It’s a 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin – Like but not all the product was in the bottle 👎🏻

I was very skeptical to try this product. I thought ten bucks was way to much money to possibly throw away on this product. I have dry, dull frizzy hair from styling and dyeing my hair so often. This conditioner product left my hair smooth, added volume, and i had no frizz. I will be using this 3 times a week in replace of my conditioner. I wish i would have tried this product sooner.

This has worked better than about 10 other deep conditioning treatments i purchased to try and repair my hair after a lot of bleaching. It’s much softer and less frizzy now.

I have really dry hair due to color treatments. (color n highlights) used this product, left on for about 30min and it worked great. Hair was soft and manageable, it even took off the dullness, made my color look fresh out of the salon.

I have been using this deep conditioner for a few months now and it truly is the best deep conditioner i have ever used. And i am a product junkie with a ton of products in the closet that just didn’t make the cut for me. My hair is naturally very curly and extremely frizzy, the kind that poofs into a fuzz ball when it dries. I have always chemically straightened it so it has gone through major damage. This deep conditioner smells wonderful to me and makes my hair super soft and way much stronger. I can noticeably feel and see the healthy difference in my hair, and the keratin is what really helpshow i use it:i wanted to share with you all how i use it because this really helps magnify the affect on my hair. I put it in my hair in the shower and comb it through thoroughly, then cover it with a plastic cap/shower cap and sit under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes. That’s how you would get a deep conditioner in a salon which many of you might identify with also. The heat really helps the product work better, and i have both leaving it in for just 5 minutes and rinsing it as well as the 20 minute with heat method and there is a huge difference. If you don’t have a hooded dryer you can always just sit with a plastic cap and use a hand blow dryer for a few minutesthis product is also very different than the it’s a 10 miracle hair mask if anyone is trying to compare.

First off, amazon has a great price on this product. I bought a tube at walgreens and when i got home and checked with amazon, i quickly returned it to walgreens because i saved $7. 49 purchasing it through amazon. Secondly, the product is wonderful, my hair is dry because i regularly use a flat iron and this product has rejuvenated my hair and made it very soft and “plump”. I highly recommend this moisturizer.

I use this conditioner alongside of the keratin shampoo and find that it does add moisture to my hair when used consistently. Use the conditioner sparingly if you are also using the keratin shampoo because too much keratin will weigh the hair down.

I have been using this on my hair for 4 yrs now~will not use any other~a must have if you color or bleach your hair.

It’s so nice on my hair, it makes it soft but unfortunately mine came with not all of it in the bottle. There was a big space at the top of the bottle whereas if u look at the ones sold in drug stores, u can see that they’re more filled up.

Works great on my over processed hair, just like all the products by this brand. It just doesn’t last long so i personally don’t think it is worth the cost for this particular product. There are others that do a great job for a fraction of the price.

I have very thick, naturally wavy/curly, color treated hair. Most conditioners are not up to the challenge & i usually have to use a leave-in conditioner, in addition to the in-the-shower kind. My stylist used it in the salon after seeing it at a hair show & told me she wouldn’t have to use much of the styling potion because the conditioner does such a good job. I bought the shampoo, conditioner & styling cream from amazon. My only complaint is the shampoo, which i’ve reviewed.

So i read that someone else used it as more of a mask and added some heat. . I came up with my own spin for even more shine and softness. What i do is wash my hair, leave it unconditioned, get out of the shower and put this conditioner on my hair (but not at the roots or close to the scalp). I also pour a half dollar size portion of chi keratin silk infusion (gray bottle with gold lettering) and go over the same area. I have very thick, long hair so you might not need near as much product as i do. Once i work it through and my hair is soppy and soggy, i wrap it in a loose bun so i can put it in a plastic hair mask then let it fall once it’s all inside the mask. I’ll grab my blow dryer (baby bliss dryers are great) and sit on the couch and let my wet hair ‘marinate’ in the 10 minute miracle and chi silk infusion mask for 10-15 minutes while watching tv. My hair is getting dyed every 6 weeks right now so it was pretty dry and i was desperate to get some moisture back in it. If you use the 10 minute miracle only, it will be okay; the chi infusion made my hair much softer and shiny even after being straightened. And they smell great together.

They must have changed the formula for this product because it used to be the only conditioner i could use that was guaranteed to combat the tangles for one of my kiddos after swimming or being sick. Unfortunately, thus doesn’t seem to be the case any longer and i have found superior products. This is no longer worth the price for us.

Believe the reviews, this deep conditioner makes your hair feel silky. No sticky residue or grease, just shiny hair. It is a miracle to have wavy hair settle down and easily comb out. Fragrance is noticeable yet dissipates quickly – i was concerned about wearing the fragrance like cologne. I haven’t noticed it beyond the hair drying stage and even when just applied, the fragrance is fresh and pretty, not cloying. For my long hair, this product is a winner. Here are the specifications for the It’s a 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin:

  • Keratin protein enriched
  • Superior penetration
  • Smoothes detangles and restores strength and elasticity
  • Keratin portein enriched, deeply moisturizes
  • Superior penetration, smoothes, detangles
  • Restores elasticity and strength, protects color

This product is correctly named ‘it a miracle’ for years i have been seeking a product that would stop my hair from breaking and this product does. I am of african descent and i relax my hair, i had a hard time growing my hair because its always breaking but since i start using this product i see a dramatic change, it work so well i make sure to purchase back so when one tube is finish i have another. If you have fine hair that break please try this product you will be pleased.

I have super fine, colored and highlighted hair. I, also, take certain medicines that can make my hair fall out / break after washing it with purple shampoo, it can get tangled. I started using this conditioner, sparingly and not only is it super soft, it barely has any tangles in it. Once i find a product that works, i stay pretty loyal.

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  • I came up with a trick for ULTRA SHINE!
  • I have been using this on my hair for 4
  • Did the formula for this product change?

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