LUCKYFINE Bamboo charcoal peel-off blackhead mask- Purifying Quality Pore Removal Peel off Strip Charcoal Mask – only because I think I might’ve put too thick a layer but it turned out fine, just hurt peeling it off lol

This definitely worked for us and i will be getting it again soon. It took about a day or two to start peeling on the bottom of my feet. So now been 1 week and the bottom of my feet are done peeling but the top of my foot is still peeling. My feet are sooooo soft, love this product.Just be ready for about a week or two of peeling feet lol.

It really works, but it will be uncomfortable if you get it in your hair. Just use water to remove it if it gets in your hair. Really, truly, gets rid of blackheads, and super fun to scare your significant other as you run around the house with what looks like tar on your face. It’s really one of the only products i’ve tried to remove blackheads that works. I threw out all my other blackhead removing potions after getting this. The trick to getting it off easily is to put it on fairly thick. You should not be able to see your skin through it.

My feet were always so rough and looked dirty. I thought this wasn’t going to work but after a few days started to get rough and a few more days started to peel. My feet are so much more smooth and don’t look dirty anymore. I can’t wait to do it again to see if it gets more smooth.

Doesn’t completely pull out all the pores but its a good start. Its a good starter but maybe searching for a different brand next time i repurchase.

Covers more areas but doesn’t take off as much as biore.

Take a bit to dry and doesn’t seem to work as well as advertised.

  • Great mask!!! Suits my sensitive skin!!

  • Advice

  • Try it!

It did what it said it would, my face looks much healthier. I am very happy with this product. Would definitely continue buying. Although, i wish it were a little less expensive.

Used this for the first time today and it worked perfectly. The instructions were only in chinese which made it a little difficult beings i am american. However i just tried it out by washing my face first, applied the mask, left it on until it dried (about 40 minutes) then peeled off.

Its only a little painful on the sides of your face near hairline from the peach fuzz. Aside from that its not painful at all, dried quick and was easy to peel off. You could psychically tell anything it pulled from your face, but once it was done the next morning, you could already tell a huge difference in the appearance and feel of skin.

I am not a product person, i am never consistent and i never write reviews. But i could not help but to express how much i love this product. After one use, i noticed a huge difference and so did my fiance. Soft skin, and pores had already looked better.It is true that you only need a light layer and it will come off in one piece. The more you put on your face, the longer it will take to dry. I also did pieces of my face rather than my whole face at once and it was bearable. I use this 1-3 times a week and i am very satisfied.

It comes with instructions telling you how to do it and how long to wait (in several different languages). It is satisfying to peel off, but does fairly hurt (as expected). My advice: be careful on how thickly you put it on. I once put it on super thickly and it never dried, and i also once put it on too thinly and it had little holes (from where the goo sunk into the skin) instead of taking off blackheads.

It didnt remove as much as i thought, all the directions were in another language with no alternative.

It went on ok and pulled off ok just didn’t not see much stuck to it.

These were so gross but incredibly satisfying. I use to love to peel glue from my skin and this is similar. It took about 12 days for mine to start peeling so don’t expect immediate peel. You just cut open the bags and put them on your clean feet for about an hour. I think there are different times for everyone about when it will start to peel but again it took mine a good 12 days. The peeling was so great and it really makes your feet feel so soft and refreshed. My daughter’s all want to try them now so i will be getting more.

I honestly don’t know if it is actually working. I didn’t expect the mask to feel off so thin, so it doesn’t just come off in one handy dandy piece. I have used it for about 2 weeks, and i still have no idea if anything is coming off with the mask. It’s kind of fun applying though so that’s pretty much why i’m using the rest of what i have.

Both come individually packed. My feet feel sooooo amazing after dping this. Easy to use easy to follow directions. An amzing product all in all i definitely recommend this.

This does a great job at removing black heads. I would suggest not letting it over dry as it then becomes painful to remove. It doesn’t get a full 5 stars because it’s really messy. If you’re not careful you can easily end up getting it everywhere and you have to run it to remove from furniture.

I have a lot of blackheads on and around my nose, the reason why i got this mask. It was delivered on time with good packaging. The mask was really easy to use as it came with a spoon as well which makes application easier without getting messy hands. Once dry you peel off the mask and all the blackheads and little hair over your nose comes along with it. It left my skin really smooth and soft. The reason i’m giving it 4 stars is because i can still see few blackheads around my nose. I’m not sure if they would come out on regular use of this product.

Painful removal from the face.

It took a little long to get here but i finally got it. I was very excited to try this, took a shower as normal and washed my face with my usual face wash and soap and then when i got out i applied the mask and let it sit for about an hour, only because i think i might’ve put too thick a layer but it turned out fine, just hurt peeling it off lol. I was expecting to see more blackheads and gross stuff come out of my face but idk maybe because i just washed it it wasn’t so dirty, and i did see a lot of dirt and icky stuff and hair so i would say it works well. My face feels brighter and smoother, i will continue to do this once a week or maybe every other week and continue monitoring my face.

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