GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit – Paid for itself in just one use

I recommend buying this gigi brazillian waxing kit. I have been paying $20 to have my armpits waxed every month for years now. I finally ordered my own kit to save money. It takes about 1-2 hours to melt the wax once you turn it on. I use the large angle stick and start with the center first. Make sure you do small strips at a time and wipe the wax on in the direction the hair grows, then pull off in the opposite direction. Just flick the end of the wax with your finger to get a small grip then pull skin tight as you pull the wax off. Also, make sure you use the pre-epilation oil before applying the wax.

The wax is not good, if you wait too long to pull off it thickens and breaks into many small pieces and is hard to get off. I use wax necessities intead. The warmer i’ve for 4 years and only use it for down there during the winter months. Be careful with it though, it gets too hot regardless of the setting you have it on. You have to warm the wax, then shut it off and wait for the wax to cool down. I’m kind of impatient so it’s a bit annoying. Looking forward to trying another brand when this one stops working.

I bought this wax kit for about two to three years ago. I originally bought it for down yonder but i tried it twice and i would rather have someone do that region for me because i was in tears and shaking after that. It’s too nerve-wracking to do it yourself especially when you know there is going to be a lot of pain. To this day, i still use this waxing kit mostly for my lip and brows but every now and then i will use it for my armpits. It has never steered me wrong and every time i do it i just get better at it. For that bad reviews on here, ya’lls are crazy. This kit is amazing when it comes like it’s supposed to and if you use it like you’re supposed to. If you put too thin of wax on your body, of course, it won’t work. If you put the wax on high and then use it, of course, it will make a huge mess and burn you. What i do is heat my wax on high, wait for it to melt, turn it to medium and wait for it to thicken a while, test a small portion on my wrist for temperature, and then use it.

This is the first wax kit i have ever bought and tried on myself in general and after countless research and reviews – i agree gigi’s hard wax is the best product. I use this wax for brazilians along with organic coconut oil (trader joes) to avoid ripping my skin off from the wax. I let my wax heat up hours before i plan to wak, so ill turn it on before i go out to run errands and by the time im back my wax is all melted. I then turn off my warmer entirely and let it cool/thicken for 45min – 1 hr, then i proceed to wax myself. I have very sensitive skin and this wax does not irritate, itch or swell my skin at all. I have already gotten 3 uses out of my original jar that came with my kit, and its barely half way used. Ive already saved myself about $200 if i were to go to a salon to get this done, ill definitely be repurchasing.

Ok so i just got this wax yesterday. I went and had my usual (only second consecutive time without shaving) brazilian wax done by a “professional”. Well, go figure, same as last time she left areas unwaxed that i wanted waxed. So, i plugged this baby in and waited about two hours. I had it set to hot and it was hot, so i’d suggest turning it to medium or low after it’s melted. Anyway, i was brave enough to attempt my very first “at home wax” session on parts of my lady parts that went missed after my $65 wax session. Let me tell you this, one of those sections was right up inside the lips of the lady parts, the area you’d think would hurt the most. After ripping off a strip or two on my outer leg and it feeling like nothing, i went ahead and put a thick layer on the very inside of my lady parts and held the lips open so they wouldn’t stick. I made sure to pick up a small section of the area i was going to grab when it was time to rip. I took a deep breath, pulled all the skin tight as i could in a very awkward position, and yanked.

Never let anyone tell you not to do your own waxing. I am a male who was tired of shaving all the time so i decided to give waxing a go despite all the people saying not to that it will be insanely painful. The first time i used this product i was hooked by how well it worked. By no means does it not hurt, but it is not anywhere near as bad as people say it is. I have probably normal course hair, not thin and not super thick. It works so much better than those strips that you can buy at the store(those hurt about 100 times worse). Since using this hard wax i will never look back. If you are considering this definitely give this a shot it is an amazing deal for the price. I probably got about 5-6 waxes out of the can that comes with it(including messing up with the learning curve).

  • Works great on armpit hair.
  • Surprisingly easy home waxing kit!
  • Firsr time waxer i tried beads and gigigigi is the winner!!

I can’t do a full brazillian (kudos to all those that can. Wow, ouch), but it works for the majority of the area you put this on. What i mean is if you have 10 little pieces of stubble, it’ll get between 8-9 of them. Hey, it’s better than paying an arm for someone to do this for you. With what’s removed, the smoothness lasts for about 3 weeks. Doesn’t hurt under the arms at all, if you want to go try that too. Overall, i say give this a try. Once you run out of popscicles, get actual popscicles. I’m giving this 4 stars only because the circle cap was broken when it arrived and the liquid bottles it came from leak a bit.

I purchased this kit in late october and finally used it today since i was due for my monthly wax. I usually go to the ewc every 3 weeks to get my underarms waxed as well as a brazilian. I decided to buy this because i wanted to save money. Paying 85+ a month was starting to add up especially since i’ve never skipped a month. Unlike a lot of the other reviewers, my kit didn’t come damaged thankfully. The oil and cooling gel didn’t spill out and the wax warmer cover wasn’t cracked. I applied a little bit of the oil on my skin before waxing. I didn’t use the cooling gel after because i prefer to use my ingrown hair serum from ewc. For the most part, waxing myself wasn’t too bad. The backside area was extremely tricky though.

I waited until i used it a few times to do this review. I used the blue beads and gigi and gigi is better by a landslideif you’ve never waxed yourself it takes a few times to get the technique down but it will still rip all your hair out so don’t worry. Wear gloves or buy wax remover for the little bits that get left behind (it’s not a lot and it comes right off with wax remover)the fuller your wax jar the longer it will take to hear up so give it a good 40/ 45 min. I tried gigi and the blue beads everyone is crazy about and gigi won by a landslide. It takes everything off and is only slightly more painful than the blue beads. (blue beads were a pinch less painful but only took 50% of the hair off ) i have sensitive skin so it did leave my waxed areas with bumps that went away after a day and halfbest thing so far. ***i have not had 1 ingrown hair since using gigi***armpits: grea, it pulled all the hair and left me with white pits instead of the stubble pits from shavinglegs: easiest part and gets all your hairarms: easy but this is where i got bumps maybe it was too hot or i’m just sensitive but it went away and no ingrownsvagina: painful but not to where you can’t handle it, bumps that went away and regrowth was weeks later and only sporadici have never waxed other than my brows so this was new for me and i have to say i absolutely love it. Regrowth is so much slower, it works and works well, the process takes forever in the beginning but as you continue it’ll be faster, i am a big lady tall and plump and i’ve done my whole body (legs, arms, arm pits, vagina) and i only used 1/8 of the wax it lasts forever. I used more than half the blue wax and that was half my bikini area below the knee on my legs and arms not even a full body so definitly invest in the gigi it really is the best one.

Good to invest in if you don’t want to shave anymore. Needed more wax and more sticks though. The wax does take a while to heat up (like an hour and a half) it is very painful, but the hair stays gone for quite a while. I would recommend not letting your hair grow out to long before waxing, a quarter of an inch is more than enough in length. Because the wax just gets tangled really badly in your hair if its too long and then you get a ball of waxing stuck in your hair and that’s fun to pull out.

I’ve never waxed before so i thought i’d try this kit. The warmer seemed to not really adjust to the different temps at all. It’s pretty much just high- the end. So once the wax got too hot and thin it was unusable. Since i’m new to this it took awhile to get the right consistency for my legs. It took me a couple hours to do just one leg and i still had hairs. I’ve used up most of the wax for both legs but i’ll attribute that to user error. I’ll get it down after a few more tries. Make sure you have great lightingall in all, decent product, smells nice, and left no bruising or redness or blood. Wax washes off after a lot of soap and water.

Features of Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit, 14 Ounce

  • Great For Coarse Hair.
  • Perfect For Arched Eyebrows And A Hair-Free Lip And Chin.
  • Hard Wax All Natural Hair Remover Minute Wax For Fast Efficient Hair Removal.
  • Easy To Control No-Strip Formula For Precision Eyebrow Arches.
  • Prefect For Brows Lip Chin And Bikini.

From the manufacturer

Great For Coarse Hair.

I was very skeptical about whether or not this would work really well because i’ve tried other wax kits and waxes before and they didn’t work well and i was left unsatisfied so i started going to a professional. I’ve been getting waxed professionally for a while and the cost was just adding up so i figured i’d try one more time to do it on my own if i could find a decently priced wax kit. The heater is easy to set up and use, the oil and gel that come with it help a lot and the wax actually gets all of my hair.With other wax kits my fine hairs would be left behind, it would only grab up my coarse hairs, but this wax got everything. Plus it was far less painful and easier than other waxes i’ve tried. The dvd is a nice touch too, very good for first time waxers at home. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a wax kit. Thanks to this kit i’ll save almost $80 a month not having to go to a professional.

Ok, so i decided to wax myself at home instead of paying a million dollars to go get waxed. The instructional video that this came with help so much it’s unbelievable. I felt so much more confident after watching. They video shows everything (mature audiences only 18+) and explains so well what to do before after and how to apply and take of the wax. So i tried this on my own, and although i need practice, i felt that for my first time it went great. It didn’t hurt as bad as i expected (i said didn’t hurt as bad, but it still hurts, in some areas more than others). The before oil and after lotion definitely helped prep and sooth the areas i waxed. The actual wax took about 25 minutes to get to the point where i can start, the applicators where a great size (3 different sizes for different areas). The no mess ring help keep my house clean. In general i love this, no more spending so much on waxing.

Great product – really no issues except getting use to the pain. But its really not bad, just the first few times if your a little sensitive in that particular area. I don’t like that fact that it came with a cd for additional information – seeing that my computer doesn’t have a cd drive any longer, but zip drives in fact. Do if there is any other way to get this info – i would like it.

I’m only giving this 4 stars because of the packaging – when i opened the box the pre-epilation oil apparently had leaked its entire contents inside the plastic baggy which was by no means leak proof. Everything was covered in oil and was pretty upsetting. I decided to buy this item because i had a horrible customer service experience at a european wax center and swore to never go back because of the humility. I bought this to torture myself in preparation for a trip next year to cancuun and wanted to get used to the pain and get on a good hair growth cycle. I decided to test this out on my husbands back first to get the technique down before i started pouring hot wax on the goods, and he excitedly accepted my request since he has odd patches of hair that bother him. It took longer than the instructions said to heat up but i didn’t want to rush it and risk scalding my husbands back so we waited and waited. I followed the instructions and the first strip came off with a ton of hair and a surprisingly unaffected husband. He said he could handle it so on i went. I learned quickly how to get as much hair as possible and my husband learned that it starts to hurt after a while. The adrenaline rush wore off and he was left with the real sensation.

I really was on the fence about this one. The warmer itself has no issues. The device works quickly and comes with a cover. The other items in the kit is what did not work for me. The oils and cleanser included in the kit were not sealed or wrapped in anything. In transit, they leaked all over the box and got all of the other papers and items wet. It looks like they have empty plastic bottles and just fill and slap a label on it prior to shipping. Because of that, i have been weary to use the actual product so i can’t say if it works or does not cause irritation. In attempting to send it back and get another, i ran into issues with amazon as it’s considered a biohazard product. Be weary about that if you plan on returning – you won’t be able to.

Was so excited to get this today that when i got off work it was the first thing i did. I have coarse hair and it was my first time waxing. I felt pretty confident but omg. It was super messy, i would try and put it on thick like it said but it wouldn’t work that way or would and i’d have to wait forever for it to get ready to peel off.And if i waited to long or to earlier it was horrible. I ended up with literally wax all over my body. Maybe it’s bc it was my first time it wasn’t all bad but majority of it was. And gave me what looks like razor burn. The warmer is great just the wax itself. Trying to get the wax off after it’d come off in pieces there was random little places wax was still at and incrediably hard to get all of that off.

Perfect For Arched Eyebrows And A Hair-Free Lip And Chin.

I never had brazilian waxing before and got tired of shaving. As many of you know how the hair grows back so quickly and itchiness from hair stumps. It only took me few minutes to learn how to use with a little help from tutorial on youtube. Sometimes i have to go back to the same areas to get most hair out. I always have to use tweezers to finish the job but the result is great. I use this hard wax on bikini area, eyebrows, mustache and armpits. I have very sensitive skin (all my lotions must be fragrance & alcohol free) and my skin has no irritation after use. Redness lasts about 30 minutes.

I’m a newbie when it comes to at-home waxing. I bought this because i’ve been interested in getting a brazilian wax before, but the idea of exposing myself and inflicting that awkwardness between me and a stranger prompted me to look into at-home waxing kits (and i know it’s their job and they see it all the time, but my level of personal comfort keeps me away from the idea of that). I knew it was going to hurt like a bitch. I mentally prepared myself, read the directions, and watched some youtube videos. I specifically liked one from youtuber ilikeweylie(or some variation of that name). Everything that was supposed to come in the box was there and it arrived on time. However, it took my wax about 90 minutes to warm up, not a deal breaker though. Since it was my first time, it took forever. Counting to 3 and ripping like a bandaid worked few times because i kept chickening out. Hopefully it’ll go faster and be less painful as i continue to wax.

First of all, like all the other viewers said, the oil spilled all over the box. Everything inside was soaked and the wax heater’s logo and all the writing on it was wiped away. I can’t even tell on from off aside from the red and green button which is still confusing. I didn’t return it because it works great. Plug it in and swipe the bottom thingy from left to right (i assumed that was the on switch). I’m not even sure if there’s a high or low but i just push that lever all the way to the right before the light turns off to make sure it’s on. So, overall it functions well, but man change the packaging of the oils and crap and make sure if that’s going to happen, make the writing on the wax heater engraved or something so we can still read it.

I love this machine it comes with everything you need for waxing. This hard wax doesn’t require strips for the removal of the wax you just need to wait till it hardens and then just pull it off no need to put any kind of material to have it remove. This is the first time i wax my self and i was afraid of the pain since every time i have someone do it it’s pretty painful well after 2 months of thinking and building courage i went for it and to my surprise it didn’t hurt at all i was so amazed since i always hurt at the salon. Omg hard wax doesn’t hurt and with one put it removed everything without any pain i will never go back to the salon and i wont ever use anything else. It comes with a dvd with instructions and they show you step by step how to use everything. I regret waiting so long to use it but like i said i needed courage and i hope this will help you decide sooner. I will never go to the salon again.

Very convenient and cheapest option for at home waxingi used to get the wax that goes into the microwave, but you have to keep warming it up which is very inconvenient and not environment friendly. Having it done by professionals can be costly (+ you have to be comfortable being naked front of a stranger). This waxing kit has changed my life when it come to removing body hair. It keeps the wax warm during the whole application and it comes with wooden spatulas, and even a dvd. It can be messy for beginners but practice makes perfect, and this kit is worth a few trials. ;-)i highly recommend this kit if you want to get rid of you hair in the privacy of your house, at so little cost. I purchased it about a year ago and nothing has broke, and refill lasts a while.

Bought one years ago and got rid of it in a move, then came to deeply regret that. This hard wax system is so much easier to use than the messy, gooey soft wax version, you don’t need any strips, and it hurts a lot less too. I’m a real baby with pain, but i did a pretty extensive bikini wax on myself in about an hour the first time i tried this. Just be sure to put the warmer down on the lowest setting – i put mine up to medium to melt the wax faster thinking it wouldn’t be a problem, and i had to turn it back down to low and wait so i wouldn’t burn myself.

Hard Wax All Natural Hair Remover Minute Wax For Fast Efficient Hair Removal.

It works as expected, provided you have a good technique. I’m docking 2 stars for separate reasons though. The first one is that it doesn’t come with any wax removal stuff or anything to keep from getting ingrown hairs once you’re done. I know that you can buy this separately, and i had hoped that i wouldn’t need either, but it would’ve been nice. Baby oil works as a wax remover, at leastthe other star was docked because the lid on mine arrived broken. However, i didn’t bother returning it because it’s not like the lid really does much except keep out debris after the wax is fully melted (the directions say to not use the lid when the wax is in the process of heating up, and the wax container itself already has a lid for when it’s all cooled down). Since i’m just using this at home, then i didn’t think returning it was necessary. If i was doing this professionally though, i would definitely have returned it.

This product comes exactly as advertised. It is excellent hard wax, just as good as what i’ve seen used professionally. Takes about 45 minutes to melt the hard wax, then cool it down to a warm temperature. I have no complaints about the product itself, but i do not recommend doing a brazilian wax at home at all. You think it is a good idea because you’ll save a ton of money, but it is impossible to gain the courage to rip the hard wax off. It is the most pain i’ve ever inflicted on myself. The process was so much more painful and took 10 times as long. I would only recommend doing an ‘at home’ wax if you are doing your armpits, legs, face, etc. This wax worked great on my legs and was only a little bit painful. The only way i would do an ‘at home’ brazilian again is if someone else did it for me.

Ok, being a guy i’ve never waxed anything and i’ve never shaved anything other than my face for the most part. My wife wanted this kit so she could do an at home brazilian. According to the dvd that comes with it she did the full brazilian and i got a sphinx. I’ve never waxed anyone before and the instructions were very easy to understand. Her waxing went painlessly as i used a good bit of wax and went past the patches of hair i could get a grip on the wax without pulling the initial few hairs individually. After you rip the wax off you have to apply pressure to the area to slightly relieve the pain. As i stated before her waxing went flawless and painless. She wanted to practice so i volunteered somewhat reluctantly and let her try it out. 3 things to remember: 1) you have to wax past the hair to make a grip 2) apply pressure after you rip the hair away 3) make sure you pull with enough force to rip it in one shot. My wife did not do any of those 3 simultaneously so i am not ready to ever let her wax me again.

New waxer here and this kit had everything needed. I didn’t need to purchase anything else. Love thatfirst things first. I watched the dvd that comes with it as it doesn’t really have any written instructions. Do not watch this video with your kids around or even your hubby around as it is vaginas everywhere lol. It’s a bikini waxing kit so i don’t know why i didn’t expect that but you’ve been warned. Wax took about 45 mins on high to get melty at first and then as time has gone on less obviously. Then i set it to low and i didn’t feel as though it was too hot at anytime whist waxing my legs. I did knees down completely by myself without any hassles or mess. Not bad for a first timei feel this kit has just enough wax to do my full legs (crotch down to ankles) once and i’m pretty average height and build.

I love the packaging and everything that’s included, it even comes with a cd. The wax warmer did take over a hour and a half to melt the wax completely first time around. But it always took over 40min for it to melt some what completely. I’m not sure if honey wax just has a different consistency but certain parts were thicker and seemed to never melt properly, no matter how many times i’ve mixed it. About the wax, it left my skin looking moisturized which was nice. I never ripped any skin off but when i tried waxing in my inner thigh the wax never hardened and stayed soft. That was a trip itself trying to get it off. The part of the wax that always seem to stay thick was the part that wouldn’t take my hairs. I do have thick hair so the wax did take most of my hairs. I can’t say the wax took 100% of my hair more than twice.

Why hello there wax-given pain. Not gonna lie, this kit is effective- but it hurts. Prior to this kit i’d tried a few other ‘soft wax’ kits and all they left was a sticky mess on my overly hairy body. This kit actually worked and it’s worked multiple times since- but yes, it’s painful. I sat in the bathroom crying over a self-given brazilian wax, once. Literally trying to painfully peel off my pubic hair with chunks of this wax. But- for every other part of my body (legs, armpits, eyebrows, stomach, nipples, toes- wow i have a lot of body hair), this kit is a lifesaver. First of all- watch the dvd. It’s going to give you a guided tutorial of how exactly hard wax works.

I was so impressed with this kit. My salon charges a whopping $50 for arm hair removal, i skipped the dvd and still achieved professional looking results – so easy a cavewoman could do it. The only reason i’m giving this product 4 stars instead of 5 is because the pre-epilation oil spilled prior to opening the package. Here are my takeaways:-it takes about an hour to prepare, do cover the surface you’ll be working on with something you can wash or dispose of later. Pop an advil in the meantime. -hair should be trimmed to 1/2 inch length, the finer the hair the easier it will be to grab and vise versa (this means no over-bushwhacking in the pubic region, it’s gonna hurt no matter what). -prep skin with a warm washcloth, then follow your session with a shower to remove any residual wax. -don’t skip the moisturizer. It took me an hour to wax both arms, 15 minutes to wax both underarms, and each area was hair-free for about 2 weeks with over 3/4 of the product left.

Easy To Control No-Strip Formula For Precision Eyebrow Arches.

I aint gonna go to the salon for waxing anymore. Very easy to use and removed aaall my thick hair and left my skin smooth and soft with just a little but of redness which is totally normal and the pre waxing oil and post waxing gel helped alot to soothe the irritated area. The only downside is that it gets real messy if you are not completely prepared for it. You need to spead a sheet under everything and do not try to remove the wax before it’s completely dry because otherwise it will still to your nails and alittle annoying and yoy need to remove those from you finger nails to be able to proceed. So satisfied and absolutely love it. I also suggest you to watch the video before geting started.

Love the set – i had never waxed myself before getting this warmer but after enduring too many cramped hands and crossed eyes trying to tweeze my brows (not to mention all the pain from shaving my bikini line week after week in the summer months) i sprung for the kit. Explicit in its detail, was very helpful with the technique tips – and the reviews here that say to turn the unit on high for about 15 minutes to partially dissolve the wax and then lower it to low and flip the wax ‘puck’ over are right on – if you leave it on high and try to start waxing, the wax is too hot for your skin and too thin to do an effective job. If you leave it on low it will take a good hour to dissolve all the wax. It should be a caramel-like consistency. When the wax doesn’t ‘grab’ your finger when you tap it and feels slightly firm, it’s ready to pull off. If you’ve ever tweezed or had someone wax for you, you know it isn’t painless – but i’ll say that this is about as pain-free as waxing gets. I barely feel it on my eyebrows, and it’s bearable on my bikini line. I had a full brazilian with the cloth strips once and it was the most painful experience of my young life – i wish i had known about hard wax back then. I’m still not hardcore enough (or perhaps my hair isn’t thin and sparse enough) to endure a full brazilian with this thing, but that’s just me.

Great product kit, and it was easy to use. I heated the wax on medium/high for about 45 minutes and then turned it on low when in use. I liked that the kit came with everything and was able to use it, right as i received it. I have a pretty high skin/heat tolerance, so turning the wax on low and using it immediately, was fine for me, though if your skin is more sensitive, i recommend leaving it on low for about 10 minutes before use, and the wax will be a cooler, honey-like consistency. I however did not like the wax that came with the kit. It is too hard and broke easily, making the my armpit wax pretty painful. I also did not like the angled tongue depressors. Having them angled kind of confused me when i was trying to apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. The cooling gel that came with it was great however. After 1 use, ended up purchasing the cirepil blue wax.

I don’t know why i thought doing a home brazilian would be a good idea. I bought this on a whim and when it showed up, i waited a few weeks before i had the nerve. I’m surprised at how easy and (relatively) painless this kit was. It was super easy to use, the included pre and after care oils were also very good. Even though i had very little visibility, i was able to apply, (hold my breath), and peel to great success. It took me awhile to get the courage to do the areas that are typically the most painful, but i was so encouraged by the results i got it all done. Definitely took longer than going to the salon but significantly cheaper. I also did a few other areas (good to test more durable skin areas to check the temperature of the wax). My only gripe is that my puppy looooooves the wax and she went digging through the garbage to chew on a piece and consequently get it stuck in her hair (i cut it out to be safe) so just make sure you tie up the trash when you’re donevery happy with the results.

Love gigi for making this affordable at-home product. I went ahead and watched youtube for tips on how to use the hard wax, its been really a great experience. I use it mainly for facial hair (cant use on hairs growing out of moles) but it works great for the lip area. Beware of using it on your eyebrows unless you are a professional. I also use it on my legs a lot. I have legs for miles and am just too plain lazy to use my precious shower time to shave off a bunch of leg hair every 2-3 days. After waxing- which i dont do perfectly and do leave some hairs so i do shave to clean it up- i find my hair growth has slowed fown, and my legs are hair free for a good week and a half where i waxed. Great product, smells wonderful.

If you’re looking at the pictures of the woman with sticky hands that scare you off like it almost did me, she is doing it wrong. I couldn’t have been happier with this purchasethe photo’s and bad reviews scared me at first. I am very new to home waxing and spent some time reading reviews on many different products. Hard wax is known for being less painful which is a big reason i wanted to try it. Let me tell you, i am so happy i did. Watch youtube videos and the video that comes with the kit before tryingafter watching a lot of at home instructional video’s i was ready to try it and got the hang of it in no time. Slight sticky residue on the area’s waxed but that came off really easy with some of the gigi wax remover. It wasn’t very painful except in a few sensitive area’s. This kit comes with a variety of applicator sizes which is perfecthint: it sounds silly but use a was strip with this strip less wax. It works perfectly and no mess whatsoever. It even grabs the littlest pieces that may get left behind.

Prefect For Brows Lip Chin And Bikini.

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