thinner it will hurt less, besides that maybe you are getting used to it. Nonetheless, whether you’ll use this wax or sugar wax, remember to always apply baby powder to the area you will epilate. We have found that this wax removes more hair per application than the sugar wax so maybe that why it hurts more, but we use it mainly for the arm pit for that same reason, one pull and all the hair is gone. On the cleaning side be careful as you will not be able to clean it easily by just using water or soapy water. If you are going to clean a hard surface you can also use nail polish remover, just don’t do it on the skin as the are you just epilated will be very sensitive and. On the skin use petroleum jelly rubbing gently. We use this all purpose wax for mostly anything besides bikini area.

I’m a licensed cosmetologist and this is one of our favorite waxes to use. If you’re waxing at home, you have to warm it up to the perfect consistency. If it’s too runny/watery, that means it’s too hot and can burn your skin pretty bad. If its too thick and hard to use, also hard to get off the skin, then it’s not hot enough. –>a lot of people are saying it’s too sticky. It’s soft wax, of course it’s going to be sticky. Wax is not easy to keep clean and neat, no matter what brand you’re using. If you’re having problems with the stickiness, try using a hard wax (strip-less wax) instead. It’s a little neater and easier to clean up.

I tried everything epilator, razor, hard wax but this one is good and fast. It took me 1/2 hr to wax my legs arms and back. Epilator leaves tiny and ingrown hair. And hard wax take time to dry. But this wax is super i just have to put and with 1 strip everything is done. I gave 4 star because it’s hard to remove after waxing. I cleaned it with coconut oil.

I’ve tried alot ov different ones from gigi.

I’ve been waxing myself for years, never been to a store. I used a different brand wax called moon or something, it worked well, but then i ran out and saw this, i was like hm great reviews, maybe it’s time to try something new. I received it in 2 days, and used it for my armpits. I was shocked how clean it was with just 1 single try, it worked very well. Then i realized i’m in a nightmare. I got some wax on my fingers when i tried to open the lid after heatting it up, a little bit on my armpit area too. I don’t remember reading anything about removal in the description, so her you go : it doesn’t dissolve in water. I couldn’t even stretch my arms afterwards it’s like super glue on your skin. Obviously the brand i used before can be removed with just water and soap, so i didn’t even know this kind even exists.

This wax, by far, has worked best from the rest that i have tried. The only thing that i hate about it is that it is not washable with water; you can either use baby oil (which i prefer- to wipe it off or use the gigi body wax remover (which i hate so much because it has a wax/cream-like texture and does not wash off easily with water and leaves an oily/sticky texture on the skin). Also, when it drops on anything, you have to remove the wax using the gigi all purpose wax remover which smells/feels like nail polish remover. If you are ready for the mess, then i recommend this product.

The wax was used in different areas of the body, worked like a charm. No issues or difficulty with product at all as listed in the other reviews. Once you get the wax warmed to the right temperature lower the settings and the wax should be perfect for waxing. I’ve had no issues with stringiness.

This stuff is great for your legs but it is not all purpose. I tried to use it on my armpits and not only did it only here three hairs, but it also decided to take some skin with it, even after i put on some baby powder. Its been 3 says and i still haven’t been able to wear deodorant because it burns like crazy. However, i tried it on my legs and it worked like a dream. So, to take my word for it and don’t put this stuff anywhere near those armpits. Here are the specifications for the GiGi All Purpose Honee:

  • Make sure the wax is at the correct temperature – too hot will burn, and too cold will cause the muslin strip to rip or not adhere properly to the wax.
  • Slight irritation is normal after any waxing session, but swollen, discolored or irritated skin could be the result of poor technique.
  • All purpose wax
  • Leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of hair
  • Gentle enough for delicate areas
  • 14 oz. can

I spend 25 dollars every 2 weeks to wax my face in the nail salon. I spent 11 dollars for a whole pot of wax. This is the first time i wax and let me tell u. I waxed my finger/knuckle area to test it out and the trick is using a thin layer of wax. Like seriously thin enough where u wonder if it’s enough wax and u feel like u should apply more. I also put the machine on medium the whole time.

Wonderful wax for whatever area you need to wax. Important to apply and remove at correct temperatures. Too hot applying burns, too cold doesn’t stick to hair. Too hot removing doesn’t remove hair, too cold cracks in tiny pices making it harder to remove. Also, it can leave red marks or pull skin.

I’m sure it’s a good product- i’ve used this brand/type before. Unfortunately had spilled/leaked during shipping and was a sticky mess that just had to be thrown out in the shipping box. Definitely not the fault of the shipper, but i’ll be buying my wax in person from now on to be safe.

I went to school for cosmetology and in school we used this brand but i would always have serious redness after waxing that would last a couple hours. I’m not sure that we were using this exact type but we must not have been because there is barely any redness associated with using this wax and it comes off so clean with gigi muslin strips and a prewax oil (or my favorite, baby powder).

I use this on my legs and i find that it doesn’t pull out all the hairs and it rips others. Hairy experience after a few days and i have to shave the leftovers that this wax didn’t pull out. I had a better experience with the sally hansen’s brand you can buy in drug stores. I want to mention i am an asian woman with light skin and dark black and thick hairs. Maybe that made a difference as well, perhaps i need a stronger wax. Until then i plan to use this until i run out and then i’ll probably go try something else.

It was exactly what i ordered but i prefer hard wax.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just buy it if you’re tired of spending $$$ to wax at a salon
  • Easy to use for me!
  • Leaked during shipping

I am going to school for cosmetology so we learned how to wax and i loved it so much i thought i would buy everything for home use. This wax gets the job done but i feel that there are better choices out there. This wax smells kind of funky, not bad just odd. The wax its self works pretty well, the only problem i really have with it is related to ripping it off with the wax strips. It is a soft wax so you need to use the fabric wax strips to remove the wax. Wax strips are expensive and you are suppose to be able to use one strip on about 5 different sections (rips) before throwing the wax strip away. This wax however, does not stick to itself well, meaning that you can only use 1 strip for 2 different rips. I found it pretty disappointing so i took a star away for what would have been a 5 star product. Also, you are always suppose to use oil or baby powder on your skin before you lay down the wax and the oil didn’t work as well for me as the baby powder did on this particular product. Other than all that, the wax got the job done, i will probably try a different one next time though.

The only negative reviews must be for those with sensitive skin. This wax is not runny, stays where it’s applied and comes off so easy with the hair and a lot less painful then other waxes.

This wax is little too thick but it’s a cheaper option than going to salon. One of my ex roommate literally threw it away after using it for first time because it all got stick on her legs and she was unable to remove it. I apply almond oils after waxing to get rid if any left over wax. It would have been better if thickness was little less.

I thought the sticky mess was because of my inexperience with waxing by myself, but it turns out it isn’t, it’s the product. I tried using both thick and thin layers of wax, and both leave a mess. It works better with thin layers though. You will waste a bunch of waxing strips, because you will have to redo most of the areas at least twice, and that irritates my very sensitive skin a lot. So yes, it will leave a mess behind, but the reason i’m giving it 3 stars it’s because it somewhat leaves the job done. If you want to remove the sticky mess, use baby oil and a rub any cotton fabric against it, it will do the job perfectly.

Read the reviews and wanted to save money on waxing. It goes on great, i had to remember to make sure it is hot enough or it hurt my skin. I have ready the waxing strips and i used a plastic knife as an applicator. What little wax left came off with a tub of vaseline near by, just wipe it on, rub it in and wipe of the vaseline and wax. Getting better at it every time i use it. They did not tell me to buy the collar that goes around the wax container in the warmer so i will need more of them. I am reusing the original one 4 times already so it lasts for me.

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