MANGROOMER – PROFESSIONAL Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver : It just works!

My first one lasted 3 years with the same blade.

How have i not owned this all my adult life?. I shaved my back and shoulders in 3 minutes. Done for about 2 months then repeat. So simple and easy i laughed out loud.

This is a must have if you have hair in your back.

The older i’ve gotton the hairer i’ve become. Razor shaving has become a hassle. Recommend for all my hair single brothers out there.

It has all the reach you need and the blades trim close without ‘biting’. I’ve tried the large non-electric back shavers and they are pretty ineffective because you have to get the angle on the blade just right. The build quality is acceptable for the price.

Works better than the original. No more neck or back or body hair.

It takes a bit of adjustment to figure out how to hold the thing and move your arm, but once you get the routine down, this works as it should and that pesky back hair is as good as gone.

When speaking on tackling back hair on your own, you’ve got to be reasonable to start. I have been growing back hair since i turned eighteen. Not just back hair but two to three hairs growing from each follicle, 1980’s shag carpet type of back hair. Recently i grew tired of having to have various people shave my back for me so i decided i would take care of it myself. Long story short – this is the best you’re going to get when it comes to trimming your back hairs. Razors create major issues for any normal man (i will never make that mistake again). I gave up the first time i used the man groomer, but considering i was alone and had a partially shaved back, i finished the job. While it is tough to get used to craning your neck and coordinating your brain and arm to cooperate in a mirror, it made relatively quick work of my back hair. Each time gets easier than the last and i eventually realized that regular shaving (while the hairs are still thin and not too long) make the job a breeze.It takes me 15 minutes at most and i don’t have to bother anyone with it.

  • What’s to know? It works!
  • Should’ve tried this sooner!

MANGROOMER – PROFESSIONAL Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

  • Extendable and Adjustable Handle – PROFESSIONAL Handle extends and locks at any length you choose by engaging professional lock button on handle
  • Rechargeable Battery Power – New quick-charging and operates at optimum power between charges
  • PROFESSIONAL Premium Blade Design – Superior smooth shave results and measures 1.5 inches in width for maximum coverage and fewer strokes
  • Extreme Reach – PROFESSIONAL Handle measures over 2 feet in length when fully extended to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back
  • 100% Rubberized – Features Non-Slip Rubberized Grip Handle and Body for maximum control and comfort. Battery Charge Life: Up to 3 Hours
  • Please note your shaver will not work while plugged into the power source, so please unplug and then turn ON to operate.
  • 2 Year Warranty!

Bought this for my boyfriend and he said it works great. He had the earlier model of this and said this one is much better and easier to use.

It can be used against your skin without worrying about skin cuts or abrasion even in those sensitive areas.

Simple design is easy to use and clean. Flexible positions and extensions allow trimming in hard-to-reach places.

It was really hard for me to trim my back hair and i didn’t want to rely on others for this. I started using mangroomer and it works. Its able to reach the whole back. I suggest trying different angles until you find the best results.

Exactly what i was hoping for. I’ve been a bit skeptical of the razor-on-a-stick products for a long time, but finally decided that i’d had enough of having a pelt on my back. I let the mangroomer charge for about 20 hours before i tried it, and it worked like a charm; cut through all the back hair with no problems at all, and the length and angle of the handle made it easy to get to the entire back. The width of the cutting head is key, too — it’s wide enough that you don’t have to get extremely precise as you try to work over your own shoulder. Great results, for a lot less than the $1200 i was looking at for laser treatments.

I still use it on my hairy back.

I have thin hair on my back that can really grow if i don’t shave it. Took me like 45 minutes to an hours to get all the hair, especially from tough to reach spots. On top of that, i would end up cutting myself. I am happy i came across this. Now, i shave my back within 15 minutes of less and no more cuts. One of the best things i bought.

The best manscaping product ever. I’ve purchased these for wedding gifts, thank you s, whatever. It’s good to use on your sensitive areas as well.

Works, holds a charge well too.

I wish i had this product years ago. It leaves my back smooth and looking perfect. The rechargeable battery lasts quite awhile too. I’m very impressed with how well it worked. I’m a very hairy person and the shaver has no problem keeping my back smooth. Lastly, it doesn’t hurt and never cuts me.

So i literally just unboxed, charged and used this product, so i can sit and give you my off the cuff impressions. Mind you, this was done at the tail end of a brutal heatwave in boston and let’s just say, the timing was perfect for a first run. Construction: almost alarmingly lightweight, i felt like a pull too hard and i’d snap it- so be mindful of that. . But the rubberized grips are solid for a good purchase, and because it isn’t too heavy, it makes the awkward angles easy to sustain. Blade- small surface area when compared to a bakblade or broshaver. This means you do have to be a tad more patient as you will make more swipes, especially if as in my case, it’s been a few weeks and the hair weaves in itself. Performance – this is where you can pretty much disregard my previous criticisms: once you get past the learning curve, this thing works. There’s no other way to put it- it takes the hair right off my back and neck and made it smooth. Having used bakblade and broshaver, i had my doubts as to what an electric might do versus a de razor. Providing the motor holds up, i doubt i’ll ever go back to those products. Final verdict- if you have challenging body hair issues, get a mangroomer. It works, it’s effective and worth the money.

Works great don’t know how i lived without this so long.

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