La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-In Sunscreen Milk Broad Spectrum SPF 60 – This is by far her favorite sunscreen and we have tried a lot

I bought this because it was highly recommended by consumer reports. The only thing i didn’t like about it is that it is very thin (i guess that’s why they call it ‘milk’) and with the very least perspiration it got in my eyes and it stings like crazy for a long time.

I purchased this product after seeing it was rated top by consumer reports. My daughter had skin cancer at an early age and i want to do everything i can to protect her from further issues. She is an active beach volleyball player therefore is outside a lot. She is only 15 so i wanted something that was user friendly, lasts a long time, has a pleasant smell and doesn’t get in her eyes when she sweats. This is by far her favorite sunscreen and we have tried a lot. It is not thick or slimy and it just melts right in to her skin and doesn’t run. My husband who plays softball even uses it now and he said it’s the only one he’s ever tried that didn’t get in his eyes. This is our family go to product now.

I’ve tried a lot of sunscreens. I literally get hives from strong direct sunlight, so i am a daily sunscreen user for face and neck (and i take a vitamin d3 supplement to be on the safe side). This is my first time buying la roche-posay sunscreen, it was highly recommended. Before, i was using neutrogen. It’s been my top pick for 8 years. I think i probably like neutrogena better, but it’s a really close call and i definitely like my la roche-posay enough to finish the tube before switching back. Yes, the sunscreen does eventually ‘melt’ in most of the way if you apply it like a liquid foundation, which is to say with your fingertips in a very thin layer. Seriously, don’t apply it like a normal sunscreen.

I applied this first thing in the morning, then proceeded to work outside, all day (about 6 hours), in the blazing heat and bright nc sun. Absolutely no shade, lots of sweat, and wiping at my face throughout the day. It kept my very fair, fragile skin protected. Not a trace of sun exposure was visible on my face that evening or the next day. Also, my skin is very sensitive and prone to breaking out, but i had no issues whatsoever. This stuff is the real deal, folks.

This works well for sun protection, goes on easily and smoothly, and feels nice on the skin, for body anyway. My face didn’t want to absorb it, leaving it really shiny and gross feeling, with noticeable residue which needed addressed with blotting and powder. It made me really regret forgetting to pack my elta facial sunscreen, but for a body sunscreen, this will be my top choice going forward. Note: i have not used it while swimming, and only for moderate activity not heavy exercise, so i can’t speak to its effectiveness in those situations.

I have very fair sensitive skin and just spent 8 days on a boat, usually only applying this once each morning on face and body, and have absolutely no sunburn, barely even a tan. I was super impressed with how long it protected my skin without diligent application throughout the rest of the day. I use high end cosmetics and skin care products, including other very expensive sunscreens, and found this sunscreen to be the most effective with no goopy, chalky, or greasy residue. I also appreciate that it has no strong fragrance or chemical odor, unlike most other sunscreens that i’ve tried.

Good sunscreen recommended by my dermatologist. Not sure its any better than any other sunscreen i’ve used. Make sure you order the serum for your face if you break out at all (i’m in my 50s and this made me break out).

I love it rated best by consumer reports and my dermatologist sells it in his office. Highly recommend this product.

Excellent, i have fair skin and have had several skin cancers. I am always looking or improved sunscreen options, so i try a lot of different products. This is the best i have found so far. I can be out for hours and not worry about getting burned. There are a number of good spf options out there, but what sets this apart is how it feels. This is the least greasy product that i have used. So if it feels “less bad” you use it more. That is not to say that there no lotion feeling, there is, this is just the best i have discovered. I have not tried it while swimming so i can not attest to its efficacy.

I was a little nervous to try this product because i haven’t had the best of luck with face sunscreens other than at the beach. I have very fair skin, but all other sunscreens made me breakout. I use this sunscreen everyday and have not broken out at all. I do not even have to use a moisturizer when i wear this, which is an added bonus.

This is by far, my favorite sunscreen. I have been using this brand daily for years with no issues whatsoever. I use this and their face primer and never get burned. No scent, goes on light and quick with no stickiness. Another good thing is because it’s so light, it doesn’t settle on your skin. No white streaks in any creases. Everyone should be using sunscreen every day, and this is the best.

I am a 30 year old male who has used sunscreen sporadically throughout my life. About two years ago i started wearing this every day, religiously. I apply it once in the morning, right before i leave the house, and once at around noon. Remembering to apply is difficult, so i’ve purchased quite a few tubes to keep in all of the places i spend most of my time: my car, desk at my office, both bathrooms, and backpack. I began wearing sunscreen purely for cosmetic reasons. The added bonus of reducing the probability of skin cancer is a nice cherry on top, but i often think that the additives in cosmetics, like this very sunscreen, are probably toxic and carcinogenic to some extent. (i am professionally a statistician, and my fiancee is a biologist who studies skin – i have both a healthy appreciation and skepticism of science). If you’re very light skinned like i am, do be sure to supplement with vitamin d to make up for wearing so much sunscreen. Seriously, do it, it’s like one of only a few vitamins you can take that will actually improve your health. Especially if you spend most of your day indoors or wear any sort of face coverings consistently.

A motorcycle instructor who works in the sun all day was raving about this sunscreen, so i bought it. I’m a ginger and i got sunburnt today because i thought i could go out in the garden for 10 minutes without sunscreen. I should have put on my la roche-posay. This stuff is better than neutrogena (better be, for that price) and goes on thick at first, feeling a bit more like the neutrogena 100spf even though this is rated at 60spf. Then it ‘melts in’ and is quite comfortable and i forget i’m wearing it. It feels more like wearing a bit of lotion / moisturizing cream. Most importantly it does not smell like sunscreen. It has a ‘plastic’ smell to it which is a little odd at first, but that smell pretty much vanishes after 15-20 minutes.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Don’t get it in your eyes!
  • Probably the BEST sunscreen ever
  • Feels like the least greasy product out there.

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-In Sunscreen Milk Broad Spectrum SPF 60, Water Resistant & Oil Free, Suitable for Sensitive Skin
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