O’Keeffe’s Working Hands 3, A guy’s reviewyep they actually work, your phone won’t like it though!

These products both do what you’re hoping they will do and then some. The foot cream works better than kerasol which i’ve used in the past with some success, for cracked heals and very dry feet. I live in california and work at home, so i’m pretty much in flip flops 24/7 and my feet get pretty dry and sometimes cracked and painful. They key which is indicated on the product is to use after some type of exfoliation. So if you have thick calluses, man up and get one of those blade callus shavers first but go easy. If you want something more gentle get a pedi-egg product or something like that. Then be diligent with this every day and your problems will be gone. The hand cream works better than any lotion i’ve tried, and i’ve tried at least a dozen. I do a lot of landscaping and remodeling and not shy about getting my hands real dirty, but the tips will sometimes get too dry and crack, knuckles rough, cuticles and nails get dry.

This stuff works great, but it’s really sticky. I make bridal jewelry and have my own business. So my hands great really rough. I get spots on my thumbs and forefinger that gets really, really rough like sand paper. I have tried a lot of moisturizers and they haven’t really helped. So i decided to give this stuff a try. Within a couple of days, the rough patches are gone. I also have problems with the skin aound my nails and my cuticles getting really dry and peeling. This has definitely improved that too. It just feels really, really sticky on though.

It is the best product i have ever tried and the one that actually works.They were dry and had some cracks. . And i am only 29 years old. And i’ve tried so many of everything. . Even with hard and deep cleaning in a shower i would still have this problem. When i tried this cream, i was amazed at how much different my feet looked after only one use.

Works really well — it cleared up my extremely chapped feet and hands in about a week, and is now maintaining them soft and smooth. The instructions say to use very little, so the tubes last a long time. Note that i don’t actually see a significant difference between the foot versus the hand cream, and their ingredients are virtually identical — the foot creme has one additional ingredient (allantoin) as the 9th ingredient which means there isn’t a lot of it. Still, that could be enough to make a difference, and the relative proportions of the other ingredients might be different as well (within the same overall order). Eventually you are going to use two tubes of cream, so there is really no downside to just getting the 2-pack with one each.

I’m very pleased with this lotion set. I don’t have cracking and bleeding hands, but i do live in northern minnesota and my hands to take a beating/look pretty rough. The hand lotion is tacky for a few seconds after applications but settles in nicely. Love that it’s not greasy- so i can use it at work and not get my keyboard all gunky. It seems to hold up to handwashing pretty well. I apply this a couple times a day and i’ve noticed a huge difference. My hands look and feel great. I use it at night and put socks on. Really has improved the condition of my feet overall. Will continue to buy this forever.

This stuff is as good as the reviews say. I had nasty feet – cracked, calluses, never looked clean, just gross for a woman in her early 30s. They started getting this way a few years ago and sometimes i could get them to kinda start healing with other products but never fully. 5 weeks ago i started using o’keefes healthy feet as i have a wedding to attend and so want to wear sandals to. Within 1 week i saw positive change. 5 weeks later my feet are smooth, the callouses are almost gone, and most of the cracks are healed. The ones that aren’t quite healed are just a line in my skin. Not the craters they used to be (i could pull the cracks apart with my fingernails *shudder*). I’m so excited because this has been a problem for such a long time. I fully recommend using it twice a day and exfoliated as they say to.

First off, i’m not a paid reviewer and i don’t work for this company. I’m just a 60 year old grandma whose skin has gotten drier and drier with age and loss of hormones. This is simply the best ‘hand’ cream ever. . And i’ve tried countless brands. I say ‘hand’ cream because not only has it transformed my hands, it has made such a miraculous difference in my terribly dry, calloused feet. . Wonder what it would do for my neck??.It blows away the ‘miracle’ la mer cream that i paid $100 for in desperation (translate:stupidity).

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“will never buy anything else again!
, Amazing
, I have tried every lotion on the market!

These lotions are the best i’ve found. I’ve gone through many different lotions for my extremely dry hands and this is by far the best. No scent to speak of, which with other lotions actually bothered me because i felt like if i had to use lotion so often it might as well smell nice. Typically i’d stick with a lotion for the smell more than for the results because all lotions tended to be the same, oily and took too long to absorb. The texture of both the healthy feet and working hands is much less oily, absorbs quickly and leaves my hands much more healthy feeling, even after washing them. I don’t feel like i have to be careful of what i touch for a half hour after applying the lotion. I will definitely be ordering again.

Love this stuff for my hands, especially in the dry, cold winter. We wash our hands many times a day at my job and none of us have found anything that makes a bigger difference for dry skin. If your hands are already cracked and bleeding, it can sting a bit the first time or two you apply it but just for a few seconds. Using it twice a day really increases moisture and elasticity that take away the stiffness and pain from dry skin. I only use this on the back of my hands where i have the most need. It has a thick, almost gritty feel on my fingers and palms that i prefer to avoid. It is still necessary to use other lotions between applications. Plus, your skin stops snagging on cloth items (microfiber not included). The healthy feet formula helps a lot but leaves the bottom of my feet slippery the next day when i applied it the night before. Both containers seem small but last months. I recommend this wholeheartedly.

I’ve used working hands in the past and loved it. I still like both products, but something has changed slightly in the formula. I used to put this one before painting (like a room) and it made cleaning my hands of paint so easy. It’s still great, but not quite the same in my opinion. I still use it often, especially at night before bed to repair my hands. Have to say roughness is always gone by morning. Only down side to this, it leaves an odd feeling on your hands, (not as bad as the original formula), but it’s not one that i like to put on throughout the day. Seems to take longer to penetrate before your hands feel you didn’t just put lotion on.

I have tried every lotion on the market – ok not all, but you get what i mean. My hands were in the worst shape they have ever been. It’s wi ter and has been dry and cold out. The tips of my fingers looked like alligator skin. I had open cracks that looked like cuts all over my hands. I came upon working hands and decided i had nothing to lose. I noticed this cream was something different the second it touched my skin. It wasn’t greasy feeling at all.

I have very dry feet that often crack at the heels and along the sides. I have tried a whole bunch of products with varying degrees of success and cost. But *this* stuff really works.Now, you do need to know it’s pretty goopy. Sort of the texture of noxema without the smell. So it is good only when you can wear socks. If you have to wear dressy shoes to work, use this after you get home. That said, i was stunned at how quickly it worked. Just a few days and my feet feel human again, and at a decent price.

As soon as winter starts, i depend on these. My hands get really rough due to the dry weather, house work, and dishes. They do make my hands/feet feel a bit greasy. But i’ll leave it for a few minutes, than wash my hands. Unlike other moisturizers that either wash away or still leave my hands feeling greasy, these seems to have penetrated my skin and leaves it soft/protected. Also, these work for fixing dry rough hands like no other cream. I doubted the advertising before using it (as i’ve tried lots of creams that claim the same thing), but this is the best i’ve found. I do use more than the dab they suggest, but far less quantity than other moisturizers.

Let me just start this off by saying i have horrifyingly dry skin. That’s just how i am, i was born this way. My nickname in elementary school was dinosaur because i have such scaly hands and feet, and they have hardly gotten better over the years no matter how many lotions and creams and ointments and powders and whatever else i have tried over the years. Honestly, my hands and feel better now than they have in years. This stuff is a true life saver. My hands have gone from scaly and cracked to, while not exactly baby soft (i think that’s too much of a miracle for even this stuff), to much smoother and not cracked at all. I remember when i first put some of this stuff on my wife held my hand and was just amazed at the difference in my hands. I’ve heard this doesn’t work for everybody.

I have dry skin with cracks galore in the winter. My hands used to crack and bleed all the time. Sometimes it looked like i had gotten into a fight with a paper ninja and lost. It also really works on your feet. From velociraptor (sp) to human feet in a few days to a week. We use the hand cream on my kids hands.

This is seriously amazing stuff. I had a friend recommend it to me and it’s a game changer for me. I wish i had a before and after picture of my feet to show the amazing difference after using this even one time.I have always suffered from super dry cracked feet especially in the summer. I have felt embarrassed when i’m wearing sandals, but after using this the first time it made such a big difference. My feet look and feel so soft and i don’t even use it every night. I only have to use it every now and then and it totally makes a difference in how my feet look and feel. . Say goodbye to velcro scratchy feet in your bedsheets:) the first few times i did use it i would put some of the o’keeffe’s on at night rubbing it into my feet and wear socks to bed. That really helped my feet quickly.

Several weeks ago, i was treated with swelling, cracked and bleeding feet. I literally consumed via placement several 50 count boxes of bandages to curtail the bleeding, especially that which takes place at night. Last week my cardiologist sent me to a podiatrist for action. I went with a positive mind and the thought of leaving with the idea that the problems would leave. Judy’s sister suggested o’keefe’s and i ordered some from amazon. The other day i had a pulmonary doctor’s appointment. This doctor goes beyond the norm and is just an attentive, concerned doctor. One look at my battered feet and the answer was o’keefe’s and a prescription in case o’keefe’s did not work.

I purchased this okeeffes cream because it was recommended to me from my brother in law who works with his hands and said this worked amazing on his hands. I had been complaining to my sister about the pain i was feeling in my hands from the cracks and my psoriasis was acting up as well. They swore by it and said i should give it a try. I took pictures of before and now after using it for over a month now. I have not used the feet lotion because i have been focusing on my hands. But as you can see it is working. I have been to the dr for years about my psoriasis and i have taken steroids from oral and oil lotions. I can tell you that when i first started to use it and my hands were all broken up and cut, it was painful for about 2 minutes after applying the lotion. It would go away and feel better but it was a bit painful, i am glad i did not give up and stop using it because i am feeling really good about my hands now. I wash my hands all day long as i work with little ones so you can imagine i am always washing my hands. The first picture is before and second picture is after using for a month. I give it 5 starsthank you* 1 star (nope, do not like it at all): i would either return or throw away this product. It was a waste of my money and not functional.

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