Marvis ning Mint Toothpaste : good taste and cool looking tube. I feel rich!

This is a toothpaste that i can say for sure whitens your teeth. After i use this, my teeth feels very clean. The flavor i found to be light compared to other toothpastes. So it doesn’t have any fun flavor but it is a great alternative to teeth whitening strips.

I was not impressed initially but after many uses my teeth feel much cleaner when i use marvis vs another brand. Maybe i reviewed too soon – it is pricey but i am 75 years old and many my age no longer have their teeth so price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Hope my dentist sees improvement.

This must be absolutely the best toothpaste on the market today. Flavor is unmatchable to anything that you could find at the local pharmacy with any other paste. You will not be disappointed.

Unfortunately does not contain fluoride though.

Can definitely tell a difference after the first use. Feels like you just got your teeth cleaned at the dentist. I had to order another one for a family member after they tried it and liked it.

Second, it tastes amazing and, finally, it keeps my teeth pearly white. Love the design of the tube and, especially, the detail on the cap.Not important but definitely aesthetically pleasing.

Just as minty as the aquatic mint version but now with the added benefits of whitening. My mom loves it so i bought myself one to try it out. I expect good results~ will update this review if otherwise.

The mint flavor doesn’t have that cloying flavor common in commercial toothpastes – much more real taste. Looks very elegant (shocking for toothpaste) on the counter.

  • Okay I changed my mind
  • I really like this brand of toothpaste
  • Great toothpaste. Obviously a premium product and probably provides

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste

I like it because it has a screw cap which is safer to travel with so it doesn’t accidentally pop open in your toiletries bag.

This is my absolute favorite toothpaste. It really leaves my teeth feeling clean.

I really like the way that this tube looks on my counter (and is probably the reason why many order it). I like the flavor, it is very strong but that doesn’t bother me. I can’t say that i noticed any whitening effects, however, my teeth are pretty naturally ‘white’ already, and i didn’t buy this for the whitening component, i just like trying new flavors, and this one happened to be on sale (usually it’s a few dollars more than the other flavors).

Obviously a premium product and probably provides no benefit over regular toothpastes but dammit it just seems nicer. Has a good strength to it and leaves my breath fresh for a while.

Will probably just refill it with arm&hammer when it’s gone.

I am a product packaging junkie, so of course i was drawn to this toothpaste just for how cool it looks on my bathroom vanity. That’s about as impressed as i got with this product. I didn’t care for it at all. It didn’t clean as well as other toothpastes i’ve used, and i couldn’t say that it whitened at all. 99 tube of pepsodent is equally effective at cleaning your teeth. This is going to the guest bathroom and i’m going back to crest complete.

I really like this brand of toothpaste. It leaves your mouth so refreshed and clean feeling. I have issues with my gums from time to time. So, i rotate 3 different types of toothpastes that i use in my routine for my mouth needs at any given time. I use this brand in particular when they are tender and irritable. It calms it down immediately. Marvis is better than american products. It really does whiten the teeth even after one use.

Have used marvis toothpaste on and off for many years, love the flavor, love how it cleans and you don’t need to put a huge amount on the toothbrush.

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Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste
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