La Roche-Posay Makeup Remover Micellar Cleansing Water Gel, Np directions with product

There are no directions with this product. I am not certain how to apply it and if it is safe around the eyes.

This is a makeup remover that is clear in color that has a gel-like consistency. There is a light scent to the product but it doesn’t linger or stay on your face after use. The product comes in a 195 ml (6. 59 oz) blue bottle with a pump. Consi have noticed that it requires at least 2 pumps to clear the face of any light makeup. I have not used this product to remove heavy makeup but i assume it will need 4-5 pumps. In terms of uses of pumps, i feel that this is a pricy item and there are cheaper alternatives available. Prosi love how this product comes in a pump. It is so easy and clean to use. The pump can be closed and opened as many times as you want so it will not leak if you are traveling with it.

I have sensitive skin and eyes, so i appreciate something so mild that the detergent ingredient, poloxamer can also go into contact lens solution (no tears. ) there are also no parabens. Put on a cotton pad and gently wipe eye area. If you simply wash your face as usual and then use this, you will usually find a lot of residue left in the eye area if you wear shadow and mascara.

You just wet your face, pump the product on to your hand and smooth onto your face, then wipe off with a washcloth. It leaves your skin so soft and smooth. No need to moisturize afterwards and i am super sensitive. I did not break out or have even a hint of redness. I was nervous at first about the idea of not washing off the make up remover but honestly my skin looks fantastic. It has a soft light fragrance. That took a little getting used to for me as i always used foam cleansers but it feels nice. All my make up removed with no left over residue.

I just love la roche products.

The la roche-posay makeup remover micellar water gel cleanser is an effective makeup remover and is gentle on the skin. The gel dispensed from the pump is soothing and did not irritate my skin. Makeup, including mascara and eye liner, came off with gentle rubbing and did not require me to have to use a separate towel or tissue to scrub off the makeup. While it says that you can simply wipe off the excess and dry off your face, i preferred to rinse off the excess product and dried my face after ensuring all the product and makeup was removed. My skin did not break out after use, and my skin felt very clean afterwards. The scent of the cleanser was very minimal and pleasant. It did not leave my skin with any type of scent on it, nor did it leave my skin feeling overly dry or oily. I used my regular moisturizer afterwards and the products didn’t react with each other adversely. Overall, if you’re looking for a good cleanser that removed makeup effectively, this is a nice one to consider.

This is very pleasant to use. It has a light fragrance and feels like a gel moisturizer going on. You simply wet your face then apply one or two pumps. I use a bamboo baby washcloth to then wipe the product off. It takes all the makeup and grime off without any oily feel at all. It doesn’t burn my eyes whatsoever. It only takes 1-2 pumps to clean my face- and it does a very good job of gettin my mascara off. It really makes me feel a bit spoiled. I normally have used makeup remover wipes but this leaves my skin feeling even cleaner and smooth.

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, Very good!
, Np directions with product

This cleaner works well and has a very pleasant scent. It was able to take makeup off that i had worn ten hours. It also did not dry out my skin. It was, however, emailed in a bubble envelope by amazon, which caused the dispenser to crack. None of the product was wasted, however i was not able to use the pump, unfortunately.

This is the best makeup cleaner that i have ever used. I have sensitive skin, so i have to be very careful about what kind of skin products that i can use. This is the first time that i have tried any kind of a gel cleanser and it works great. My daughter and i both used it and loved it. She applies lots of makeup from primer to sealing spray, so she has to use a good makeup remover to get it all off without scrubbing. I like to use waterproof makeup products and it still removed all of it without any problems. It has a very light fragrance that doesn’t bother you and goes away quickly. My skin was very soft and smooth after using this without applying any moisturizer. I love the pump because it makes it very easy to administer. I still like to rinse my face after using this.

This is an excellent makeup remover (note: not a face wash). I learned that quickly when i tried it as a wash and it did not work, then i read the label. I’m so use to using similar looking face washes it was just second nature to use it that way but this is strictly a makeup remover. Just use a little on a cotton pad and makeup comes right off, no rinsing necessary and it leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. This is a clear gel, no beads or color in it like i expected. It has a very light floral, slightly rose scent that quickly dissipates. Not sure i would give up my 7 dollar neutrogena face wash for this, which works just as well and is way cheaper but if you just want a makeup remover, not a wash, this does do the job with ease.

I have sensitive skin and am constantly switching products because my skin gets too dry with anything that really removes makeup. However, after only a few days use, i haven’t noticed any excessive drying or acne spots breaking out. Very pleased with resultsfor the record, i am mid thirties, extremely pale skin, occasional acne,.

Good product for removing makeup. But not an actual face wash. I find it not enough to just remove makeup. Need to follow up withregular face wash. But i like using both products to get the job done.

I was excited to try la roche-posay micellar water gel make-up remover. I had previously read an article about micellar water being the beauty secret of french women, who use it as a makeup remover/cleanser. La roche-posay michellar water is a gel. It goes on the cotton ball thick like a gel and glides smoothly on my face. I have rosacea, so my skin can be sensitive. The first night i used the michellar water, my rosacea flared up a bit immediately after using it. But i think my skin was just extra sensitive that winter day, because i haven’t had any issues since. I normally have to use a few pumps of the gel to get coverage of my entire face. You can see the makeup come off on the cotton pad. The gel is very soothing on the skin.

La marca es buena pero no desmaquilla como esperaba que lo hiciera.

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