Klorane Dry Shampoo – Definitely worth a try!

It’s really clear, doesn’t leave a residue like most. I like to use the powder, non aerosol squish bottle at night – it absorbs a bit more oil and shows a little white. Then in the morning i use the clear spray and it puffs your hair, and doesn’t look greasy at all. I have fine greasy hair and have never been able to go even one day without shampooing. I have tried every product on the market – and they all make your hair feel like it has gunk in it. The rice powder is so light, it doesn’t feel that way and absorbs the grease.

Still my favorite dry shampoo of all time. 4 stars because i had to discover for my self you do not use a straightening iron after applying this product. You will severely burn your hair. Maybe that’s common sense but it was news to me. I wish there was some kind of warning on the can. Would’ve saved me a bad haircut.

First dry shampoo that actually helps my day 2 hair. My hair is thin and blonde so the second day it looks like i need an oil change but because it’s thin i get split ends from washing and drying daily. This is the first product to save me a day of washing and harmful heat.

I tried this one vs the one with nettle. They were both good but i liked this one better. Best dry shampoo ever and lasts the longest out of all the ones i have tried. Not sticky at all, does not leave a weird residue at all. I have pink hair right now but i have had blue, purple, brunette and blonde and i used this for all of them and it never left a weird residue. I only wash my hair once a week when i use this, it works that good. I spray it on in the morning when i wake up and it lasts all day. I did learn though it works better if i wait about 5 minutes after i spray it before i brush my hair.

I have tried many dry shampoos (i. Bumble & bumble, herbal essence, blow dry bar and many more) that do not compare to this. When i use it, my hair feels as if i have just washed it. This dry shampoo does not make it feel gross and dirty like the other ones i have used in the past. I highly recommend this product. Take it from someone who tried lots of brands and with oily hair.

I didn’t know what to expect when i ordered this, as i’d never used dry shampoo before. But i’ve recently had surgery and bathing and washing my hair will be difficult for a while. Turns out, klorane dry shampoo surpassed my expectations. It is easy to use, it smells amazing, and it made my oily hair look and feel fresh and clean again. While it did take about 5 minutes of brushing to get the white powder residue out of my red hair, it’s manageable. And within another 10 minutes, all remaining signs of the powder had completely disappeared.

This is my absolute favorite dry shampoo and the only one i will ever buy. I first got this in a sample size in a beauty box and fell in love. Since then, i have tried several other well-known less expensive brands, including dove and batiste but none of them will ever compare to this stuff. Every other brand i have ever tried makes my hair feel straw-like and/or look very dull but not klorane. I only spray a little on the roots and comb it through and my hair looks glossy and soft again without looking oily. It actually does as promised and makes my roots look and feel shampooed, where all the cheaper brands fail. I don’t usually spend a lot on individual beauty products, but this dry shampoo is worth the full $20.

While i have only used a few dry shampoos, this one has been best for me. It sprays on white but after letting it sit and then rubbing it in, the white disappears. It doesn’t weigh my hair down like other dry shampoos sometimes do.

This product works really well and that is something i typically don’t say. I am a person who suffers badly from oily hair. I’ve purchased it twice and really enjoyed it both time. It works perfect for but the downfalls outweigh it for me. I can’t justify spending this much on one bottle of dry shampoo. Especially with this dry shampoo being as small as it is. I loved it and really would want to buy it again but i think the price/size outweigh the product. I’m a typical broke college student, so i’m on a budget at all times. Wish i could’ve rated it higher because i truly loved it.

I’ve used several different dry shampoos, didn’t care for any of them. My favorite one, avedas shampure, was the best i’d found and it dulled my hair. I received this in my fabfitfun box and fell in love. It smells nice, makes my hair look and feel like it was just washed, and gives my very straight hair enough texture to curl. This doesn’t dry out my highlighted hair, and it doesn’t leave that white residue that many dry shampoos do. Yes, it’s about double the price of other dry shampoos, but it is worth every penny. You only need a few short sprays to make the magic happen. This is a large can, it lasts several months. (i use it once a week, my daughter uses it occasionally as well. I’ll also use it on freshly washed hair if i’m doing an updo or curls for a special event.

I originally got a sample in my rachel zoe subscription box. I’ve used tons of dry shampoos bc i just hate taking the time to wash and dry my hair. My hair is fine and doesn’t get ‘oily’ but this can extend my typical wash time from every 3 days to every 4 days. Klorane has been one of my faves bc it has a nice clean aroma and doesn’t get ‘sticky’. My hair is golden blonde (level 7/8) and it doesn’t leave any white residue on my roots either.

I tried this dry shampoo when i received it as a sample in my ipsy bag. I loved the sample so much that i was ecstatic when i found the product here on amazon and reasonably priced. The smell isn’t florally or chemically, but very mellow. Great if you have fine hair and shower daily. I’ve found this product works best if you spray your roots before bed, and it absorbs all the oil while you sleep and you wake up with fresh hair.

I have pretty fine hair just have a lot of it. Fine oily hair just doesn’t seem to like dry shampoo too well so i’ve been leary to try any after my previous experiences. I actually got a full size bottle of this in my fab fit box and tried it, why not right?. It doesn’t make my hair gunky at all. I loved it and it will be a staple in my bathroom from now on.Once you spray it, let it sit for about 5 minutes before styling it or anything. I actually will run the blow dryer through it first and then style.

Even though it is much more expensive than other dry shampoos, it is 100% worth it. It is the only dry shampoo i will use for my blonde hair. Never leaves it weighed down and actually gives it some volume. Total life savor for those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair.

I’ve tried at least 4 other dry shampoos,that i can recall,& none of them perform like this one. This one does the best job at getting rid of the oily areas of my hair and why it also does it really give my hair a lot of body too. Makes my hair almost feel like the first day you wash it,with the weightless body it gives it. I don’t find the tinted one to be much different at all to the reg one,but that’s ok. It doesn’t leave white residue in my hair,because if there is any,it easily brushes out. The way i use it is i spray it in a certain area & quickly use my fingers to tousle that area,so there’s no residue and it’s already done it’s job of getting rid of the oily look. Leaves no coated feeling to my hair at all,either. I can easily run my fingers through my hair afterward. The cons to this product: it is pricey,in my opinion & i go through a bottle very quickly because it’s not a large bottle,even with buying the largest size available. In the past 6mos,i’ve bought prob 5 bottles,so one bottle lasts about a month for me,& i prob use it about 4-5x/wk & sparingly.

Works pretty good but you really have to brush it out a lot so you can’t see the white residue. Left my scalp a little itchy but no more than other products like this.

This dry shampoo is great for me. Although i have fine hair, i have a lot of it and this works really well to keep the oily scalp at bay. I also really like the smell. I use it at night with an extra spray in the morning if necessary. I generally just concentrate at the roots, hairline and or part. But will also use on the ends to freshen it up/add some lightweight texture. I went from having to wash my hair everyday, to every few days which has started a very positive ripple effect regarding hair health. Since it’s a dry shampoo – i never use it with any heat product. This is to style my hair for the next 3-4 days after blowing it out.

Love this dry shampoo – no flakes, no strange color, nice smell. I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos and this is my favorite. It really is a life-changer, in that i don’t have to spend time washing my hair as much, when i used to have to wash it everyday.

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  • Don’t use with heat!!!
  • AMAZING. I have tried many dry shampoos (i
  • Best Dry Shampoo!

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