merkur Futur MK 23C Long-Handled Traditional Double Edge Safety Razor – Excellent Comfort – One-piece head dedicated to precise and satisfying shaving

I am so happy that i made this purchase. I was very afraid to switch from a women disposable razor with soap around the blades to this, but wanted to for the lower cost and reducing my plastic consumption. I used to use the schick intuition, very expensive and wasteful. But after watching many youtube tutorials, testing and practicing on very small areas slowly, i have now been using this razor for weeks on my armpits and lower legs and have not had a single nick or cut.I appreciate that merkur included a single blade with the handle, which i have been using. The shave is very close and my legs are not irritated at all when using this blade. I wish i had switched years ago. My legs have never felt better or so hairless, and i’ve been considering laser for a long time. For any other women who are afraid that using a safety razor will be a blood bath- fear not. You may not even cut yourself at all.

This double-edge safety razor is a classic beauty. It feels solid and well-balanced in the hand, and the knurled handle transforms steel into a non-slip surface. While it may be a considered a ‘long-handled’ instrument, the handle really seems like what i would consider a standard length for most people. My hands are average-sized (for example, i wear a medium-size glove), and the grip feels just right for me. It should be noted that changing the blade involves unscrewing the head from the handle and laying it on a flat surface to remove the old blade and install a new one, then carefully lining up the studs in the head with the holes in the blade, picking up the whole assembly, and screwing the head back onto the handle. While this method is less convenient than the ‘clamshell’ design that opens like the space shuttle’s cargo bay doors, it is less complicated mechanically. It also may align the blade more precisely, which is the ultimate goal. Because the head is a seamless, highly-polished piece, it seems to aid in placing the razor under protrusions like nose or ear lobes. The head can hold these softer bits of flesh out of the way, without a disconcerting seam. This razor looks beautiful on a chrome razor stand, and holds the blade at a precise angle for safe shaving.

Gentlemen, move along, nothing to see here. I looked long and hard for a replacement for all those damn disposable razors with the colored/scented handles (really though, who needs scented handles?). Tried lots of men’s razors too. Cut myself a lot hoping that my razors were still sharp enough for just one more shave, because i have a date tonight and forgot to buy razors, and damn if i’ll be wearing anything other than my new lbdmy better half bought himself a version of this, but the handle was short and it felt heavy and awkward while standing in the shower, with my foot gently perched on the soap stand trying not to fall and cut my whole leg open. At any rate, it worked beautifully, and i had smooth legs that were the stuff of dreams for days. After a few uses, and him getting tired of finding his own razor in the shower, i bought myself this one and some persona blades. The handle is long and thin, and it’s extremely lightweight. I replace the blade every time i shave my legs, and about every 3 shaves of everything else. If i wait too long and don’t replace the blades, i’ll cut myself a few times, and no one wants that.

I’m a lady who likes to shave her legs occasionally, but i absolutely hate the price of cartridge razors. I was at a loss for an alternative however (waxing would end up costing more, and isn’t exactly convenient or pain free). My fiancé learned about safety razors last year and bought his own, and i was sold based on the price alone. My initial investment was less than $40 for this razor and a 100-pack of blades – which having done the math should last me for something like twenty years??.After using it for a few months, i can definitely say the shave is so much better as well; my legs are smoother and don’t get at all irritated, when i used to get awful razor burn and ingrown hairs. On top of it all, it’s environmentally friendly. So a win-win-win in my opinion. Overall, i absolutely love this razor, i highly recommend it to anyone and everyone – i already converted my sister, and my mom is close behind. It’s not difficult to learn how to use, and i now can shave just as fast as i did with a cartridge razor. I did try using the fancy shaving soap and brush method, which was nice but more time consuming.

New to the wet shaving game. Fortunately, i haven’t suffered from the learning curve so many others have. I shave a about 3 times a week and find myself having to take two passes. At first i started going really slow as i was afraid i’d cut myself. Now after a month i feel i can shave at a pretty good pace, close to the speed i was at with the cartridge multi-blade style razor. I feel like the shave i am getting is just as smooth, and cuts the cost of shaving significantly. I have been using the astra platinum blades but would also like to try the feather. Overall this seems to be a decent quality razor at the price. I am taking care when tightening the blade holder as it seems a good number of reviewers have broken the screw. It could be a little heavier.

My first safety razor, i’m hooked. The grip on this thing is fantastic. At first cleaning, i put the top on upside down and it wouldn’t shave due to the pressure on the blade, forcing me to put it together correctly 🙂 great razor, i expect it to last a really long time. It works well with astra blades on my too brittle to wax leghair, but my husband said it tugged on his mustache hair. This is probably due to him not trimming it short enough and nothing to do with the blade or the razor. I feel as if i’ve saved money already from using this, certainly saved so many plastic containers from the landfill. Hope it lasts my whole life because i love it.

  • Ladies, buy this. Now.
  • Wish I would have switched sooner – You’re doing it wrong.
  • Perfect gift, I love it

I’m a novice with only five months of practice. I started with two economic razors – stopped shaving because of nicks. I would only shave on days that i didn’t have a meeting. That changed with this razor. My multi-blade cartridge razor is now decommissioned. What i like about de shaving. It is a skill but one that is learned quickly. There is more control as i was able to clip those mischevious whiskers. I no longer stretch a blade’s life – two or three shaves, and it goes in the recycle bin. Each blade is about 10 to 20 cents each.

You can make yourself crazy looking for the best razor. Let me put your mind at ease. This razor gets a solid 95 out of 100 when it comes to razor. The long handle can be a plus with those with big hands. But after a few shave you’ll find the perfect holding position. I use astro superior premium platinum razors sold here on amazon, a badger brush and old bond street sandalwood shaving cream bowl. It gives a very comfortable shave. After the first shave, i usually lather up again and do a once over to clean up. For those that are used to using fusion cartilages, i suggest you hold on to those and use them to shave/clean up the area right around and close to the edge of your nose. Using safety razors is quite easy but those hard to reach places, take a bit of practice. It just might be easier to use fusion cartilages or similar razor cartilages for those hard to reach places. Doing so will make your fusion cartilage last for two months if not longer since you’re using it just for clean up purposes.

An impulse purchase that changed how this retired guy shaves. I can go two days before my wife notices that i haven’t shaved, i’ve been a gillette fusion cartridge user for probably thirty years. Used edge gel because it was usually a bogo. Out of the shower, splash of warm water on the face, and went to town. Saw a feature article on the nyt that referenced the merkur and double-edged wet shaves. Did this after watching a you tube video of a merkur competitor that featured a middle-aged scot showing how it’s done: the art of shaving. Bought the razor, 100 astra blades, proraso pre-shave cream, and proraso shave cream with badger brush. Have used this new system for a week. Merkur razor and the astra (russian-made) blades give me a shave that’s on a par with gillette fusion. Certainly no worse, but not the miracle, ‘baby butt smooth’ results i anticipated. On the other hand, holding the razor at a 30 degree angle, moving slowing in two inch strokes, going with the grain on the cheeks and agains the grain on the neck produced a nice, close shave on thee first pass. Herre’s the best part: the proraso pre-shave and proraso lather, the sink full of warm water soaking the badger brush before use, the painting of the face with the lather, and the slow process of shaving not once but twice. In the aubrey-maturin british navy series, patrick o’brien makes several reference to the crew of the hms surprise shaving twice before inspections and sunday rigging for church. Never really got that, utntil now. Twice shaved = pure indulgence and a face as smooth as the palm of your hand. Now the confession: i’m not sure i’ll be saving any morey by moving to the double-edged system.

I so wanted this to be a 5 star review and, for the first two years, it was. However the head snapped off of the shaft of this razor two years into my wet shaving experience, lowering my rating. I’ll start with the pros and finish with the cons. Pros:it looks nice and will not rust on youit shaves welleasy to operate (though not as easy as a butterfly open)the long handle is nice for men with large handscons:a butterfly open head is much easier to usebecause the head screws on, it will sometimes loosen mid shave on the left side of your mustache, leaving you vulnerable to nicks. A butterfly style razor won’t do that. Durability is a concern because the head broke off on mine after just two years (these should last a lifetime)conclusion:get a butterfly head razor. It’s easier to operate and won’t come loose around your mustache. Try and find a brand that will last longer than two years.

I’ve been using this razor and included blade for 3 days now. I was very surprised that first time about how well it did. I viewed the video about how to hold the razor to obtain his recommended 30 degree angle. Cheek and neck are very easy but chin and just under the nose takes more understanding about the importance of the angle. It takes a little practice and a lot of thought. Here is what i did to understand more about the angle. For practice place the head of the perpendicular to your cheek. That makes the handle 90 degrees to your cheek. As you lower the handle on an arc to your cheek you go from the 90 degrees to 0 degrees. Your chin presents a challenge since the angle their changes so quickly. You need to find a way to another this. Go slow with a light touch and practice. The next problem is just under the nose. You can’t start with a 30 degree angle directly.

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I just purchased this as my first double edge safety razor so i could stop paying the high prices for the cartridge razors, and so far i love it. Not only does it shave well, it’s pleasant to use, and cartridge razors feel like a toy compared to this classic tool. Those who left bad reviews because they cut themselves were probably not using this razor correctly. You cannot use it like a cartridge razoryou’re not supposed to apply pressure, let he weight of the razor do the cutting. Also, go slow and make a few short strokes as opposed to long strokes. There are a ton of videos on youtube with instructions on how to shave with a safety razor, so before you try it for the first time, please watch them.

I can’t say enough about this safety razor. I was interested in buying a safety razor for environmental reasons, and the fact that a lot of online reviews said it gave them a closer, better and cheaper shave certainly didn’t hurt. I didn’t find many reviews from women/leg/underarm shaving, but i decided to chance it anyway. I bought the merkur, along with a starter variety pack of blades (mine included feather, 7 am, derby, shark, and bluebird). The included merkur blade didn’t do much for me, and i had to go through every brand in the variety pack until i found my brand, shark. Incredibly close shave, and no irritation on underarms or legs, even in the bikini area. But because mine’s shark doesn’t mean yours will be. It’s a satisfyingly personalized experience, and i know i can’t get anywhere near as close a shave from a conventional modern razor. I’ve dropped this razor on porcelain and tile on several occasions.

I have been shaving about 44 yrs. Always used mach3, mach 4, whatever. Tired of this nonsense blades are so expensive. Harry’s & dollar shave club bugging me online and retargeting for months after going to their site. Then i order w dollar shave & they never shipped. So i think my dad used double edge razor. I have never had a closer shave. For about $30 i have about 4 years of shaving paid for. Also not throwing away all the plastic associated with disposable razors. I also felt like a clark gable knockoff ysing the raxor.

This is probably one of the greatest investments i’ve ever made. Don’t let the man trick you into buying those overpriced multi bladed razors. This thing saved me hundreds of dollars while i was in the army and had to shave everyday. It does the job just as well as any multi bladed razor but at the fraction of the price. Easy to clean and two years i’m still on the same pack of 100 count personna de razor blades. Depending on how strong your skin is, you can get away with using the same blade for a week or so. All you need to do is use very hot water and it will glide along like butter.

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