NEXXUS HAIR Nexxus Oil Infinite Hair Oil – Great for my Tennessee fried hair!

It’s my first time getting a hair oil cause living in ca and everywhere in my body is dry. So i really need a product that can help me with my dry and unmanageable hair.

I have thick and long hair, and it really makes my hair smooth and shiny. The smell is really good, which is actually important to me. A little goes a long way, meaning that this will really last along time, which is good for the value.

Best hair oil ever and has kept my relaxed hair from breaking – even my hairsylist noted how long and healthy my hair has gotten. Too bad nexxus discontinued this – nexxus if you’re reading please bring this back.

Very happy with this product. My hair gets fried from frequent shampooing ~ live in the hot, humid, but great state of tennessee ~ :)this helps restore moisture to my dry strands, i also put a bit on my scalp as well. Always pleased with all products found in the nexxus line.

I’ve been growing my hair out for about a year and a half now. Because of my sweat gym workouts, i wash my hair every day. I use 4 squirts of this stuff and rub it into my wet hair and just let it air dry. It’s doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily at all, and it totally tames the fly away hairs. And, since i started using it, i notices that the pile of hair in the hair catcher has gotten a lot smaller.

My hair so damaged from year of bleaching and this makes my hair texture feel like it hasn’t in years. It feels health, smooth and ridiculously soft.

So far this is the only oil for hair that does not make it look greasy. I have very thin fine hair and even a little bit of any sort of oil weighs it down ugly and makes it look dirty. I always finish all my hair styles with this oil on the tips and it absorbs so fast, you are left with soft smooth hair.

Help deal with my frizz as well as condition my hair without making it greasy.

I highlight my hair and swim without a cap. On top of that, a hairdresser burned my hair and it had severe breakage. My hair is layered and i have been trimming it slowly as opposed to cutting them short. I wash my hair, use conditioner as usual and then towel dry my hair. I then add a few pumps of the nexus hair oil and rub it into my damp hair before styling. It calms hair down, nourishes them and it smells nice, not an overpowering scent like some other hair oils.

I think is good when apply it on dry hair, makes it soft and shiny but when i apply it to wet hair it really makes it feel 7like if my hair is burnt a very toasty texture, and it does not drys thats soft at least not for me but on the other hand i really like it for after drying.

I have over processed hair and the oil leaves my hair moist and soft. Very little goes a long way. I tend to have dry skin so this has helped my scalp.

Love how soft my hair feels after using this product.

Excellent product but a little pricey. A little goes a long way and the fragrance is very pleasant it really gives nourishment to my dry hair ends. It does not weigh down my fine hair as long as i stay away from the scalp area. Here are the specifications for the NEXXUS HAIR Nexxus Oil Infinite Hair Oil:

  • Step 3: Hair oil treatment (3.38 oz) deeply nourishes hair for Silky Smoothness
  • Infused with six oils including Babassu and Marula oil for hair
  • Salon-quality, leave in hair oil nourishes hair deeply
  • Helps repair hair’s lipid layer, improves resilience and reduces frizz
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and manageable with natural movement

It’s my 3rd bottle and i cannot leave without it. I wash my hair daily due to exercising daily. The oil saves my hair dryness.

Very versatile product can be used for straightening softening glossing transforms colored hair into healthy looking takes away any parts look without looking greasy if you add too much just rub your hands in your hair a little bit more as it absorbs in complete transformation.

It does not make my hair greasy and my hair look great after i apply it.

I put it on my ends after shampooing my hair. Then i add my curl cream and let my hair air dry. I’ve seen improvements in the condition of my ends and seems to help reduce the brassy look of my color-treated hair.

I was looking for a cheaper substitute for my favorite moroccanoil treatment and this works well for a fraction of the price. It’s a bit less rich than the moroccanoil treatment, but the end result is still just as impressive. I have moderately frizzy hair and using just a couple of drops of this on wet and dry hair helped tame my frizz significantly. It’s not greasy so it doesn’t leave my hair feeling dirty (a personal pet peeve). I concentrate the application on the ends of my hair and then pat the rest of my hair with whatever’s left on my hands. Doing this everyday leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy. The only possible flaw is that it’s quite heavily scented, so if you’re opposed to strong perfume-y scents, you might not enjoy using this as much. But overall, great buy for the price. Would repurchase when i’m done :).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect for nourishing hair and taming frizz
  • Controls unruly hair
  • Great oil for my thick hair

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Nexxus Oil Infinite Hair Oil, for Dull or Unruly Hair 3.3 oz
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