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Some people try natural deodorants because they dislike the chemicals in most conventional deodorants/antiperspirants. I originally started searching for alternatives to my go-to secret and dove because i hated the residue it left behind on my clothes. Not to mention, i had to reapply constantly. I tried everything from store-bought natural stick deodorants, to essential oils, to small-batch creams from etsy. Most were downright terrible. Long story short, i eventually stumbled across this product. I was hesitant to try it because it contains baking soda, which has burned me horribly in the past. However, this never gave me a rash or redness. If i start to feel a little irritation coming on, i will wipe a little witch hazel to my armpits before applying.

I was very excited about this natural deodorant because it smells so fresh and clean- i have previously used other natural deodorants and i figured the ingredients would be similar. Anyways- i did have a mild reaction (redness, discomfort and warm to touch) after the first usage. I’m sad i won’t be able to enjoy the amazing scent but i recommend testing before lathering it on.

I’d been trying to find a good natural deodorant that actually works (looking at you, tom’s), and i’m sure i read some article about this one and decided to give it a try. I really really like it, and i’m very pleased and am now repurchasing. Details as to why it is #1 in my book:1. Application: i’ve tried deodorant creams (tweet tweet meow), salt sticks (crystal), and the woeful tom’s before i go this one. Tweet tweet meow was similar in product compound (baking soda based) but i hated the cream- i had to lop it on my fingers, smush it on my armpit, and always had goop under my fingernails. This one is a solid twist up stick, more firm that a traditional solid deodorant but it smoothes on pretty well. In the wintertime i would have to warm it up if you will before it would apply well, but i experience the same thing with lipstick in the winter so it didn’t bother me. White streaks: better than secret solid, worse than a clear gel. Typically on par with what i’ve experienced with traditional deodorants. (the most important trait)- coverage/stink protection: i am i would say a moderate sweater.

I almost thought i found a natural deodorant that works for me with this one. But after only a few hours i feel the need to reapply because the stink returns. I’ve been trying different ones for over 6 years (and sticking with each for a while) so don’t tell me i just need more time to get used to it. Let’s be honest–natural deodorant doesn’t work for everybody. Guess i’ll have to settle for getting cancer.

Been searching for a natural deodorant that i can use for an active lifestyle and in the heat of summer. This smells great and does the job. I have gone through countless natural deodorants to find one that i don’t smell after a workout or being in the summer heat and finally found it with this one.

I wasn’t expecting much from this natural deodorant so i purchased the 1oz just to give it a try. To my surprise after a week of using it every day in and out of the summer cali heat, it’s been great. No bo come the end of the day. I do on occasion feel ‘wet’ under my arms but the light scent keeps me fresh all day. I’ve been carrying it in my bag every day just in case i need to reapply like many have posted they do. I might have done this once but not an everyday thing. I’m really loving the scent too. I want to try the lavender but i worry it won’t give the same results. I will definitely purchase the 2. 2oz to keep home and the 1oz i’ll keep in my bag (just in case).

  • Loved the scent- sad I won’t be able to enjoy it!
  • Nice Surprise – Lovely Scent
  • Best of the Natural Deodorants

Love the smell and feel but you have to use it multiple times. It’s definitely not clinical strength but on the other hand it’s all natural. I put it on 3 times during the day and that’s fine with me. I like the fact that it is not too oily like some other natural brands. I ruined a couple of shirts with oily deodorants before so i am glad i found this one. Another good brand is earth science liken plant herbal scent that i highly recommend. I find it works maybe even a little bit better.

I’m not excited about the fragrance, but i can do it, and boy does this deodorant kick every other one to the curb, even antiperspirants. This one lasts into day two from one application, and i’ve never in my life experienced that before. I have challenging underarm odor. This one doesn’t leave a residue on my clothes like the rest of their line. And i approve of the ingredients.

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  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Lavanila Vanilla Breeze The Healthy Deodorant, 2.0 oz.
  • Lavanila Vanilla Breeze The Healthy Deodorant, 2.0 oz
  • Type: Deodorant

Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused.

Lavanila Vanilla Breeze The Healthy Deodorant, 2.0 oz

Type: Deodorant

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Lavanila Vanilla Breeze The Healthy Deodorant, 2.0 oz
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