Nair Hair Remover : Amazingly effective but requires some planning

I’ve been using nair for years now and it’s a miracle cure for inexpensive body hair removal. You can remove swaths of hair in minutes without creating razor burn or tons of ingrown hairs with none of the pain of waxing, but that’s only if you read the directions and are careful in its application. If you don’t, then you will get painful chemical burns because you a) didn’t take spot testing seriously before use, b) tried to use it on sensitive areas despite it explicitly not being for that, or c) allowed it to saturate your skin by leaving it on longer than your body could handle. This is a fantastic and inexpensive alternative to waxing and laser hair removal, but if you don’t follow the directions you won’t like it and it won’t like you, hence all the 1-star reviews. More tips: don’t put it anywhere near your taint, wash your hands thoroughly after applying, if you feel any tingling remove it immediately (the burn does not mean it’s working), and don’t do multiple re-applications in a short time span, give your skin time to recover.

Very good product just the scent in my preference is a bit to strong just a tad bit and it’s fine besides that because of course it has chemicals in it to help get rid of ur hairs but besides that i give it a 4/5 because it at times leaves me with some rash marks that become itchy at times and i’m with it because i may be allergic to something but nothing to servers where i can’t handle it but it’s a good product it leaves u with a nice smooth finish.

Wish i had taken a before picture but all of my back had an average amount of hair on it–i would say middle of the road. Anyway, i had my gf apply it and then i stepped in shower, not letting stream hit my back directly. Exactly five minutes later my gf came in and with a moist hand towel wiped it all off. Usually i had back waxed, which was quite painful. I’m a real person and this is a real review. As you can see my back is smooth. I do feel a slight tingle afterwards but nothing else.

Ok, now i have had problems with my skin all my life. I have eczema, my skin doesn’t react to most products well (rashes), and on top of all of that i’m darker skinned (we notoriously have problems with skin products). . This product worked virtually painlessly and left me unbelievably smooth with no rashes. I slowly worked my way up to using this stuff on my underwear areas and this stuff worked like a charm.

But be careful, if you keep it on you more than three minutes after applying to your body may cause harm and pain. It is also mentioned on the product. But i want to warn the people who may omit to read the instruction as me.

This product does what it says. It removes thick coarse hair quickly and effortlessly. The smell is not so pleasing but it isn’t the worse odor i have experienced with hair removers. I always apply it liberally and it works perfectly.

Nair Hair Remover for Men Hair Remover Body Cream, 13 oz

  • Smooth Skin Lasts Days Longer than Shaving
  • Effective on Coarse, Thick Hair
  • Stays on in the Shower
  • Quick & Easy to Use
  • Works on Back, Chest, Arms and Legs

So, yep, it adequately removes hair from intimate areas of the male reproductive anatomy. Also works great at smoothing out the dermal coverings of the gluteus maximus as well as the sensitive areas surrounding the corporal exit port. However, be warned, that the sound (not necessarily the odor) of all flatulence is magnified due to the lack of sound insulation previously provided by those delicate little hairs you just burned off with this stuff. The smell (of the lotion, that is) is slightly off-putting, but other than that it works like a charm.Just make sure you fart in private.

This product really, really works, but there are a few things you need to plan for. First, if you are going to do a large area go fast so that you don’t have a lot of time between the start and finish, because you likely need at least 7 minutes but shouldn’t leave it on more than 10 minutes. Second, if you are using your hand or just a finger to apply it be very careful or you might lose some skin from the hand or finger due to over-saturation of the product (latex gloves would be a very helpful item if you aren’t going to take that advice). But if you go quickly and rinse the hand or finger with soap and water just as soon as you are done and you will be fine. Third, it works so well that you won’t have any hair left above the skin and for some depth below the skin. It is much more effective than shaving with even the very best razor. But if you’re a guy with normal body hair it is entirely possible that 5% of all regrowth will be ingrown and cause itching and pimples in about three days (in seven days you might be very unhappy). The bottom line is that you should be patient and start small, and by that i mean wait one week before your second attempt to be sure this is going to work for you.

I was a little skeptical of this product off the back. But used it once and the outcome was amazing. Definitely set a timer when using this product to ensure, you don’t create a rash / chemical burns. Me personally if you wipe a area and there’s still a area of hair left just leave it for the time being and finish it tomorrow. Just so you won’t irritate your skin. The hair may be gone but there will be a nice red sensitive spot forming & that’s no fun.

This was kind of a shot in the dark as my wife and i were both tired of her shaving sections of my back, but i was truly surprised with how well this product really worked. It does have a weird smell when applied, but it was only for a couple minutes before we wiped it off. The hair came right off and i felt nothing during the process. Also, the hair was gone much longer than after just a shave.

Been using this for yearsthe thing is , it’s an awesome product as along as you don’t leave it on longer than you’re supposed to. You should be able to find your own perfect time when the product is ready to be washed off so u can prevent ur skin from getting very irritated.

Just don’t leave on longer then instructions say or you will get a very good burn and it will take off the skin to. It was my first time using this and left on to long and got burned. But it did take off the hair ?the second time using it followed the instructions to the letter and worked fine.

Make sure you don’t leave this on for an extended time.

Worked like a charm even on my thicker hair areas. I applied a thin layer with latex gloves on and then waited 5-7 minutes. Wiped off with a wash clothe in the shower and the hair wiped right off. Much easier than shaving, i’ll be using this from now on. Slight odor but no big deal.

I was so tired of trimming my manly areas and then a few weeks later it growing back full force. I absolutely hate shaving and all of the time you have to commit to you nether regions to get the results you want. I really needed to try something new and this worked better than i had expected.I read a lot of reviews from good to bad and decided to get it anyway. A lot of the bad reviews say that this product gives them burns and bumps but as someone who considers themselves to have pretty sensitive skin i can tell you if you follow the directions on the back correctly you will not get burned. I was actually pretty nervous/scared to try this product because of all of the horror story reviews i saw but i manned up and applied the product as directed and waited 2 mins out of the shower then waited 3 mins in the steamy shower. Then tested an area where i applied the product and just like magic it all came right off. I was very surprised at the results that i had experienced and would recommend this product to anyone who is absolutely tired of their too hairy down under areas. (i also read a lot of reviews saying the product did not remove all of their hair to an area they applied the product to because they said their hair is too thick.

It seems the body grease interferes with it, or maybe it is the close pores. So you better take a hot shower before applying it. Smells terrible but that was expected. I got it for using it in the parts it says it shouldn’t be used. I haven’t figured out why i need several applications, it is like if some hairs were more resistant than others.

Nair Hair Remover for Men Hair Remover Body Cream, 13 oz :

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