Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap – 4 stars is about as good as my face allows

I really wanted to love this product based on all the reviews, but i simply can’t. After a month of using this product almost every day, i just can’t recommend it to anyone to buy this soap. Pros:it smells absolutely amazing. It isn’t an incredibly masculine scent, it is just a nice clean scent with a just the slightest cologne like smell. It is a very easy lather to build. It will last a lot of shaves. Cons:even though it lathers very well, the slickness and protection just isn’t there. Once you shave a spot, i wouldn’t go over that same spot again because whatever you’re using is going to basically stick to your skin and won’t glide over. It will last you a long time, i’m sorry to say but this is just one of those soaps that i might store up because i simply don’t love it, i like it, but i don’t want to use it all the time. For about the same amount, i will probably buy something else and have bought something else. Mostly for this soap, it’s about the lather. It lathers great, but like i said, there’s no protection, the blade doesn’t glide over and i can feel it after multiple passes (i don’t use much pressure behind my de, i use the weight of my de, i’ve also tried it with a shavette, which went okay). I’ve tried it with more soap, i’ve tried with less soap when loading my badger, i’ve used varying amounts of water and i always let it bloom when i shower for my pre-shave. Either i’m doing something wrong, or the soap is just middle of the road.

The cavendish shaving soap is a very rich soap that is quite easy to lather. It provides a slick coating on the face allowing the blade to glide smoothly. I am a bowl latherer so i transferred all the soap first to a mug (that process is a whole other story). When ready to shave i use a shaving brush and gather soap in the brush by swirling for about 30 seconds on the soap. I then build a rich lather in a lathering bowl. I first used the ‘satin tip the purest’ synthetic brush. It’s an inexpensive synthetic brush. I started with a relatively dry brush and gradually built a rich lather adding 4-5 drops at time as i worked the lather. It produced a generous amount of lather (enough for 4 passes). The next time i shaved i used my apollo natural silver tip badger brush.

I use this soap with the cavendish mug and a badger brush from another manufacturer. It produces a thick lather with minimal effort, gives a smooth and comfortable shave, and smells old-school manly without being medicinal. I’ve contacted loretta green llc (parent company of henry cavendish) to request an aftershave product of some sort in the same scent. 10-15 seconds in the microwave melts the puck perfectly into a ceramic mug, and it lasts roughly 3 months of daily shaves with a few skip days. Who wants to bother shaving on a saturday morning?) great product, good price, 100% worth it.

Trying to find something like this is difficult, now that we live in an era where shaving with a mug and brush, and especially shaving with a (vintage) double edge razor is ‘trendy’. I bought it new in 1976 and still use it. A now fancy gillette ‘black beauty’ super adjustable. Look ’em up, their collectible now. Not that i’m against collecting. So back to the soapnot expensive, but works as well as or better than the trendy fancy soap that folks rave on about. Lathers a lot, nice and thick foam, razors glides nicely, smells ok. The new bar smelled stronger than the soap once i started using it. It’s a quiet scent and won’t clash with after shave.

I needed a new shaving soap and decided to try cavendish after reading the reviews. I started using it last week and want to report back that i have been enjoying it. This soap has been working really well for me – i have sensitive skin and it seems to protect my skin better (i. , less razor burn) than the shaving soap i used previously (a different brand i also got from amazon). The soap lathers up quickly and the lather holds well onto the face without rapidly drying up. I definitely recommend this product.

It lasts 10-12 months shaving 5 times a week. Smells great, prepares the skin for my straight razor, never get nicked or cut, and leaves the skin soft. Setup a quick double boiler (picture) and melt it in your favorite metal soap dish.

  • I do not get a slick shave like I would with say gel shaving cream or any
  • Read this review before deciding this product is too expensive!
  • I actually like Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap better than Taylor of Old Bond street.

It was time for more shaving soap so i decided to try this. It makes a very nice smooth and creamy lather that smells great. Best of all it melts perfectly in the microwave. I melted 2 pucks in my large stainless steel bowl and you can see the result in the attached photos. (just be careful with a metal bowl in the microwave. It has to be very smooth with no sharp edges).

I have tried a few shaving soaps, and mostly used taylor of old bond street shaving soap/cream of the years. While i still love that stuff, i think this stuff is better. This soap leaves my skin softer and due to that i don’t even use after shave cream/gel anymore. This stuff does not lather up quite as well as taylor of old bond street so that took a little while to get use to but i don’t mind it now. Taylor is a thicker lather, while this is a bit thinner but it does the job and it does it well. I can’t believe i found something i like better than taylor. A couple months ago i decided to try feather razors which i have used in the past but they irritated me before, but with this soap i get no irritation.

This is one of the most unique shaving soaps i have ever used. Let me start of by saying i use a standard(modern) razor. Part of my experience may be biased towards safety razor users. I have mixed feelings about this soap. Mainly because it’s less soap and more lotion-y. If you ever had a massage with oil and alternatively with lotion you know that it doesn’t feel the same. Oil is slicker and while lotion does lubricate it drags a bit. I do not get a slick shave like i would with say gel shaving cream or any other soap i have used to be frank about it. I also found that this soap tends to clog of my razor. Once again, i’m using a modern 5 blade razor.

I am extremely happy with this shaving soap. I was reluctant to purchase this at first because i know my cousin buys his shaving soap at walgreens for $3 but i decided to take the chance considering i have sensitive skin (more so on my neck) and i wanted to give this a try because ive used the soap my cousin has and i wasn’t all that happy with it. This soap is definitely worth the price in my opinion. It is much thicker than the only you can get for cheap which makes it a little better value but more importantly it feels so much better. The cheaper soaps almost feel like they are suffocating your pores while its lathered on your face. This soap feels so soothing and actually leaves your skin feeling softer. If you’ve ever cut your self while using a straight razor (almost any beginner knows what this feels like) there is a sting that comes from the shaving soap getting into the cut. This does not happen with this soap. Very pleasantly surprise with the difference between this and other products. I will continue to buy this in the future.

I tried this and lathered the way one should and it gives a great shaving experience. Plenty of lather, blade moves smoothly over the face which in my case is a miracle having lived a life in the outdoors. The trick is not being in a hurry and warming up your brush and then swirling it around maybe 15-20 times to create a rich lather and then applying it to your face.

Features of Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil. Long Lasting 3.8 oz Puck Refill. Mens Shave Soap. All Natural. Rich Lather, better than Shaving Cream. For Ladies and Gentlemen.

  • ♥ American Made Shaving Soap creates rich lather, lubricates razor for a slick, comfortable shave.
  • Larger in size than average shave soap pucks: will last about 3 – 6 months. Ladies seem to like it!
  • A shave soap a notch above other products. All-natural ingredients, no artificial color or fragrance
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Click ADD TO CART button, up to the right on this page, NOW!


I’ve been a safety razor and brush & soap guy for years and just tried this soap. I’ve always gotten cuts or nicks at least a couple times per week since i have very thick whiskers. And i shave before showering so that doesn’t help either. But since using this soap i have yet to cut or nick. The lubrication is incredible. I just wet my face with hot water, lather up, then one razor swipe going downward, one swipe going upward, and a final swipe going 45 degrees upward (re-lather between swipes with what’s still on the brush) and i’m good to go. When i first open it i put it in a paper cup and microwave it for about 20 seconds, then pour it into my shaving bowl. By morning it’s cured in the shaving bowl and ready to use.

I have pretty sensitive skin to shave rash and am always experimenting with the best combo or blade razor and electric razor to get the least irritation. That said, the number one thing for me is to have a thick-lathering soap/cream and for it to be super smooth. This has been one of the best and i use it interchangeably with proraso now, which due to being in a tube is better for traveling. I think i will keep buying this for a long time.

I always thought that all shaving cream was the same when i got my safty razor, so i stuck with cream in a can. When the last one i used ran out after a couple of uses, i unwrapped the wrapper and saw that the can was only a little less than half empty. I didn’t appreciate how the cream can just stop pumping out, so i took a box cutter and cut the can open. The cream that was inside was still usable, but it didn’t foam like it used to and now it’s super messy. Even when using my shaving brush to lather it up didn’t work. I got fed up so i went ahead and purchased this soap. I’ve used it several times now and i’m very happy with it. It was a great idea to ditch the can and buy real shaving soap. The price doesn’t bother me because i know this will last several months since it’s not in a can. Just a shaving brush and some water does the trick.

This is my second purchase of this shave soap because i absolutely love this product. It provides an excellent shave and has a wonderful scent. The seller even contacted me to make sure i liked it. If you want a high quality shave soap at an amazing deal then you should buy this product, it will provide you with the best shave you have ever had and it lasts for a very long time (i’m not even out of the first one i bought and it may last another three months) do yourself a favor and treat your face.Update the first bar of this lasted over a year and i only missed around nine days of shaving in that year so this stuff is amazing.

I used this shave soap for the first time, last night. I had also purchased a new austrian silver bowl for it, but kept my original boars’-hair brush. It did not take a lot of water to raise a good foam. What i really enjoyed from this shave-soap is that when brushed on, it did not feel heavy or oily. Even though i had not shaved in over a week, the soap did an excellent job of protecting the skin, yet providing a good, close shave, with minimal build-up on the blade and comb. And, when finished, it did not leave an oily residue on my face, either. It’s a definite recommendation to users of traditional shave-soap.

I switched to a safety razor and my normal soap/coconut oil wasn’t cutting it on my legs. Because i was cutting myself. I also felt like i needed more moisture from my shaving soap. This stuff works on all those counts. I still follow up with coconut oil after shaving, so i can’t say how this stacks up for moisture all on its own, but it is definitely much better than others i’ve tried. It also has a pleasant, clean scent. Perfect for legs and underarms. I even felt i got a closer shave with this and so am able to go longer between shaves than previously.

♥ American Made Shaving Soap creates rich lather, lubricates razor for a slick, comfortable shave.

100% exactly as described by the manufacturer. Lathers up great with a brush and shaving while showering isn’t even necessary. My razor glided smoothly a crossed my stubble and left my skin hydrated without any aftershave lotion. I have to shave close as possible every day and this soap has made it much easier without cutting and drying my face up. I used wilkinson, poraso, art of shaving, and edwin jagger but this soap has been the best clean hydrating shave.

This is my first experience with shaving soap, so i can’t compare to competitors, only with shaving creams (gillette fusion and pacific shaving co. ) i tried this because i’m trying to cut down on packaging waste and eliminating hard-to-recycle containers (e. Aerosol cans and plastic tubes) is one way to do that. I decided on this product for three reasons: strong reviews, value, and minimal packaging. I’ve been using the product together with a cartridge razor for about a month now. I’ve found that it doesn’t lubricate as well as shave cream, and the lather doesn’t last as long, so shaving takes a little more time and care. My method is to cover the puck with warm water and let it soften while i brush my teeth. I then lather my whole face, and then work up a thicker lather on one side only.

Larger in size than average shave soap pucks: will last about 3 – 6 months.

A shave soap a notch above other products.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

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Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil. Long Lasting 3.8 oz Puck Refill. Mens Shave Soap. All Natural. Rich Lather, better than Shaving Cream. For Ladies and Gentlemen.
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