Homitt ATMOKO by 5 in 1 Curling Wand Set, Favorite hair product ever- awesome curls!

Absolutely love the curling iron. I tried a few other ones before this and thought that my hands just weren’t meant to curl the hair, but when i used this one, the results are magical, curls last for a few days and it’s super easy to use. Here are the pictures of my friends whose hair i curled because i loved it so much :).

I really only use the largest barrel but maybe one day the others will come in handy. It is quite easy to burn yourself, especially if you’re accident prone as i am. It can very very hot and there’s only two heat settings. They included a glove but i found it difficult to use the glove when working with my hair. I touched the iron to my knee by accident and now i have a ugly scar but that’s because i’m (again) accident prone. Overall super easy to change the barrels if needed which makes packing it easy to not have a full iron to fit. Heats quickly and final product is great curls.

I really like the way this wand curls. It gets hot enough to give a good curl and i like being able to switch the barrel size for different curls. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. My first one died pretty quickly and i thought i did something to mess it up. I repurchased it early this year and it died 7 months later. Keeping in mind that i don’t use it often. I turned it on and it took longer to heat up than usual. I let it sit longer but it never got more than a little warm. After posting my original review custom service reached out to me. The wand has a 12 month warranty and i was able to get a free replacement within days.

I am not one to spend a lot of time curling my hair nor have i ever been good at it. This curling iron was recommended to me and i love it. I have pretty long and fairly thick hair and i can have nice loose curls in about 15 minutes give or take. It does take a little bit to get used to how to curl with it bit after i watched a few youtube videos i felt confident enough to try and was happy with the results. I strive for more the loose beachy waves and do one curl wrapped over top the barrel, away from your face then the next one under the barrel and alternate throughout. I get so many compliments every time i do it. The set comes with a glove to protect your hand because there the entire barrel is heated, no place to hold on the end. I did burn myself the 2nd time i curled but normally i don’t use the glove. I love that it comes with 5 separate attachments to play with different hairstyles.

I’ve learned i’m not coordinated enough for this as i burnt myself really bad. I wish there were more temperature controls than high/ low. My hair is thin and does not need that much heat. I kept it on low and still accidentally touched my neck for a millisecond and it immediately started boiling and blistering and weeks later is still bright red. I realized if it did that to my skin that quickly then it’s got to be terrible for my hair. But if you like the high heat and are coordinated to never touch your skin with it, then this is for you.

My boyfriend purchased this for me as a christmas gift because my beloved 9 year old curling wand kicked the bucket. I have very thick hair and it just never held a curl unless it was to said curling wand. I mentioned a few times after it broke that i’d love one with interchangeable wands – he listened. And he got much an amazing set.This heats up fast, is very hot, and my hair holds a curl all day long. My fellow humans with thick hair. This set is the bomb dot com.

I’ve been using a hot tools curling iron that i absolutely love, but the handle completely fell apart and the barrel size is too small for the current length of my hair. I liked that this was an affordable system that can give you some different curl types and i would be able to use at all different lengths of my hair. This one definitely takes longer to heat up than my previous curling iron–not a terribly long amount of time, but probably around a minute or so to get fully heated. I liked having the glove for the first time or two to give me a little more confidence adjusting to having no clip, but i haven’t found it necessary to use since then. This isn’t as consistent about producing curls. I have to re-curl more sections than i used to, which makes it take a little longer, but the curls hold about the same. I also don’t like that the little stand gets in the way while i’m curling my hair, too. I have to turn the curling iron around so that my hair doesn’t get tangled in it and ruin the curl. Overall it’s good for a budget system, but definitely not a perfect product.

Key specs for ATMOKO by Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Wand Set with 5 Interchangeable Hair Wand Curling Iron Ceramic Barrels and a Heat Protective Glove – Black:

  • 5 Sizes of Barrel: The sizes of 5 in 1 clipless curling wand set are 0.35-0.71 inch, 0.71-1 inch, 1-1 inch, 1-1.25 inch, 1.25-1.25 inch. These sizes give you five options. Different size can make different hairstyles, like corkscrew curls, waves, big curls for body and bounce and ringlets. And the curling iron set is suitable for a family use.
  • Easy to Interchange: Homitt curling wand has 5 different sizes interchangeable curling iron barrels that click into the handle, which has lock feature so no need to worry about the barrel coming out while using, and it is easy to attach and detach.
  • 30S Quickly Heat Up & Adjustable Temperature: The hair wand heats up quickly and easily within 30S. Save more time when you are in a rush. And there is a button that adjust the temperature from 1(374F) to 2(410F).
  • Hold Up Curls for Long Time: Homitt curling wand set is made of high quality PTC+ Tourmaline ceramic coating for barrel, which help lock in moisture and hold curls for long time during using.
  • Safe and Good Customer Service: The hair wand curling iron is made of PET material for handle, and the 360° swivel cord has UL certified. Dual voltage 110-240V, plug meet US standard, safe and durable to use.Please feel free to contact us if you have and questions during using.

Comments from buyers

“Total JUNK! *See update*
, Easy to use, curls last a few days
, Awesome

I’ve gone thru so many different (cheap) curlers before but never seemed to be able to truly master my curling skills. Since i’ve always had trouble curling my hair in general it felt like a risk purchasing this, but this wand has made it super easy. After a youtube tutorial and maybe 1-2 tries i was pretty much curling like i have been all my life. I’ve curled my hair three times with this thing on three separate occasions. Took me only 20-30 minutes each time, but then again i cut my hair pretty short recently so not sure how it is with long hair. There are two settings you can choose from (i use the highest level and even tho my strands are fine, it hasn’t singed or anything), and both heat up very quickly. I have yet to use the other sizes, though i hope i will for other events or something, but as for an everyday look i’ve been using the biggest cylinder and it doesn’t disappoint. I definitely think it’s pretty affordable when you compare it to other products.

It was good while it worked, both timesso dissapointed about this, i was really excited when i got it but my excitement didn’t last longsave up and invest in a better quality curling wand*update* 01/29/2018was contacted by vendor who assured me this must’ve been a fluke as they are very confident of their products, offered a replacement and i accepted. Got my replacement last week and i’ve used wand 3 times and still have had no issues. Like i told them, they get and a+ on costumer service. I hope this wand doesn’t give me any issues. Will update in a few weeksstay tunned.

I’ve curled thin hair, coarse frizzy hair, very short hair, straight hair that doesn’t have body and the curls have stayed without any product for 3 days.My friends bought because of how great it worked. Head up fast and has different temperature settings which i like for thin hair vs thick hair. I bought because of reviews and am very happy. I can curl at night and sleep in curls that loosen, but are there in the morning.

**updated review: although i did not have a great experience with the product, many others have posted good reviews. Homitt has great customer service and reached out to me to settle my problems after i submitted my review. I was unhappy with my purchase and was given a refund. At very least, this product is worth the risk because of the great customer service. Original review: this curling iron sucked, although i am not surprised. For the price, i was skeptical to say the least, but i had seen several positive reviews and took a chance. This was a bad call on my part. I have naturally curly hair and my hair curls easily and usually holds curl really well. I tried different barrel sizes and attempted to hold it longer, but nothing seemed to help. The first curl i made fell out before i could finish my hair, even with a holding spray.

So far i love this curling want. I had one from target that broke (it was tapered) i love that this iron is straight. Plus i don’t have to buy a second once for my daughters hair. I used the bigger barrel for my hair and love it. Curls stay much longer then with any other iron.

Super excited about this buy. I got everything that was promised in the description. The iron seemed a little light when i opened it, which kind of worried me, but it works like a dream and is easy to assemble. It heats up fast, i tried all of the wands immediately on different pieces of hair and loved each one (this also created a super cute messy look that i will try again, handle with care), especially the biggest and smallest ones. I have super long and thick hair so i need the super fat iron for everyday and the tiny one makes itty bitty curls that look amazing when teased. The glove is very good, you can keep your hand in one spot without having to rush your curl. It is snug, struggled to fit my smallish/med hand so i am not too sure how it would stretch to accommodate. Because i have such heavy hair i have to use a hairspray to set my curls so i can’t speak to how long they last standalone. This was a steal and i am still so happy.

Was a little skeptical ordering a ‘5 in 1’ curling iron. I haven’t purchased a curling iron in years, the one i own is a tapered one. I have very long hair and wanted a wider curl that wasn’t tapered. I was told by my friends at my brothers memorial last night my hair curls were on point. They’ve seen the type of curl i’ve been sporting for the past 7 years and they loved it. The curl held from 5pm-1:30 am and a lot of hugging over my hair happened at my late brothers celebration of life. We also live in dry climate, just a little extra info for ya. Attaching a picture if i can figure it out, first timer leaving a review.(picture in fur vest is with tapered attachment, picture with my husband is the thickest wand attachment) also used without glove, never liked using the glove-thats just me.

And the fact that the barrels have such a nice smooth finish so my hair can just slide off. But i willlllll say that my curls don’t hold well without hairspray which i dont usually have to use unless i use these wands. Usually i use bedhead curling wands but i since i needed a different barrel size and i could get 5 for the price of one of the bedhead ones, i ordered these. Plus i do a lot of hair for events and weddings, and this gives me good variety for that.

Just received the product 3 days ago. These rods can hold curls for days. I have fine, silky hair and i didn’t even use hair spray. The two settings are very hot, so please be careful and wear your glove. I would highly recommend this purchase; well worth the money. In the photo, i’m using the smallest rod. I didn’t hold my hair around the rod too long to prevent heat damage. Otherwise, the curls would’ve been tighter.

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