JOHNNY B. Johnny B Mode Styling Gel : Good product, depends on seller.

Expect nothing but the best johnny b. Very lovely smell nice hold, excellent quality oh and maaaan that price tag. Can’t beat it salon wanted 28 dollars for the smaller size 🤦‍♂️ thank god for online shopping. Oh and thank jeff bezos for amazon and his team.

This is a brand of styling gel that is new to me. I wanted to try a new type of product, and was also looking for something that came in a larger volume container than the suave product that my sons and i use most frequently (suave professionals sculpting gel, firm control 7 oz). We go through that stuff a bit too quickly and i would prefer to not need to buy it so often. This johnny b product seemed like it was worth a try. I was very disappointed when i opened up my delivered product and found it with the top off and the gel spilled over the inside of half the box. This is no fault of the manufacturer, of course, but the person from amazon who packaged it. I usually get my product delivered in pristine condition, but someone neglected to pack this with enough air packets, so it must have rolled around and the lid popped off. I scooped up most of the spilled gel off the inside of the box and then washed off the plastic jar container, so i probably only ended up losing about 10-15% of the contents, in the end. Disappointing for sure, but, again, i don’t blame the product manufacturer for this inconvenience. Upon first using it, i quickly realized that you don’t need much of this product to fix your hair into place.

The fake is thicker, clumpy, and has bubbles in it. I put a small amount on my hand to rub against it, and it’s very thick and dries on your hand very fast. The odor is different than the real one. (of the three pictures, in the one where there are two jars, the fake is in the right. Notice how one is clumpy while the other is silky smooth)also, please note that this shouldn’t reflect on the product, but more so on the seller. Then again, it could be amazon’s inherent issue of not knowing whose products they’re mailing out. Still, be cautious when you receive your product.

Originally bought this product from my stylist then bought some here for even cheaper. Lasts long, hold well w/o feeling too hard. Add a little water to restyle throughout the day if necessary. Not sure why some folks are saying it’s coloring their hair blue?. They’re probably not putting it in thoroughly or buying really old product thats our dated. I’ve been using this for about a year now and is currently my #1 hair gel of choice.

I took a big ol’ scoop of this stuff and ate it like pudding and then proceeded to put it on my body so that i develop an exoskeleton made of gel. Next time i enter combat i’ll be impervious to damage ’cause of johnny-b styling gel. I will also use this as my only source of sustenance for the upcoming apocalypse when john cena finally reveals himself to the world.

I have been a long time customer and fan of johnny b mode for the past 5 years now and they have not disappointed me since. It does not have that alcohol smell like other brands do and it is easy to style with. I have thick hair , all i need is a small dollop of this bad boy and it holds my hair for over 12 hours. I work in the medical field during the night shift for 12 hour shifts. I am moving around alot,sweating, moving here and there and this stuff holds. I get home , no sign of flakes on my shoulders or scrubs and washes right off. I highly recommend this product for anyone. Great quality, price is good for the size and it does the job.

I have been a 20 year user of another product and decided to try this one. I am pleased to report that this gel gives me what i was looking for. No flaking, nice shine and fragrance, excellent strong hold with that wirey look if i choose. . Or i can soften it up with a hair brush, and does not ‘glob’ up on my hair. I always prefer products with no fragrance whatsoever but at least this one’s is nice. The gel has a vibrant blue color out of the tube but once you emulsify the gel it clears up.

I have been using johnny b’s styling gel for over 4 years now, and there’s a good reason why i haven’t switched to other hair gels (i do use schwarzkopf’s hair gel when traveling because this bottle is too huge to carry around, but don’t like how schwarzkopf’s gel clings longer onto my hair in the shower). Johnny b’s gel holds pretty well, and i have soft hair that flattens out without any hair product. It’s also pretty versatile. You can apply it as it is, or you could rub it with wet hands before applying onto your hair to hold stubborn flyaways in place. It also washes out easily with just water in the shower. I don’t think i’ll ever switch hair gels until the day i die.

  • Second FAKE one from 3 Amazon Orders.
  • I bought this as a gift for a 16 year
  • A little goes a long way with this stuff!

Johnny B Mode Styling Gel (32 oz)

  • 6/10 hold for a medium, yet flexible style
  • Intensely thick formula to hold hair in place
  • Alcohol-free gel to preserve moisture in your hair
  • Perfect for unmanageable hair
  • Manufacturer warranty included

Works great in me and my boyfriend’s curly hair. Its super sticky and blue colored, but dries so nice and smooth, not hard like other hair gels. Smells like guy products- note to the ladies if you don’t mind the smell. I realize though if you’re not using too much along with your other regular hair products, and use the product in wet hair, the smell has faded by the time your hair is completely dry.

I got my hair cut the other day and the stylist used this stuff at the end. As soon as she put it on i smelled it and knew i had to get some. In addition to the great cologne-like smell (which lasted all day and part of the next), it held really well. Not too firm, but just the right amount. It also doesn’t flake, like what other people are saying. It smells great, holds great and the price isn’t too bad. I would definitely recommend to other guys.

It is easily applied and can be used to sculpt hair in seconds. I attached a pump to the 32oz to make dispensment easy, and i would recommend you do the same. However, be warned on different sellers. The seller i am currently reviewing product was of high authentic quality and smells exactly the same as the salon sold one. Just be careful as the one prior was soapy and obviously diluted.

I personally like the scent, similar to an axe smell i’ve been told. But those who are sensitive to smells will really want to pick something else. I got it because it has no alcohol and my hair dresser used it for my toddler. But i will likely get a scent free one for my next purchase. But i love the hold it has on my son’s hair.

He is 12 and uses it when he is at school. He sweats with this gel when he’s outside, but by the time i pick him up from school, i notice that his hair is still in place. Such a strong hold and does not have a weird gel smell to it.

I bought this as a gift for a 16 year old suffering from inflated ego syndrome. This hair gel helped take his already out of control self image to a whole new level. After using this product, he now believes he is a god on earth and that no other teen boy can compare to him in sheer awesomeness. We may have to remove all of the mirrors and reflective surfaces from our home.

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Johnny B Mode Styling Gel (32 oz)
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